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BenQ TK800M 4K HDR video projector review


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Erin L

Erin L

benQTK800m reviewProjector, flatscreen. Projector, flatscreen? Which to choose to upgrade your home theatre? If you’re going for movie theatre-level experience in your home, you’re probably leaning towards a projector. After all, that’s what those massive movie houses show their Hollywood blockbusters on to get the biggest, brightest and best video picture.

These days, great quality video is all about 4K resolution, and projectors can also deliver this ultra high definition format. I recently had the opportunity to test out a new projector from BenQ; the 4K BenQ TK800M. I also tried out the TK800 a few months ago, and you can check out that review here also.

In this article we’ll also take a look at the differences between these two projectors, but we’ll focus mainly on what the BenQ TK800M is designed to do for you.

Setting up BenQ TK800M

Much like the TK800, setting this projector up is pretty easy. Connect it to power, then connect your peripheral of choice. I chose to use a Roku 4K Media Streamer. From there, turn it on and watch the picture pop up. It comes with a remote control, or you can use the on-machine buttons. Dialing in the focus and adjusting the zoom is easily done using the wheels.benQTK800m review

Connections & Ports: what can I connect to BenQ TK800M?

There are several ways to connect any other devices you may want to use; you can connect a computer via the PC/VGA, there’s 2 HDMI ports, Mini USB, Regular USB/Type A, RS-232, plus spots to plug in a remote trigger and an Aux plug for audio out and an Audio In.benQTK800m review

Video & Colour quality of BenQ TK800M?

Let’s get right to how this baby looks.

BenQ says the TK800M has True 4K UHD 3840×2160 8.3M Pixel resolution. How does the video image actually look? It’s excellent; it’s sharp and realistic and bright, vivid and colourful. The colours are bright and vibrant, and even with some ambient light or an overhead light on. The picture is clear and even, right to the edges.

Want to read more about what this 4K home threatre projector can do? This review was written for Best Buy canada’s blog. Please support the work I do with them by reading the rest of it there.

benQTK800m review



Erin L

Erin L

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