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HP Sprocket studio plus review

Most of us take hundreds, if not thousands of photos each year. And then what? We leave them on our phones and forget about them. Why not get the best of them off your phone or computer and out where you can see them by printing them as keepsakes, reminders and gifts. The HP Sprocket Studio Plus is a new dedicated photo printer that prints full-size 4 x 6 colour prints on real photo paper.

HP Sprocket Mini photo printer


I really like this printer. It’s a fast, easy way to print lots of photos, and the photo quality is really great. The print cost is low and setup and operation was easy.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Great photo quality
  • Compact, easy to store
  • Faster printing


  • Paper and ink resupply costs

HP Sprocket Studio Plus full review

In this  Hp Sprocket Studio review, I’ll try out the printer and see how it works, what the photos look like, how easy the app is to navigate, and any special tools it uses. I’ll wrap things up by telling you if I think it’s a good photo printer for you. I’d also like to say thanks to HP Sprocket for sponsoring this video; while they are paying for my time, they have not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say and I got to test the printer how I wanted to, so you can consider these thoughts my own.

Roughly a year ago, I reviewed the HP Sprocket Mini photo printer and had plenty of nice things to say about it. The biggest drawback to that printer is that it makes only mini prints ( 2 × 3 inches). Way back when, I also reviewed the original HP Sprocket Studio which did handle the more popular 4 × 6 sized photo paper, but that printer’s biggest downside was the elongated design which made it more difficult to store and transport.

I’m glad to say the new HP Sprocket Studio Plus gives you the best of bigger photos, with some design improvements that make it even better than the original.

What is the HP Sprocket Studio Plus?

Think of the HP Sprocket Studio Plus as a miniaturized version of a traditional printer. Like its Studio predecessor, the Studio Plus relies on special ink cartridges rather than ZERO-INK (ZINK) technology that requires special thermal paper.

What’s in the Box?

HP Sprocket studio plus components

The HP Sprocket Studio Photo printer comes with a tester bundle of 10 Sprocket Studio Plus paper sheets and an ink cartridge (you can also opt for a bundle with a bigger pack of photo paper and extra ink too). You also get a power cord, since the printer lacks an internal battery.

The nice thing about the HP Sprocket Studio printer is how compact it looks when you aren’t using it. The paper can hide in the tray, which stacks neatly on top of the printer itself. The printer is very travel-friendly.

Setting up HP Sprocket Studio Plus Photo Printer

Before you get too far, download and sign up for or sign into the free HP Sprocket app, which is iOS and Android friendly, in order to print your photos.

To set up the HP Sprocket Studio, you just plug in the adapter and remove the top tray, which is actually the paper holder. Pull the end of the tray out and flip it over, then slip the included paper into the tray. The printer can hold up to 18 photo sheets at a time.

Next, load the ink roller cartridge; open the side door and you can see exactly where it slides in.

HP Sprocket Studio Plus Review Then, open the door in the front of the printer, and slot the end portion of the paper tray into the opening. From there, you can turn it on and proceed to linking the printer wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I was ready in seconds.

The app will guide you through the entire printer setup and pairing process and also serve as a handy and easy to navigate editing platform for making photo edits and improvements before printing.

Consider the Bluetooth pairing process as a temporary step, as it paves the way to pairing the printer to your Wi-Fi network so various devices with the HP Sprocket app can use the printer without the Bluetooth range limitations. The Bluetooth connectivity is still useful when using the printer on the go—if you’re using it at a café or at school where you may not always have the Wi-Fi password.

Printing Experience

HP Sprocket studio plus review

Once you are finished with the app setup process, printing with the HP Sprocket Printer Studio Plus is as easy as choosing the photo, making any optional edits, and let the printer work its magic.

Seeing the printer slide the paper back and forth while laying color layer after layer and slowly seeing your chosen digital image come to life is quite mesmerizing.

It takes roughly 1 minute 20 seconds minutes to print a full photo, and I’m glad to say this is significantly faster than older HP photo printers, which took about 2 minutes. You can safely touch the photo right away, since the ink won’t smudge.

Photo quality of HP Sprocket Studio photo printer is outstanding and it will  rival professional photo printing services. The prints are, as HP Sprocket promises, bright, glossy photos that are smudge-proof, instantly dry, water-resistant, and on thick, tear-resistant genuine photo paper.

Once you tear off the perforated edges (despite the fact these are tearaway perforated edges, they do seem to break off rather cleanly and give the photos a tidy look), you get a nice borderless 4 × 6 photo which you can then insert in a craft project, photo album or picture frame.

Fun with photos

HP Sprocket Studio Plus is more than just a printer; it’s a design marvel too.

HP Sprocket Studio Plus Review The HP Sprocket app lets you do all kinds of things with your photos. You can print multiple copies at once, as well as do simple photo tweaks and improvements. (You can adjust almost all photo settings including brightness, contrast, and saturation right inside the app before you hit print.) There’s also an array of different filters, and you can add fun and colourful borders, plus stickers and emojis as well as text too. The personalization options are many and there’s a lot of fun in choosing the embellishments—for you or for kids.

Resupply costs

Because this is a printer, it won’t come as a surprise that you will need to keep it supplied with both ink and photo paper. A kit of about 108 sheets of paper that comes packaged with 2 ink rollers costs only about $62CAD, or only about $.45 per photo, and is designed to keep your supply levels perfectly managed, printing about 50 photos per ink roller.   Given that some photo printing gadgets have paper that costs a couple of bucks per photo, this seems like a much more economical choice.

Worth noting is HP Sprocket Studio Plus does not use standard 4 × 6 photo paper, so make sure you buy only the official HP Sprocket accessories and the packaging specifically mentions the Sprocket Studio Plus (or Studio+).

Overall Review: HP Sprocket Studio Plus

HP Sprocket studio plus review IMG_3253

Overall, I really like this printer. It’s a fast, easy way to print lots of photos, and the photo quality is really great. The print cost is low and setup and operation was easy. I was able to print off lots of photos from a recent family visit, then mailed them off as a cute reminder of the good times we had. I also appreciate that HP Sprocket has redesigned the Studio Plus to be more compact and easy to store. It also prints a bit quicker now too. I suppose you could say the biggest downside is the need to re-supply both paper and ink, but in this case the cost is fairly economical, and I don’t think it will come as too much of a shock that you’ll have future printing costs.

I can definitely recommend the HP Sprocket Studio Plus as a convenient, compact and easy to use photo printer for you.  The HP Sprocket Studio Plus sells for about $200CAD or $150 USD and you can get it from places like Best Buy, Amazon, and sprocketprinters.com. You can also get the photo paper and ink cartridges for this printer on Amazon.

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