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How to Clean Your Dryer


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TechGadgets Staff

TechGadgets Staff

How to clean a dryer.

Courtesy: Samsung.

Clothes dryers fall into the category of an appliance you barely think about until it doesn’t work. A dryer is a sizable purchase and something you want to make sure works for as long as possible before having to replace it. Cost aside, replacing a dryer can be a hassle with having to move things around, get the dryer out of the house, and bring the new one in.  So it makes more sense to keep your  clothes dryer in good working order, and all you need for that is some easy maintenance. Not only will you lengthen the life of your  clothes dryer, but you could also lower your fire risk and remove any buildup you might find on your clothes.  If you’re here because you’ve been thinking, how do you clean the inside of a dryer, best part is dryer maintenance is simple and takes almost no time.

How do you clean the inside of a dryer?

How to Clean the Dryer Drum

If you’re wondering, do cloth dryers need to be cleaned inside, the answer is definitely yes. If you’re using fabric softener or dryer sheets, you might experience a film or build-up on the inside of the dryer drum. Get into the habit of wiping down the inside of your dryer drum every month or so. If you have an electric dryer, you can use a very weak dish soap solution with water or even vinegar and water with a clean cloth.

Wipe down the inside of the  clothing dryer drum, paying attention to the crevices and areas where things may get caught, as that’s where thread buildup is most likely to occur. Using a clean, damp cloth, go over those areas again to remove any soap or vinegar that may have been left behind. If you have a gas dryer, make sure whatever cleaning product you’re using does not contain alcohol.

The Lint Filter

The lint filter is the first place lint is gathered and should be cleaned out after every use. A clogged lint trap will lower your dryer’s efficiency and cause you problems down the line.  Think of this as the world’s most straightforward maintenance, a simple action to save a lot of effort in cleaning the lint trap later.  Keep a bag or bucket near your dryer, and after every load, simply pull any lint off the filter and place it in the bucket. When the bucket is full you can add it to your compost bin. If you find your lint filter has build-up on it, you can use dish soap, water, and a toothbrush to clean it off. Afterward, rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.

The Lint Trap

Any material that makes it through the lint filter will end up in the lint trap. If you see any buildup in your lint trap, it’s likely that you’re not cleaning your lint filter after every load. Remove any visible lint by hand, and when vacuuming, use a small attachment to pull out any lint that lives a little further in. You can also use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the sides of the trap.

The Vent Hose 

If you’ve been lax about your dryer maintenance or if you just want to improve the efficiency of your dryer, every year or so, you can clean out the vent hose and pipe.  You can hire out to do this, or if you’re a bit handy in the DIY area, you can buy a vent dryer cleaning kit from Amazon or elsewhere.

How to clean a dryer.

Courtesy: LG.


You’ll need to either unplug your clothing dryer if it’s electric or use the shut-off valve to stop the gas if it’s a gas dryer.       Look at how the vent hose is connected to the back of your dryer. It may be held in place by clips, or it may be held in place with tape of some kind. Next, disconnect the vent hose from the back of your dryer. Using the brush attachment in the kit, reach as far into the hose as possible and gently remove whatever lint is there. You may have to go to the other end of the hose as the lint may be pushed forward rather than pulled back. Repeat this process from the other end of the hose and remove any lint that comes out.

Reconnect your vent hose, move your dryer back in place, and power it up or turn your gas back on. Run a quick load with a couple of towels to blow out any residual lint in the line.

Clothes Dryer maintenance is simple, and it’s something that with which a little goes a long way. Keep that filter clean, and you’ll save yourself a lot of issues down the road. Take a little time to clean the trap out occasionally, and if needed, clean out your vent hose. You’ll find your dryer works more efficiently, cleans clothes faster, and will last a lot longer.

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