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How often do you update your beauty gadgets or hair tools? For most of us, we only buy a new styling tool when the old one breaks—and sometimes if that breakdown happens at a bad time, we end up buying the cheapest and easiest replacement. But if it’s been a while since you upgraded, there’s some new technology out there that can give you better results. And if you thought drugstore styling tools were beneath you, think again.

I was recently sent some new gadgets by Conair to review, and the first one I put to the test was the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q flat iron.

Reviewing Conair Infinity Pro 3Q straightening iron

The Conair Infinity Pro 3Q flat iron is meant to straighten your hair but with its curved edges, it’s also a natural for making waves and curls too.

Conair Infinity Pro 3Q flat iron  – Fast heat up

The Conair Infinity Pro heats up fast; surprisingly fast. Within about 30 seconds it’s ready to go—even when set to top level heat settings.

Speaking of heat, this flat iron has some surprisingly strong heat. My current flat iron is a TIGI Pro, purchased from a hairdresser. Its maximum heat setting is 410F. The Conair Infinity Pro 3Q flat iron has a max heat setting of 235C/455F. That’s pretty impressive.

It’s got sleek and shiny titanium plates and it feels like they do a really good job of smoothing my hair. There might be something to that, since Conair says this iron’s easy glide titanium surface and ionization properties generate less static. I can say that in my test period, my har was smooth and frizz-free and I didn’t experience more noticeable static, despite it being a very dry winter.conair infinity pro 3Q flat iron straightening review

Conair Infinity Pro 3Q Easy Glide Floating Plates

The iron has something called Easy Glide Floating Titanium Plates. That basically means they’re designed to move a little inside the tongs to “provide better contact with hair.” I can tell you I absolutely didn’t notice any movement, but my hair was straight and shiny when I was done. But if the underlying result is “better contact with the hair,” I’m all for it.

The iron also has ionizing technology, which you’ll no doubt be familiar with from hairdryers. In this case it’s designed to cut static and zap flyaways and frizziness, and I can say from my experience, I think it works.

Locking mechanism to prevent accidental changes

The iron has a locking mechanism which means the temperature can’t be accidentally raised or lowered, something that happens to me all the time with my current iron, particularly if I’m twisting it around and using it to curl.

With the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q you need to push and hold the temperature buttons to make changes. This is a feature I certainly wouldn’t seek out, but I really appreciate now that I have it.

How hot does Conair Infinity Pro 3Q get?conair infinity pro 3Q flat iron straightening review

Conair describes the iron as having 12 heat settings; what that essentially means is that you can adjust the temperature by 5 degrees at a time, from 180C/355F on the low side to 235C/455F on the high end.

Conair’s package details boast of the iron’s “powerful ceramic heater which maintains the iron at a constant temperature,” during use. That feature is designed to keep the iron plates from cooling as you style, thus losing heat and power, and resulting in unevenness. I didn’t really notice this feature at work, and honestly haven’t noticed cooling during use in my existing pro flat iron either, but again, once I was done with my hair I was definitely happy with the results.

What’s the special Gentle setting on Conair Infinity Pro 3Q ?

The iron has a “gentle” setting. I’m not really sure I understand what that means. Conair says it “reduces heat to help minimize damage”, but wouldn’t lowering the temperature be more effective?

I checked the package insert for more. Turns out what this feature does is that it instantly lowers the iron temperature by about 25 degrees Celsius/45 degrees Fahrenheit as soon as it makes contact with your hair to prevent damage. Interesting use of technology, but again, I’m not sure why this is effective, since if I were really concerned about damage, I’d just constantly operate it at a lower setting.

Conair Infinity Pro 3Q – Straighten, or curl

conair infinity pro 3Q flat iron straightening reviewA feature of this iron I like that’s often underrated is its ability to curl as well as straighten. If you didn’t know you can also use your flat iron to curl, hit up YouTube from some great tutorials, but it’s pretty easy.

While many single-purpose flat irons have flat tops and a slightly squared shape, this one is quite rounded, meaning it makes nice, natural looking curls or waves.  I was very impressed with its curling ability overall. My waves lasted all day and didn’t look or feel dry or frizzy.

No cool touch tip

If I had one complaint about the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q, it’s that it doesn’t have a cool touch tip, which is infinitely handy when you’re curling or waving. With this iron, if you are using it to curl, you’ll need to rely on the power of your wrist to create your curls, which is a bit awkward using just one hand.

Even so, this straightener is also great for travel since you don’t need to bring two styling tools along.

If I have another, it’s that the cord on it is significantly shorter than the one I use now.  It’s not devastatingly short, but you don’t have a lot of extra length, and that the foot on the bottom of the device exists only on the back end, so it’s not easy to get the iron to sit flat on the counter; it has to be fully on the surface or it tips over.

Conair Infinity Pro shuts off automatically

One of the features I like about the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q is the auto shut off, since I’ve been known to depart for work, leaving the iron on. It’s smart and handy to have this feature and I like that it’s part of this tool. I have no idea how long it takes as it’s not noted anywhere on the package or in the insert, but it definitely works, as I deliberately departed and left it on, and it was off when I got home hours later. (Yes, that’s some trust in Conair!)conair infinity pro 3Q flat iron straightening review

Overall review of Conair Infinity Pro 3Q

This flat iron really surprised me. I was surprised by the many and varied heat settings, and since it gets hotter than my old Tigi flat iron, I like it a lot. It definitely gave me a nice smooth finish, and when I used it as a curling iron, it gave me strong, long lasting waves.

I did notice a clicking or a buzzing sound during operation, which I’ve never heard from a flat iron before. A quick consult of the package insert reveals this is apparently “normal for a high output ion generator.” Normal yes, but also mildly annoying. It did, however, remind me to shut the iron off after use.

In all honesty, I’d all but given up on getting quality styling tools from the drug store, but this new flat iron proves that might be old school thinking. The Conair Infinity Pro 3Q was easy to use and gave me results I’m really happy about, whether. I was straightening, or curling.

I can recommend the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q titanium flat iron if you’re looking at a solid styling tool at a great price. I don’t have current pricing or availability info just yet, but will update this blog as soon as I do.

Read abut Conair’s new home garmet steamers here. Or why I was not a fan of Conair’s magic curling gadget here.

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