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GVM LED bi color, video, spotlight, soft box, review, vlog, youtubeUs YouTubers and professional photographers know that great quality photos and video are all about light. You don’t necessarily need professional quality lights, but they sure do take your productions from basic to boo-yeah. I recently had the chance to try out a different type of lighting from what I’m used to: I received the GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight with Bluetooth app remote control. In this review, I’ll tell you how are used it, what it can do, what sets it apart from other video spotlights, as well as whether I can recommend it for you and your productions.

GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight review

My current lighting rig consists of two daylight fluorescents with soft boxes. It’s a good set up that works for my small studio. But it doesn’t offer much flexibility; these aren’t dimmable and there’s just the one light temperature so in some situations outside the studio and up in the house, it doesn’t compete well with bright daylight. So that’s what I’m used to… and after just one use I was already enjoying the versatility of the GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight… so let’s get to it.

GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight is, as the name suggests a two-colour light. It’s LED, and you can adjust the colour from warmer, yellower light to cooler, brighter whiter light. For those of you in the know, it runs from 3200K to 5600K and its max brightness is 200 watts.

The light comes with a light metal spot hood which can concentrate the light.

GVM LED bi color, video, spotlight, soft box, review, vlog, youtubeGVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight: adding a parabolic soft box

I opted to get a parabolic softbox to help diffuse the light, mainly since I’m not great at lighting and I find a soft box can make any light more forgiving and give you a bit of play in the end result.

Tha is the 35” GVM Parabolic Softbox Light Dome . It needs assembly, and it does take a bit of finesse getting the sixteen support ribs stretched out and into place. Extra hands help! The Softbox produces a soft but focused light. The Dome has a reflective silver interior that maximizes your light source’s output while it’s softened by the front diffuser. The diffuser is removable for vloggers who’d like to use the softbox as a large, reflector. A bit out of my league, but GVM says it’s well-suited for strobe or continuous fixtures,With the softbox you do get a bag for storage and transport.

Back to the light… I think it’s important to point out that in the version I purchased, it’s light only; no stand is included. I also opted to add a stand, since I don’t really have extras, and this light would be useless without one.

GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight has a Bowens mount for quick changes

GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight comes with a Bowens mount, which I had never heard of until I received my package; but it essentially allows you to click accessories, like a soft box, into place quickly.

GVM LED bi color, video, spotlight, soft box, review, vlog, youtubeApp control: GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight

The key reason I was so interested in trying this light is the fact you can control it from a distance using your smart phone and the free app. The app is super simple to set up and really easy to use. It provides you with two virtual dials that allow you to manipulate both the colour and brightness no matter where you are. This alone makes it worth the money for me. As a one woman band, it’s super convenient and I think it helps me get better video, to be able to stay sitting in position and adjust the light without needing to get up and down and never really being able to see my settings on me before I record.

There are on-light controls too which are handy for quick adjustments. I will make note the cords, plug, power pack and frame all seem really heavy duty and pro-level.

Fine tuning brightness, colour with GVM app is easy

The light is quite fine-tunable. You can make very incremental adjustments or big ones, whether that’s with the colour temperature or the brightness. Each small degree of change is definitely noticeable. While I need less precision in my work, it’s good to know I can fine tune as needed.

GVM LED bi color, video, spotlight, soft box, review, vlog, youtubeIs the GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight noisy?

Lights get hot, so it’s not unusual to have a fan built in to a powerful light. But when you’re shooting video, that noise could easily bleed into your background and create a hum.

When I was using the light it was often 3-6 feet away, and I could barely hear the fan kick on; I certainly don’t think it bled into my audio tracks.

Overall review: GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight

Overall, I’m really happy with this light. It’s compact enough I can travel with it, though it doesn’t have a case. It’s powerful enough for a variety of lighting situations. It’s a strong spotlight with the reflector added, or great a with a great softbox. The app is easy to use, connects quickly and lets me make adjustments from my camera-ready position.

GVM LED bi color, video, spotlight, soft box, review, vlog, youtubeDownsides? It’s probably just me but it would be nice if this came with a stand, though the universal mount means you can easily find one to fit it. I suppose you pros out there have stands sitting in every corner and just swap lights at will…

I can definitely recommend the GVM Bi-Color LED Video Spotlight for your YouTube empire, vlog or video productions. I’ve seen the price vary quite a bit, depending on the wattage of the light and what’s available. I also added the GVM Parabolic Softbox Light Dome at about $129 and and a GVM light stand for about $59.

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