How to Log Out of Netflix on Your TV


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Jose Conti

Jose Conti

How to log out of Netflix on TV.

Netflix has done a pretty good job at making it easy to log into your account on a smart TV with the QR code and mobile device input. But, one thing that they weren’t exactly successful at is making logging out as intuitive. The streaming giant seemingly buried this function amidst the sea of binge-able shows in order to encourage people to watch more. So, if you’re still struggling to locate that elusive ‘Log Out’ button, find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide on how to log out of Netflix on a TV.

Why You Need to Log Out from Time to Time

Whether you’re watching on a borrowed TV in an Airbnb, passing on your old TV to a new owner, or just need to troubleshoot your account, there are plenty of reasons to log out of your Netflix account from time to time.

Point is, folks, life throws plenty of scenarios our way where we simply need to cut ties with our Netflix account – if only for a moment. And that’s okay!

Step-by-Step Guide

To keep things simple and digestible, we need to figure out which system you’re working with. These steps will differ slightly depending on which one you’re using.

Google TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony,etc)

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With up to 59% market share, Google TVs make up most of the connected TVs in the world. If you’re one of them, then you’re in luck because it’s relatively easier to log out of your Netflix on these types of smart TVs.

  • Fire up the Netflix app
  • Go to your the Netflix Home screen, where all those juicy recommendations are
  • Open up the sidebar by scrolling to the leftmost side of the screen
  • Scroll all the way down to ‘Notifications’ and navigate to the ‘Get Help’ button right across it on the bottom right of the screen
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of where it says ‘Sign Out’ and you’re all logged out of your Netflix account on your TV.

Apple TV

If you’re immersed in the Apple ecosystem then you’re probably using an Apple TV streaming device. If that’s the case then here’s how to log out of your Netflix.

  • Open up your Netflix app
  • Press the ‘Menu’ button on your Apple TV remote
  • Scroll to the right until you find the ‘Settings’ and click on it
  • Select ‘Sign Out’

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Just a little heads up, there are a few minor issues you might run into when logging out of Netflix on your smart TV. Here’s the scoop on the most common ones.

Getting lost in the profile switch screen: One design flaw in the Netflix app on Google TVs is that the profile selection screen at the top of the side bar seems to be the perfect place to put the ‘Sign Out’ option. But don’t be fooled, that section is for switching profiles.

Not confirming the sign out: Sometimes, especially in a rush, users forget to confirm the sign out after selecting the ‘Sign Out’ option. Make sure to follow through until you get a confirmation that you’ve been logged out.

Netflix bafflingly decided to make logging out of your account on a smart TV a bit more challenging than it has to, especially for the non-tech inclined. But hopefully, with a little help from us, you’re already logged out of your account by now.

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Jose Conti

Jose Conti

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