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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

Govee Lyra Floor Corner Lamp review how toSometimes floor lamps can be… boring. If you’re looking for a modern design and fun options, that’s the idea behind the Govee Floor lamp (also known as Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp, model H6072. It’s also variously known as Govee Corner lamp and Govee Lyra). In this review I got to try one out in my home for a couple of weeks, so I’ll tell you what you have to do to set it up, what it’s like to use, what cool things it can do and if overall I think I can recommend it to you.

Govee Floor Lamp


The Govee Floor Lamp is a fun and versatile addition to the Govee smart light line, and is easy to use for the whole family.



  • Lots of color and scene options for tasks, scenes and effects
  • App is easy to use
  • Easy setup
  • Lamp is bright
  • White & colour light
  • Fun special effects


  • Base is light, somewhat tippy


What is Govee Floor Lamp?

This floor lamp is a cleverly designed lamp that will practically disappear into your space. It consists of a larger base and narrow silver light tube. It’s controlled using the included magnetic remote control or with the free Govee app.

What’s in the box + Set up & Assembly

Govee Lyra Floor Corner Lamp review how to

Before you get to play with it you do have some simply assembly to take care of. Inside the box you get the cylindrical base, a flexible silicone LED light tube, a remote control with magnetic clip, Plus a plug and three sections of aluminum which will form the backbone of the light.

The light will go together in a couple of minutes; the small screws you need are included, as is a companion screwdriver which is a nice handy touch. Simply fit each of the aluminum sections together and secure with screws. Then you’ll press the silicone lighting tube into the groove in the aluminum channel. Everything goes together very easily and once you plug in your light it’s essentially ready to go.

You’ll want to sign into or sign up for the free Govee Home app which is going to be your control centre for the light. I’ve reviewed about half a dozen Govee lights and I can say in every instance, setting them up has taken about one minute. They connect easily without any problems.

Light effects

Govee Lyra Floor Corner Lamp review how to

The multitude of light effects, presets and colours in the Govee app is dazzling and maybe even a little overwhelming the first time. But here you’ll be able to control all of the settings for your light including the brightness, different colour options, adding what’s called music sync, which lets your light pulse and flash in time to music or speech including talking or movies/TV.

This light, like all Govee smart lights allows you to set pre-programmed colour ‘Scenes’, or choose the colours you would like along the length of the light. This light has eight different sections, and you can change each one to a different color, or have them all the same colour depending on what you prefer. There are also regular white lighting effects so you can also use this as an office light or task light too.

What does it look like?

This light is actually extremely useful in two different ways as ambient light or task illumination.

You can place it in a corner or against the wall and aim the LED light strip at the background. This has the beautiful effect of reflecting the light all around the space and creating an even bigger glow than you would expect from such a small tube. Of course, if you prefer to illuminate a room, simply turn the light tube to face your space and it will cast a bright glow into the room. I found the light extremely effective as both a room brightener and relaxing ambient light effect.


Govee Lyra Floor Corner Lamp review how to

The scenes, which actually seem optimized for more intensive Govee smart lights such as the curtain lights, provide different colour experiences. For example, you can choose sunrise or sunset, ocean, forest, or rainbow. Each different setting will apply a different array of colours and either shifting, changing, or flashing light effect. The best way to get a feel for each of them is to simply play around with the app.

Set sleep timers, daily on-off schedules

You can change things up with the app, you can also do things like set a sleep timer which will turn the light off after a preset period of time, or schedule it on a calendar basis to turn on at certain times of the day and to turn off at others.

Controlling your light with Remote

With so much going on related to the app, it might be easy to forget that there is also a small remote control with this light. The remote control is simple but quite effective. With buttons to turn the power on and off, and a dedicated music sync button, you don’t need to reach for your phone if you don’t want to. You can also brighten and dim with a click, change the color, and fast track your way to both warm and cool white light also.

That remote will make the light extremely useful even for non-techy types. If you add the metal clip, you can simply leave the magnetic remote where it’s easy to find.

Voice control

If you’d like to add voice control to your Govee floor lamp, you can connect either Google or Alexa to your light using the Govee app. I have connected both services to my Govee app and routinely use both Google and Alexa to control the half dozen or so Govee lights I now own. Adding the voice control is as easy as the initial set up and takes just a couple of confirmation clicks and requires you to sign into an existing Google or Alexa smart home account.

Overall review: Govee Floor Lamp

Govee Lyra Floor Corner Lamp review how to

Overall Govee has hit it out of the park again with another unique, cool, effective, and super fun, smart light. On the pro side, it’s both bright and colorful, and with an array of different colours and lighting presets, this makes it a worthy light for both task lighting, spotlighting, as well as a special effect. The Govee app is super easy to use and very user-friendly, and the overall set up process is so easy a child could do it.

So what are the downsides? I suppose the base could be a little heavier, and while it doesn’t seem tippy, there’s not much preventing it from getting toppled over. With that said it is truly quite lightweight and would be highly unlikely to do any kind of damage. In all honesty I’m having a hard time finding anything I didn’t really like about this late. If I was going to make any suggestions to Govee about it, it might be to make a much taller version with a heavier base so that it can truly fill an entire room from floor to ceiling. Potentially making it even brighter could also make it even more valuable. But those are simply wishes for an even more effective future version, not a knock against what we have here which is a fantastic smart home light. I can absolutely recommend this light to you pretty much no matter what your reason is for wanting it.

Govee Floor lamp regularly sells for about $199CAD/$149US and comes in both silver and black. You can get it from places like Amazon, Best Buy and Govee’s website.

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