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Govee Curtain lights

Once upon a time lights were…well light. You had bulbs and that was it. Over the last 10 years or so lights have changed big time; now we have lights that take up almost every shape and form; from flat LED panels, two specialty bulbs, colour-changing lights, and a lot more. I’ve covered two such offerings from Govee in the past few years – the Govee night light and their outdoor string and floodlights set. Recently Govee released yet another new type of lighting; meet the Govee Curtain Light. In this hands-on review in my home, I’ll try the lights out, see what makes them unique or special, how they work, and what kinds of lighting effects you get. I’ll wrap things up with the pros and cons and let you know if overall I think these lights are a good choice for you.

Govee Curtain Lights


This is another fun and dynamic lighting system from Govee that makes a great animated light display. Easy to use and perfect for the family and over the holidays.


  • Easy set up
  • No hub/bridge needed
  • Thousands of colours/animations/scenes
  • Syncs with music
  • Voice Control
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Super fun for holidays


  • Clip-hooks are fiddly, can be ineffective

What is Govee Curtain Light?

Govee Curtain light

Specs & Design

In short, this is a 2-meter or just under 7 feet string of lights that has XX light strings hanging from the main cord. These lights can be used indoors or out, since they’re weather-rated (the lights are IP65 while the controller is only IP44, meaning you’ll want to keep it protected.)

Perhaps most importantly, there is no hub or bridge required for Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone control.

Where can I use Govee Curtain lights?

When I first saw these lights I have to admit I was a bit perplexed. They seemed a bit silly; and reminded me of those beaded curtains everybody used to hang in the doorway of their college dorm. I did some reading about the lights and found they are actually quite versatile; you can hang them against a wall, or display them in a window for a light show the entire neighbourhood can enjoy.

You can connect up to three curtain lights together for a much bigger display.

What’s in the box?

Govee Curtain lights

In the package you get the Govee curtain lights all wrapped up. There’s also a plug and on-off switch on the cord. You’ll also find an intimidating bag of small bits which will help you with installation.

Set up & installation

Getting these lights set up was practically instantaneous. Plug them in and they will automatically start in pairing mode. Using the Govee app, you’ll link the light to your home’s Wi-Fi for app and voice control.

Using the app you can control the color, use scenes, and play with the different patterns. The Govee Home app also lets you use preset scenes, color patterns and the music sync setting.

I didn’t want to install these lights permanently, as I planned to test them in a few areas, so I started off by installing them in our rec room, using the “seamless nails” which are kind of like big multi-pronged tacks. At various lengths along the top cord, you’ll secure a clip with a small hook. Then your insert tiny screws to hold everything in place. This is definitely a bit of a fiddly task, but it’s certainly not hard.

I found the seamless nails were not very good at holding the weight of the lights; I ended up having to kind of guess where each hook would need to be along the length of the cord, since when I tried to do it one by one, the weight of the cord would pull out individual hooks. There are also small sticky tabs you can use which would be ideal for a window.

Key features

Animated scenes

You can adjust what you’ll see on the Govee Curtain light using the Govee Home app, which is easy to use and intuitive.

Choose simple single colors along the length of the curtain, or use Scenes to play with different animated options.

The app has pages of different styles, colours, and options, and plenty of scenes that are made for the holidays. The lights change with a tap and respond instantly.

If you want something a little simpler, you can manually choose the colors for the curtain, or choose what Govee calls “finger sketch” to draw your own patterns in any colours you want.

You can write your name, a message, or even find a way to add your company logo.

Since it was nearly Halloween, after I tried the lights in our rec room, I decided to hang them in our front window as part of our Halloween decor; you can see how dramatic and dynamic these look from the street. It definitely creates a whole new level of home decorating for the holidays, without a lot of effort. Since these are weatherproof, you could absolutely hang them outside or on the side of your home, but I opted to place them on the inside of our front window simply for convenience.

Syncs with Music & Audio

If you want a more dynamic experience, the Govee Curtain Light can sync with music, audio or even your TV. Just switch on this easy-to-find setting in the Goveee Home app and the light will pulse, flash and adjust to ambient noise. The setting works well and is quite responsive to whatever it hears, from talking, to songs and movie dialogue too.

Hands-free Voice Control

The Govee Home app is one way to control your Rope Lights, but you can also pair them with Google Home or Amazon Alexa too. I connected mine to my Google Home hub in seconds (go to the Google Home app and choose Add New Device), and was able to get the light to turn on and off as well as change colors, just by making my request.

Overall review: Govee Curtain Lights

Govee Curtain light

Overall I am a huge Govee fan, and that feeling is only solidified by the new, fun, and dynamic Curtain Lights. I only had a chance to try my first Govee light within the last two years, but it’s already my favourite smart lighting system. I find the app to be super user-friendly and extremely intuitive, and even with all the colour and animation options here as well as customization and do-it-yourself drawings, it’s easy enough that a child could figure it out. Govee lights are extremely bright and colourful and you can adjust pretty much any setting to make your lights work for you.

The curtain Lights are a whole new way to create animated light displays for fun, gaming, ambient light, or holidays.

Any downsides? I do think the company could potentially come up with a slightly less fiddly hanging system. But that’s more a nitpick than a true complaint since the hooks do work fine. And more of a note than a big concern is that you will want to let your lights hang for a day or two so that any bends or kinks in the wire leftover from being packaged can straighten themselves out.

In short, I love the Govee Curtain lights and I know you and your family will too.

Shop the Govee Curtain Light on Amazon

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  1. Dan H on December 4, 2023 at 7:52 am

    I just hung up my new curtains. Those clips are worse than fiddly. They give you a tiny screwdriver, tiny screws and expect you to screw the screws all the way in.

    I used the tape to hang them outside on my soffit. After the clips were installed, hanging was easy.

    These lights blow the other brand (starts with Tw…) of curtain lights out of the water! It’s over double the resolution of dots vertically and horizontally with the 20 strings hanging in 1.5m of main wire. I combined two together, and you can actually see the pictures on these. The other set I put a picture of a GIF of a Turkey on, and it looked like a brown moving blob.

    So far I really love these. Thanks for the review!

    • Erin L on December 12, 2023 at 2:59 pm

      Thanks Dan! Glad you’re liking the light sand that you enjoyed the review!

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