UPDATE: I Tried to Ruin a Ruggable Rug for my review: Here’s What Happened


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ruggable rug, washable, rug, review, test, stain

Coffee spill on Ruggable

Anyone who’s ever seen a glass of red wine or a full mug of coffee slip knows it happens in slow motion. You get that sick feeling knowing that it’s about to ruin that new rug you just paid a fortune for. Even if you don’t have klutzy friends, you might have a pet and know that all kinds of accidents can and do happen. When my little rescue pup dealt with some stomach issues, and then we got a new puppy, my old living room rug bore the brunt of it. Out it went, and we kept bare floors for a while. Until I heard about a rug called Ruggable, by Rubbgable Canada. I decided it sounded like a great idea, so I bought one and decided to share my full Ruggable review with all of you so you know what you’re getting—and whether it’s worth it.

My Honest Ruggable Rug Review

I recently updated this post with details of how these rugs, including my new Ruggable shag rug is wearing 10-12 months on. Scroll down for my Ruggable review to see what happened and why I won’t be recommending Ruggable’s shag rugs. Until then, here’s what you need to know about buying, washing and owning a regular Ruggable rug—and whether I can recommend the brand after owning one for months now.

Watch: My Ruggable review video

What is Ruggable?

For those who haven’t seen it come up in their Instagram feeds, Ruggable, is a special type of two-layer, washable rug. When I read about it I was beyond curious… could there really be a rug that would fit in the washer and not get ruined? I broke down and bought one to find out.

ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stain

Ruggable’s 2-layer construction

My 6’ x9’ rug (the pattern is called Diamond Dahlia) in my living room cost about $405CAD; it comes in two layers; a rubberized no-skid underpad and the soft top rug layer which is the washable part.

While there’s no real carpet pile or fibres to these rugs, they’re similar enough to the texture of fabric or rag rugs.  The top layer is thin but not cheaply so. Coupled with the underlayer, it feels like a sturdy carpet underfoot.
ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stain

How to lay out Ruggable

Ruggable takes great pride in what it calls its Cling Effect technology, which lets you detach and reattach the rug cover to the rug pad. It’s kind of like a looser Velcro; but it holds it in place really well. Because you can adjust it, you can get a nice smooth top layer of the rug with no bumps or wrinkles.

I got my rug installed easily enough; you’ll roll out the underlayer which is made of the same latex-free material that you find in yoga mats, and then roll the carpet over top. It does require a bit of finessing to line it up and get it flat and even, but when it was down I was really pleased with it. More so when a coffee got splashed on it. I pulled up the top layer, bundled it into the washing machine and let ‘er rip. You can also watch my video here on the channel where I spilled coffee and other things on my Ruggable and see the results for your self…

ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stain

Washing Ruggable

How To Wash a Ruggable?

Washing Instructions for Ruggable Rugs

Ruggable recommends washing your Rug Cover in cold water using mild and non-bleach detergent. You can then dry the Rug Cover in the dryer on low heat. Avoid high heat. The Rug Cover can also be hung and air-dried if you prefer.

Your Ruggable Rug Cover is stain-resistant and contains an internal waterproof barrier. You can spot-clean or machine-wash it depending on the accident type. For major stains or accidents, I recommend washing your Rug Cover immediately.

ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stain

Red wine on my Ruggable rug

Stain Testing: What Happened When I Tried to Ruin My Ruggable

I mentioned earlier that I splashed some coffee on the rug; that I spot cleaned with soap and water and it easily came out. My sick little dog also had her way with the rug, so by this event, it was time to wash it. The rug top easily pulls off the underpad and my 6×9-foot rug went easily into the washer.  Ruggable says even the 8×10 rug will fit in most standard size washers.

I followed Ruggable’s washing instructions – cold water and low dry—and was amazed that the rug was clean, dry, didn’t seem like it had shrunk, and went back together easily.

ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stain

Coffee spill on Ruggable

But you probably want to see for yourself how it cleans up, so at the risk of ruining my Ruggable for my audience – here goes! (watch the video: I try to wreck my rug so you don’t have to!)

I poured coffee and red wine on the rug; for experiment’s sake, I left the coffee to soak in but spot-blotted the wine. Both stains looked like they would have ruined any other rug. Then it was into the washer…

After a regular laundry cycle I was pretty thrilled to see that both stains had completely vanished without a trace. Even a rusty mark left by my table sitting in the coffee for a bit was gone. I rolled the rug back out and it was like those spills had never happened.

Does Ruggable Shrink After Washing?

