Embr Wave 2 review: Does this ‘personal thermostat’ really work at making you warmer/cooler?


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Embr wave 2, review, EMBR wave 2 reviewWe’re all familiar with wearables, and fitness gadgets that can track your activity and your health. But a new wearable you might come across doesn’t count steps, or track sleep at all. No, this wrist-worn device isn’t about metrics it’s about temperature. The Embr Wave 2 is the newest version of the popular curiosity known as the Embr Wave.

Embr Wave 2


I really like this device and think anyone who has to cope with a radically fluctuating office temperatures, hot flashes or constantly feeling cold needs one of these on their wrist.


  • It really works!
  • Can calm hot flashes
  • Helps regulate temps in offices, outdoors
  • Good battery life


  • Expensive
  • Large & bulky

Embr Wave 2 review

It promises to help regulate your body temperature, warming you up in an over-air conditioned office or cooling you off when your transit ride gets too hot. But it’s also made to help women combat night sweats, hot flashes and the symptoms of menopause.

Embr Wave 2 is what’s called a ‘personal thermostat’, but can it actually deliver on adjusting your own personal temperature environment? I had a chance to try Embr Wave 2 out for a few weeks at home, at work, while traveling and as part of my day to day life.

What is Embr Wave 2?

I first reviewed Embr Wave in 2019. Since then the company has released a 2nd version of the product and it’s been updated significantly.

Embr Wave is a ‘personal thermostat’ that claims it can make you feel warmer or cooler, depending on what you want. You wear the Embr Wave 2 on your wrist, and press a button to deliver on demand warmth or cool as you need it, or you can choose from preset programs that will run for a set period of time.
Embr wave 2, review

*How* does Embr Wave 2 actually work?

Embr says Wave 2 works “with your body and mind to naturally change your perceived temperature in a matter of minutes.” It precisely cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, triggering a response by your body and mind to help you feel about 5°F cooler or warmer overall.

Why the wrist? There is a higher density of temperature-sensitive nerve endings on the inside of your wrist than on your fingertips. The Wave 2 the same way as putting an ice cube or a heat pack on your wrist—cooling or warming one sensitive area has ripple effects though the body.

Embr Wave 2 claims it senses your skin temperature and uses precisely-engineered algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of its “thermal sensations”.

Looks & Styling

Embr wave 2, review

Original Embr Wave

The original Embr Wave was big and bulky and very square, looking like an old school wrist computer. The new version has been made a lot smaller, a lot more thoughtfully, and truthfully, a lot more feminine. It’s softer, rounder and prettier than before. Even so it’s big, though not much more so than an Apple Watch, for example. The device comes with a lovely silver Milanese loop-style band that makes it look chic.

You wear Embr Wave 2 on the inside of your wrist, and it’s big enough that you’ll likely get comments asking what exactly you’re wearing, but you’ll probably be happy to share!

Setting up Embr Wave 2

Embr wave 2, reviewYour device will be set up quickly. Download the Embr Wave 2 app (this is a new app if you had the previous one) and sign up for an account. Turn the Wave 2 on and pair it to your phone by following the easy instructions in the app. You’ll be asked to input some personal data like your age, sex, height and weight so that Embr can better tailor the effects to your needs.

Using Embr Wave 2

Using the Wave is dead easy.

There’s just two buttons on the side of the device; push either one quickly to turn it on. One button has a small bulge on it, while the other doesn’t. This isn’t as intuitive as the previous design and I kept forgetting which button was for heat and which was fo cooling. (Button with nib = cooling, button without nib= warming.) Fortunately a small red/blue LED light will confirm heating or cooling.

The device is supposed to instantly provide a warming or cooling sensation on your wrist. In my experience with the original Embr Wave this sensation was immediate, noticeable and powerful.

I can confirm the Wave 2 is just as effective as its predecessor. Pushing the button will give you instant warm or cool, and you can dial the level up or down.

Smartphone Control

Embr wave 2, reviewYou can use your smartphone to control how much heat or cool you’re after. Once the Wave is synched with your phone, you can simply load up the app and tap to heat or cool, and how high or low you want to go.

The app displays your battery life remaining, and lets you sync the device to keep track of your patterns.

Different modes

There are a few presets available in the app which you can use ass programmed help.

Fall Asleep Warm/Cool Mode lasts 30 minutes, but also uses longer gentler waves and lower light levels on the button to help you drift off. There’s also All Night warm/Cool modes to help you stay asleep and shake off any temperature fluctuations you may usually experience.
Embr wave 2, review

Does Embr Wave 2 REALLY work?

I have to say I am absolutely blown away by Embr Wave 2. It really works! I find it helps me feel instantly warmer or cooler with just a touch of the button. The warming and cooling sensations are legit; as my wrist warms under the device, I swear I feel warmer overall. Ditto for the cooling; it’s like having a cold compress pressed on your wrist, and the effect spreads, helping me feel cooler overall. I realize that may be a psychological effect since the Wave isn’t blowing hot or cool air all over my body, but who cares! It’s been enough to help me effectively deal with the ever fluctuating temperatures at my office, and it can help me relax at home without needing a blanket, or to open a window–or constantly adjusting the home thermostat.

Battery Life

The battery on the Wave 2 seems quite long lasting. I charged it fully and used it intermittently for a week and it didn’t need recharging. Embr says the battery will last 3-15 hours, depending on if you’re leaning on the warming or cooling and how much you’re using it, and at what power level. Take a look at this chart to see more.

Overall review of Embr Wave 2

Embr wave 2, review

Embr Wave 2 compared to Apple Watch 5.

I really like this device and think anyone who has to cope with a radically fluctuating office temperatures, hot flashes or constantly feeling cold needs one of these on their wrist.

The Wave 2 legitimately makes me feel warmer or cooler with noticeable warmth or cool on my wrist that flow through to the rest of my body. It’s helped me adapt to with freezing winter temperatures and it’s going to be a lifesaver during air conditioning season.

if I have any cons to share, it’s that the device, though Embr has done a lot of work to streamline it, is fairly large and can be a bit awkward to wear. Of course, you can put it on for a few minutes while doing treatment, them remove it, rather than wearing it non stop all day.

I can’t recommend Embr Wave enough. It’s listed at $349USD but I’ve recently seen it dropped to $299US.

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  1. Christine Minor on August 8, 2023 at 9:02 am

    I like the product when it works. I recently have been having issues with it not getting cold or hot and I am COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED with trying to get help. They send you all these troubleshooting information, which I did, but still no luck on it working. Hopefully no one else goes through this issue. I very frustrating especially going through menopause.

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