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Since 2013. and are part of Erin Lawrence Media Inc.  The website specializes in easy-to-understand, hands-on reviews of popular and unique gadgets from smartphones, and monitors, to health and beauty gadgets, TVs, home audio, smart home devices, and more.

The websites have evolved over time and have grown a multi-national audience. For that reason, has evolved from a Canadian-only website to  a more international news organization, and has joined our brand.

The goal is always to share the info customers need to make an informed buying decision about tech and gadgets, to answer the questions buyers will have about a device, to make each product easy to understand and to understand what makes it tick. Useful How-To content that provides easy-to-follow instructions for how to use devices and tech is also a big part of our coverage. 


Erin Lawrence Media is run by Erin Lawrence, a veteran TV producer, writer, and content specialist with over a decade of expertise in reviewing and writing about technology, gadgets and consumer goods. 


About Erin

About Erin

Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence is an award winning video, media and communications professional with over 20 years experience in content production and storytelling.
Currently she manages the tech review-focused and, plus a fast-growing YouTube channel and social media accounts with tens of thousands of engaged followers, viewers and readers. 

Erin also writes for tech publications including and

Erin spent decades in the TV news business working as a producer both locally in Calgary, London, Vancouver and Toronto, as well as nationally for TV networks including Global, CBC and CTV.
Erin has worked both in front of the camera as a news reporter and anchor, and behind the scenes as an executive and senior producer, and writer. 
Erin started a YouTube channel in 2013 and was able to interact with viewers directly—a change from the arms-length approach most major TV networks have.
That support, and encouragement from viewers lead to amazing growth of the channel.
What sets Erin’s YouTube channel apart from the others is Erin is able to use her professional TV production and apply it to YouTube: expect thoughtful, well researched content, in-depth analysis, professional video editing, and a story style that might remind you of the best of the nightly news.
Erin has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario in London, and has been named to the Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine, Top 100 Twitter Influencers in Calgary and is the winner of two prestigious Edward R Murrow Awards for Television and Video Production. 
When she’s not writing about technology, Erin oversees an online architectural tour platform in Palm Springs California and writes about architecture for publications such as Atomic Ranch magazine. Erin is also a trained silversmith and accredited jewelry professional with a background in gemology.

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