When it comes to the other rugs, the regular two-layer ones, those have held up far better. I’ve washed them each numerous times when they get dirty and they still come out looking good. My biggest complaint with them is that it’s almost like they’ve shrunk a bit; it’s now really really hard to get the cover evenly onto the base  without it peeking out from underneath one end or another now, whereas during my initial lay-down it seemed to be a great fit. It’s frustrating. I resorted in one case to trimming the underlayer slightly so it’s less prone to peeking out underneath. I don’t know if Ruggable recommends this or not, but it’s working for me.

Are Ruggable Rugs worth it?

My honest review: Ruggable Rugs

Overall I have to say I’ve been wowed by my Ruggable rug; it’s durable and soft underfoot. The pattern I chose looks great in my house, and the washability of Ruggables is as good as they say it is. I was so pleased with my living room rug that I bought two more a month later; one for the front door and one for the back.

In short, I have nothing but good things to report about Ruggable so I can recommend them to you for your busy but chic home too. You can get them from Ruggable’s website or they are now available on Amazon making them even more convenient.

10 months later: how does Ruggable wear?

Update: November 2020: While I was happy with my Ruggable rugs when I got them, I know some of you out there are wondering about their longevity. So: how long do Ruggable rugs last? I’ve had mine for about 10-12 months, so I can tell you exactly what you’re in for.  I also decided to add a new Ruggable shag rug to my home and I have some major thoughts (maybe warning is a better word) about that.

Ruggable Shag Rug/Plush Rug: honest review

About a year after my purchase of three regular Ruggable rugs, I bought a Ruggable shag rug, now sometimes referred to as Ruggable Plush. I’d previously bought those regular rugs I described above and was pretty happy with them at the time, so I decided to splurge on a Ruggable Shag for my new work at home office. I was so confident is the washability of Ruggable that I even went for a white rug, something I wouldn’t do with a regular rug, because, life happens and it definitely happens on the white rug. But with Ruggable I felt pretty confident

When it arrived I was thrilled, it’s soft and furry and provides a wonderful base for my new office.

It’s been about 10 months since I bought the shag and with each month that goes by I’m becoming less and less in love with it, so I thought I’d share my experience in the video update so you know what you’re getting if you’re shopping for one of these rugs.

Ruggable shag rug: matting and twisting

ruggable, shag, rug, wear, durability, matting, review

Intensely matted area of Ruggable shag rug.

The key issue I have with the Ruggable shag is that it starts to get matted in higher traffic areas, like the spot under my feet when I’m sitting at my desk. It does start looking a bit like matted fur.

How to wash Ruggable Shag rugs

Thinking that was just a sign it needed washing, I put it in the laundry, carefully following Ruggable’s washing instructions, which includes using fabric softener. When it came out , the tentacle-like matts in the long faux fur fibres were still there.

10 month Ruggable Update video

Use a spray of water & fabric softener to de-matt the rug

Ruggable suggests you mix up a spray bottle with fabric softener and water, spritz it on the rug, and use a pet brush to comb through it. Which I’ve done the last few times. It works okay I guess, but it takes a lot of time and multiple passes to get it to look anything close to what it did when I got it.

And honestly, for a rug that’s supposed to be low maintenance, come on, combing it out every time? That’s a bit ridiculous.

ruggable, shag, rug, wear, durability, matting, review

After combing the Ruggable shag; looks fluffy and frizzy, not silky.

ruggable, shag, rug, wear, durability, matting, review

Using fabric softener and pet brush to try to de-mat the Ruggable shag rug.

Why I don’t recommend Ruggable Shag rugs

I’d say my Ruggable shag has been washed probably four to five times in 10 months, and honestly, I’ve since removed it from my office and thrown it in the garbage because it looks like a mangy dog. That’s frustrating, particularly since I spent $330CAD on it. Overall I’m really disappointed with the durability and longevity of the Ruggable shags and I would absolutley not recommend getting one.

Additional info: How to Choose the Best Ruggable Rugs?

If you’re shopping for a Ruggable rug, here’s what you should know.

All runners and rugs from the brand are popular for their machine waterproof and stain-resistant capabilities. That makes these beautiful accessories perfect for high-traffic areas such as your dining room, kitchen, or the busy living room.

If you are choosing a rug with solid-colored or neutral walls, consider opting for a colorful print or a vibrant color to enhance the look of your room. However, a solid rug is a wonderful choice for complimenting walls featuring a mix of patterns and prints.

Ruggable offers a wide range of sizes and a mix of modern and traditional designs so you can choose the best one for your home, studio, workspace, or any living area. The woven covers are 100% polyester, whereas non-toxic glue combines the two layers of fabric. These 2-layer rugs features a low-pile top layer and a non-slip rug pad for long-term durability and easy maintenance.

