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If you frequently visit the same handful of websites, you know how useful bookmarks can be. The only trouble is when you routinely switch computers or devices, you may not always have your most-used bookmarks at hand. Fortunately some web browsers allow you to export bookmarks so they will paper across all your devices. if you’re wondering how to export bookmarks on Chrome, we can help.

Bookmarks on Google’s browser, called Chrome, are webpages and online resources that you have the option of saving to your account. If you sign in with your Google account, on any device, the browser will automatically have all your details ready for you: history, saved tabs, and bookmarks. This makes browsing your favorite websites or resources a seamless experience.For the purposes of this blog, we will operate under the assumption that all of this is being done on the latest version of Google Chrome on a desktop device, like a laptop or a PC.

Exporting bookmarks on Chrome

Let’s look at how you can export bookmarks on Chrome in a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

  • Start by opening Google Chrome on your device and clicking on the settings menu at the top right of the page. The menu is denoted by three dots vertically stacked.

Step 2:

  • You will be presented with a dropdown menu that has all the settings related to Chrome and its operations on it. Find and click on the Bookmarks section of the menu.

Step 3:

  • When you have accessed the Bookmarks option, you will be presented with another menu, where you will locate the Bookmarks Manager option.

Step 4:

  • Upon clicking the Bookmarks Manager menu, you will be led to another new screen, which will have the same Settings menu icon on the top right (three vertically stacked dots).

Step 5:

  • Access this dropdown menu and find the ‘Export Bookmarks’ option.

  • Step 6:

  • Once you have clicked on the ‘Export Bookmarks’ option, you will then see save options for your bookmarks folder on your device. While the layout might be a little different for Windows and Mac users, the usability is the same across different operating systems.

The prompt will allow you to name your bookmarks folder and will also allow you to choose where you want the bookmarks folder to be saved.

Select the desired options, and Voila! You’re done exporting your bookmarks to your device from your Google Chrome browser.

Now, we will be looking at some of the most commonly asked questions that people have when it comes to saving bookmarks.

Where are bookmarks stored when you export them?

When you export your bookmarks from Chrome, you are given the choice of storing them wherever you like on your device; if you are using Chrome on your phone, and since most modern phones do not have expandable storage like using SD cards, you can only save them to your phone’s internal memory.

On the other hand, if you are using a Windows or Mac PC, you will have plenty of locations to choose from to store bookmarks. Simply choose wherever you want the bookmarks to be exported and they will be saved in that specific folder.

Can bookmarks be synced between Google Chrome and other browsers?

Yes, bookmarks can be synced between other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera GX and many others, as the save file can be utilised by other browsers as well. Google Chrome also has the option of sharing your bookmarks with other resources, and you can always use that.

Is there any benefit of turning on sync options in Chrome?

Yes, but it is entirely dependent on what use you are looking to get out of it. Google Chrome’s Sync option is incredibly convenient and useful across devices, as it lets you keep your resources within the browser across multiple devices (where you might have signed in). This means that if you save something on your laptop, you will have that webpage ready on your phone, tablet, or any other device with Google Chrome. It is simply too convenient not to be used.

It gets even better when you connect your office or work laptop with your account, where whatever you save during your work session will be available on your devices at home. It’s simply too good.

What now?

Exporting bookmarks on Chrome is ridiculously easy, much like how Google makes everything else in its product portfolio. With its Sync option, you can easily synchronize your resources across multiple devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience that simply trumps all others. Combining this with the infrastructure that Google provides for its users makes for a perfect online experience, and only an innovative company like Google can do so.

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