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Komma Lov ReviewIf you live in a dry or dusty climate, you probably already know an air purifier can help. But too often air purifiers are, well… ugly, and way too big. I found a new air purifier that I’m actually happy to have on display in my home — Meet Komma Löv air purifier. In this review I’m going to try it out in my home, I’ll see if it improves the air, how quiet it is, plus I’ll show you the multiple ways you can place it in your home. I’ll wrap things up with the pros and cons and let you know if I think it would be a good pick for your home. A quick thank you to Komma for sponsoring this review. While the company is paying for my time, it has not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say about the purifier so these thoughts are my own.

KOMMA Lov Air Purifier


Small, well-designed and versatile, the KOMMA Lov Air Purifier is a surprisingly effective air purifier for the home, given its size.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Compact size
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Multiple ways to place it
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Flat power cable
  • 3 types of filtration
  • Great for bedrooms
  • Multi-award winner
  • 1-year warranty
  • Replacement filters available from Amazon


  • May not be large enough for larger spaces

Komma Löv review

Komma Lov Air Purifier

What is Komma Löv?

Komma Löv is a three-stage air purifier that is designed to look good in modern spaces. Designed in Denmark and made in Korea, the purifier is one of the few I’ve reviewed that marries both form and function well—so well it’s been featured by the MoMa design store!

Size & Design

A big problem with air purifiers is that they can take up way too much space, plus they can be boxy and unattractive, taking away from your room, rather than adding to it.

Komma Löv is slim, sleek and compact with a geometric grille on the front that gives it a bit of visual interest, and it’s got so many options for placing it… which we’ll get to…

At about 17 x 13 x 3 inches)the purifier is very low profile, and it’s quite lightweight too— at just under 8 pounds, it weighs waaay less than Rainie (my dog).

Komma Löv is the ideal small-space solution for any kind of small rooms, studios or any compact room where you still want purified air.

On the front is the all-in-one button next to a subtle LED display. The all-in-one button will turn on of adjust modes with a short press, while a long press will turn it off.

The display will show you the fan speed as well as your particle reading , and a secondary readout bar to the right of the LEDs shows you at a glance with colour how the air quality in the room is, from blue to green then yellow to red. Amazingly the display will flip from vertical to horizontal by itself too.

Performance, Speed & Filtration


Komma Lov.Komma Löv uses a triple-filter with three types of filtration; it has a carbon filter, HEPA filter and a pre-filter to trap particles, and the company says it removes 99.9% of ultrafine particles. The filter is cleverly hidden in the sides of the device, secured by magnetic covers. A laser particle detector is what detects what’s in the air and shows it on the readout. Plus a deodorization filter also removes unwanted smells too.

Despite Komma Löv’s small size it can purify larger spaces too, independent testing shows it covers about 150% of the average primary bedroom, or a space the size of 4 king size beds. (ADD)

It also works quickly, purifying and taking it from in the red to true blue from about 16 minutes to 26 minutes.

Filter replacement

Komma Lov purifier filters Komma recommends the two filters be replaced at minimum once per year, and every six months if you use it in a kitchen or workspace that sees higher particle levels. New filters are available from Komma or on Amazon for $49US for a 2-pack (about half the cost of other big-name purifier filters!), making replacement easy.

Many ways to place it

One of the features I found really appealing about this purifier is the many options you have for placement. You can use the gallery-style stand to set it on the floor or on a tabletop either vertically or horizontally. This means it can much more easily integrate into your space.

The beautiful 4-legged stand with its elegant narrow legs simply clicks into place, and releases just as easily, so allow your Löv to lean delicately and casually. Despite the lightness of this display option, it’s a very sturdy stand that keeps it from tipping over.

Plus, the stand can be taken apart in seconds for easy storage.

Wall mounting

Komma Lov Air Purifier

The other option you have is to hang it on the wall, again, either vertically or horizontally, and a special grooved channel lets the cord lay seamlessly beneath it, so the purifier will sit flat on the wall; almost like a piece of art.

How to wall mount

If you’d like to use the wall-mounted option, all the hardware and accessories you need are helpfully included in the package. The small metal mounting bracket feels solid and sturdy and attaches to any wall with the included screws.

The ability to hang it either vertically or horizontally means it can fit on very narrow walls or wider spaces, and since the flat power cable fits neatly into the groove at the back, the installation looks professional and clean.

Sleep Mode

If you have a difficult time sleeping with a motor or fan running, you’re going to love the Komma Löv. Its night mode setting brings the already quiet operation to an even lower level of just 32 dB; this is truly whisper quiet and from my testing it would wake neither adults nor babies. Night Mode also dims the lights on the display too.

Does it work?

One of the tough things about reviewing an air purifier is that I am not a microbiologist and don’t have access to be able to test the air in my home before and after. I can only share my personal experience. During my testing period, we’ve been staying in a very dry desert environment, and I’ve noticed a lot of dust in the air, leading to things like dry eyes and nose. Husband Roger has allergies too which often kick up here. I can say that since we’ve been running the Komma Löv in the bedroom, we’ve both been sleeping a lot easier.

Overall review: Komma Löv

Komma Lov Air Purifier

Overall I have to say I’m in love with the Komma Löv purifier. If I’m judging this book by its cover, it gets top marks for both its elegant Danish design and its small space integration. Komma Löv also scores big for its great versatility of setup options, from elegantly leaning on its stand, to being able to be wall-mounted easily, it’s going to fit pretty much anywhere. Plus it’s so quiet it won’t disrupt your home.

With a 3-layer filtration system that uses a pre-filter, HEPA filter and a carbon filter, it’s designed to remove fine particles, as well as odors too, so it’s not just a pretty package, it’s a hard worker too.

Those are all the pros. What are the cons? The only thing I can think of is that those who are hoping to purify the air in much larger spaces may not find this ideal.

For me, it works well, looks fantastic and after having it here in my home for two weeks, I can definitely recommend it to you.

You can get Komma Löv from Komma’s website and from Amazon for about $350US / $455 CAD.

Komma Lov review.

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