Moreover, your household and lifestyle largely contribute to determining the kind of rug that is best for your house. For instance, if you have kids and pets at home, it is wise to choose a low-pile rug because it is easy to clean. Such rugs are less vulnerable to dander and dirt. The stain-resistant and non-slip features of these rugs guarantee durability and longevity. Since these rugs are thinner than most conventional rugs, you can easily fit these into any standard-size washing machine.

What are the Different Types of Ruggable Rugs?

Here are some types of rugs you can find from Ruggable for making your décor more appealing.

Mixed Modern Rugs

The brand showcases an impressive range of mixed modern rugs and runners, offering a blend of unorthodox and conventional patterns. You can choose from a wide variety of innovative elements and new color-ways to add a luxurious touch to any room of your work or living space.

Bohemian Rugs

If you are up for a bohemian and funky design, the bohemian rugs from Ruggable are available in different unique designs and patterns. With vibrant colors and a variety of bold and electric designs, the rugs blend daring designs with exciting new colors. You can use bohemian rugs for decorating a modern farmhouse or flaunt your signature style by adding it to your bedroom or living room. Since the design borrows unique elements from all over the world, these rugs have a global appeal.

Modern Tribal Rugs

The magnificently beautiful rugs take inspiration from tribal patterns and Southwestern motifs. The brand’s modern tribal rugs offer a fabulous combination of attractive geometric shapes and vibrant colors to weave a truly unique design.

ruggable, washable, rug, review, test, stainMoreover, these rugs also take inspiration from different cultures around the world to use modern and ethnic elements for creating a versatile rug. Add an exotic flavor to your home décor with an original design and reap the benefits of having a 2-layer rug.

Persian Rugs

Who doesn’t love Persian rugs? If you dream of owning a classy Persian rug with traditional Persian patterns, Ruggable brings an exclusive collection of luxurious Persian rugs. The decorative rugs add glam to your décor, and the intricate designs make them a must-have accessory for any area of your living space.

Persian rugs are popular for their unique handwoven quality. All colors come from natural sources like vegetables and plants, which make Persian rugs luxuriously unique. The fascinating colors and the whimsical detailing make these elegant rugs a great addition to your décor.

You can buy Ruggable from the company’s website or they are now available on Amazon.

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  1. Rose Ann on July 27, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    I have two small yorkies and 4 grandchildren so if I want rugs on my hardwood floors, I turned to Ruggable as the answer. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the rugs and like the multiple patterns they have. I bought a plush rug which was 5 x 7. It was a huge mistake. It looked terrible after just one washing I give credit to the author who did a lot more to try and make it look better. I threw it out and I called and complained. It’s still cost me a lot of money even though they tried to make it right. My experience, the rugs do you shrink and it makes them hard to completely go over the pad but given the fact that I can wash them so I feel my house is a little bit more sanitary. I’ll keep buying them.

  2. Le B. on June 1, 2023 at 10:52 am

    I have 6 Ruggable pads and 12 covers, none are more than 2 years old. 4 of the pads are fine and 5 of the covers are in decent shape (although 2 have been in storage for over a year and not used). Ruggable has replaced 4 covers and one pad due to defects (and sent an incorrect size replacement pad, which is why 2 covers have been unused for so long). I have experienced fading, edge curling, shrinkage, and binding snags on multiple rug covers. Their customer service is good and the product is water resistant to spills, which I like. However, I have laundered all rugs on cold water and air dried and had all these issues. I can not recommend them. They are more interested in coming out with new “premium” covers than fixing the very well known issues reported by many customers on their Facebook group.

    • Erin L on July 11, 2023 at 5:26 pm

      VERY well said. I can’t disagree.

  3. Mike G. on August 21, 2022 at 8:36 am

    I think perhaps you should qualify your review about the shag rug. When you sit at a desk, the area under your feet receives more wear and tear than a rug that experiences a normal amount of traffic, hence it wears down more quickly. That’s why an Office Chair Mat is used. Also, your chair doesn’t have wheels so your feet probably stay in the same spot most of the time. Also, I think a shag rug is more appropriate for a low-traffic area, such as under a coffee table or next to a bed. As an aside, I think your video production and presentation (including using a script rather than “winging it”) was very good. And thank you for not starting with a “Hey guys,…”.

  4. Michele Rosendale on December 18, 2020 at 10:13 am

    So how did the other two rugs that were not shag hold up those 12 mos?

    • Erin L on December 27, 2020 at 11:26 am

      They’ve been okay. There’s a section in the blog about them; I feel like they shrunk a bit.

  5. Jenn on November 26, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    Your longterm review was really helpful as I’ve been considering ruggable after hearing great things about them. I’ll still consider them, but maybe not for the higher traffic areas where it’ll need to be washed more often. 🙂

    • Erin L on November 27, 2020 at 7:01 am

      Thanks for reading, Jenn! Glad the update was helpful.

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