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Kandao Meeting ultra 3Meetings have changed drastically. While we all used to gather around tables and collaborate face to face, today hybrid work means that’s no longer the norm. Even as more of us return to the office, there’s still a huge work-from-home contingent, which further complicates meetings; how do you balance a workforce that’s both in the office and anywhere in the world? The answer is by using a video conferencing system that can accurately balance the needs of both in-person and remote staff.

How can I improve video conferencing quality with kandao meeting 360 view

Kandao Meeting Ultra is a unique, all-in-one conferencing solution that can change how we interact in hybrid meetings. We’d like to thank Kandao for sponsoring this post, since their support helps us keep this blog running. With two Full High Definition (FHD) touchscreens and a rotating camera on top, Kandao Meeting camera captures everyone in a conference room thanks to its panoramic 360-degree views. The HD camera uses two fish-eye lenses which show participants in crisp 4K resolution meaning as you’re watching your colleagues, they’re seeing you looking them in the eyes too, creating that human bond that’s missing from so many virtual meeting apps. See Kandao Meeting Ultra in action in the helpful video on Kandao’s website.

Kandao Meeting ultra 3See and be seen at once

There’s a common problem with virtual meetings where the camera is on the table, while a display screen is at the front of the room, resulting participants awkwardly turning their heads back and forth. To avoid this, Kandao Meeting Ultra positions its two FHD screens right underneath the camera. This creates more natural face-to-face interactions by showing the meeting right in front of the camera lens. It’s see and be seen all at once.

How does Kandao camera works?

Smart screens & accurate audio

Kandao Meeting Ultra is a small dual-screen device that sits on top of any table or surface. With two 15.6-inch touchscreens plus a high quality audio system Kandao Meeting Ultra uses an industry-leading eight-omnidirectional microphones alongside a 10 Watt Hi-Fi speaker.

With a powerful 5-meter-radius for voice pickup Kandao Meeting Ultra means you won’t just be able to see your colleagues better, but you’ll be able to communicate clearly too. The conference hub is adjustable too, allowing participants to tweak the angle of the screens to within 48 degrees.

Clever camera

Kandao Meeting ultra 3The dual-lens, kandao meeting 360-degree-swiveling camera sits atop the conferencing hub, ensuring clear near-eye-level views, meaning no awkward angles. And since Kandao Meeting Ultra’s camera output streams 4K 30FPS HDR video, you won’t end up with blurry video, or angles that are too bright—even if you’re near windows. The wide-angle cameras don’t distort or stretch participants either.

What is the best camera setup for video calls?

In short, Kandao conference camera helps you  experience true-to-life, vivid and clear hybrid meetings .  If you’re looking for the best video conference room set up, you’ve got to check out Kandao.

AI ‘Speaking Person Detection’

Most large offices have a technician on staff for when technology goes awry, but what about for those smaller offices? We can’t all afford 24-7 tech support. But with Kandao camera, you’re unlikely to ever need that kind of help, thanks to upgraded Artificial Intelligence AI Detection Algorithm 4.0 which can accurately localize and auto-frame the in-house meeting attendees, with a focus on the active speaking person. Kandao says the audio is ultra-low latency with 15-degree ultimate recognition, so that the key speaker is always in the center focus for remote participants.

Kandao Meeting ultra 3With Kandao’s clever motion detection algorithms, the speaker can also be properly tracked after auto-framing, allowing that person to stand up and walk around to give a talk—no more feeling awkwardly forced to sit in front of a single camera; instead you get natural movement, interaction and spontaneity. In fact, Kandao Meeting Ultra has three modes for multi-attendee framing, main-speaker focus, or full group display.

Easily Adjustable

If needed you can also mark a blind zone and adjust the hub’s range to disable auto-framing, making Kandao Meeting Ultra great for all types of offices and workspaces—even open concept or shared co-working spaces.

Does Kandao Meeting Ultra offer screen sharing?

You can easily share your laptop presentation via HDMI cable or enjoy the option of Screen-Mirroring through the Miracast function. If you want to do an on-camera demonstration you can adjust and lock the kandao camera vision, and zoom in or out to emphasize. Exterior connections include that single HDMI IN, two HDMI OUT, an Ethernet port, a single USB-C connection and multiple USB A ports so there’s myriad options to connect.

Customizable for any conferencing software

Kandao Meeting ultra 3With those two high definition FHD displays and 10-point capacitive touchscreen operation plus Android software, you also get the flexibility of downloading any conferencing software that your company prefers so your staff don’t need to learn yet another software platform.

Kandao Meeting Ultra is the best video conferencing software for hybrid meetings.  Learn more or purchase the Kandao Meeting Ultra here.




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