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Dash stand mixer, reviewRecently I’ve had the chance to review both a high end KitchenAid stand mixer, as well as the more mid-priced Aucma stand mixer. I’ve had good experiences with those products I decided to drop my price threshold even lower and see what I get with the purchase of a $50 stand mixer. I recently picked up the dash stand mixer from Amazon. It has thousands of very positive reviews so I was curious about what it could do and whether it could be a great budget choice for the kitchen.
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What you’re getting with Dash Stand Mixer

This device is marketed as a stand mixer, it is absolutely not a stand mixer in the same way a KitchenAid is. This is an actual fact a hand beater affixed to a base and with a dedicated bowl. It makes for a cute design, and a nice display piece on your counter, but don’t mistake the stand mixer design for power.

I could certainly use this device for things that you would otherwise use a hand beater for, but it is absolutely not for thicker doughs or heavier batters.

Build quality: 100% plastic

Dash stand mixer, review

The Dash Stand Mixer on the right is no different than a hand beater, like the one on the left.

Construction of this mixer is entirely plastic; the only metal parts on it are the actual beaters in themselves and the main bowl. Even the base of the bowl is plastic that has been screwed in to the metal. Naturally the fully plastic construction keeps the cost down. While this device certainly does not have the weight behind it that a metal KitchenAid does, suction cup feet keep it in place very well.

Setting up Dash Stand Mixer

Using the machine is easy enough; the bowl locks into a sliding plastic base. The sliding base is operated with a lever and allows you to shift the bowl from side to side to get better contact between the beaters and your batter.

The bowl is on a rotating platform and you can turn it with your hand or it will start to spin on its own with enough momentum. As far as I can see there’s no way to force it to spin; there’s no mechanics that would do that.

Dash stand mixer, reviewUsing Dash Stand Mixer for baking

The mixer seems to handle things like creaming butter and sugar well enough.
Because the beaters stay in a fixed position, you need to use the lever to move the bowl side to side to get all the batter mixed. Similarly, it’s up to you to turn the bowl to get everything incorporated. It can seem a little frustrating. With a dedicated hand beater, you are able to move the beaters all around the bowl to incorporate everything easily. Here, movement is limited.

I was able to start a banana bread loaf and it seem to come together just fine. Once I started adding flour, it also seemed to be able to manage just fine.

Speeds, power & noise

I will say the speeds on the Dash mixer are a bit ridiculous; the lowest speed is still powerful enough to cause flour to explode all over the counter. The higher speeds sound like a small drone that may be about to take flight from the countertop. This mixer is noisy but it’s not deafening.

In the end, it was able to handle the banana bread batter, but I did have to stop and do the final mixing by hand, because there was no good way to slow things down and incorporate the flour more gently.

Small capacity

The banana bread recipe I made is for one loaf of banana bread, and that essentially maxed out the capacity of the bowl. So be warned that this mixer is not really for larger batches.dash stand mixer

Making meringue & whipping cream: a double failure

My next test I opted to try a meringue. I’d say on this task it failed miserably. Using just two egg whites, there was not really any way to make good contact with the beaters, so while the egg whites formed up a bit, they could not get enough air incorporated to make a fluffy meringue.

The bowl is too wide for these beaters in my opinion. The egg whites seemed to hover just out of reach of the beaters, so it seems small quantities are not ideal in this mixer. Would I have a different result with half a dozen egg whites? Perhaps.

To test this out I poured in a larger volume of whipping cream and sent to work. After about six or seven minutes I still had liquid cream. Again, I was extremely disappointed that this mixer appeared in capable of incorporating enough air to properly make whipped cream.Dash stand mixer, review

Maximum 3 minute run time

One other caveat; the manufacturer recommends you don’t run this machine for longer than three minutes. I am a little surprised by this. When I made my meringue I definitely exceeded the three minute run time. Even after about seven minutes the meringue had not come together so I gave up.

Dough hooks: I’m not going there

The Dash stand mixer comes with dough hooks, but most bread recipes I’ve been making lately require you to knead your dough for 5 to 10 minutes. Trying to do that with this machine would require frequent breaks. Plus, after my previous testing, I’m not sure the mixer could handle a heavier dough.

Dash stand mixer, reviewOverall review of Dash Stand Mixer

Overall, I am extremely disappointed in this machine and I don’t recommend it. It doesn’t have any low speed operation, it’s loud, and messy, and the beaters don’t make good contact with what’s in the bottom of the wide bowl. Also with a max three minute run time, and I have serious doubts if it could even handle some things like bread dough.

So, who this machine is for? The retro looks and cute stand mixer-type styling make this actually a pretty piece for the countertop. But it doesn’t have enough power to be a workhorse. This would be good for a child who is getting interested in baking and mixing, or someone who just wants to do light cake batters, but any serious baker is going to be bitterly disappointed.

The Dash Stand Mixer sells on Amazon for about $50US. You can also read my head-to-head comparison of the KitchenAid vs Aucma mixers here.

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