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HP Office Jet 250 Printer, wireless, battery powered, reviewI’ve recently been testing out a bunch of new printers, after going many years without one. Now that I work at home full time, I often need to print something for work, so having a printer, even in our digital and e-document world is very convenient. But for me, that printer ideally needs to be small, and manage a bunch of tasks like scanning and printing in one device. The HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All in One Printer is a tantalizing concept. This printer is not only compact for small offices, it’s got built in battery power so you can take it on the road if you need to.


This is a pretty great portable printer. It’s clear, prints good quality, and there’s lots of options for paper sizes, plus photo printing. It was also easy to set up and the app seems to work well. It’s super small and folds up to fit in a backpack, briefcase or car.



  • Portable
  • Battery power or AC
  • Small footprint
  • Good print speed
  • Prints photos
  • Good overall print quality


  • No 2-sided printing
  • Total battery life is unclear
  • Costly

Review: HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile battery powered printer

The HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All in One Printer can handle almost all your home office tasks: it will scan, print, and copy. Like most home printers, it’s made to be easy to set up, and relies on replaceable inkjet cartridges.  In this review, I’ll take a look at what it can do, what the features are and if I think this printer can be a good bet for your home or mobile office.

Key features: Size, portability, battery

HP Office Jet 250 Printer, wireless, battery powered, review

Battery and ink cartridges included.

The two key selling features of this printer are its compact portable size and it’s battery powered operation.

The printer is just about 15 x 8 x 3.5 -inches big (380.2 x 198.3 x 91.3 mm) and you could actually fit this in a backpack if you needed to. It wouldn’t take up much space in a vehicle or in a portable workspace. It weights about 3 kg or 6lbs.

When it comes to battery, HP goes out of its way in my opinion to NOT tell you how long the battery should last. I had to call customer service to ask and even then they were leery of providing a direct answer, saying your usage may vary and merely that it’s “long lived”. I was able to learn this is a 1050 mAh battery and that’s about the size typically found in cameras. From my research it seems like it’ll probably last a couple of hours and may print up to 225 sheets in one go on the battery.

It takes about 90 minutes to recharge.

Set up process

Getting this printer set up was fast. I was able to get it connected to my home Wi-Fi and then able to print from both my iphone and my Apple MacBook Pro right away. In some cases you may need to install a certain printer drivers as I have had to do with a previous HP printer, but this printer appears to work fine with what I have.

When it came to setting things up on my laptop, it was a simple matter of opening the print window to print a document, then choosing “add printer”. The HP printer popped right up and I was able to add it to my list of available printers and print right away.

Super small size

One of the great things about this printer is that it is super compact. The paper sticks out the back of the printer (and holds max 10 sheets) so the footprint is actually quite small. There is no printed documents catch tray however, so if your printer is sitting on the edge of a table chances are high your papers will shoot off the surface. But that’s a small price to pay.

HP Smart printing app

If you want to explore a few more features for your printing, you can use HP’s Smart app. It gives you access to most of the same features as on the device itself, or on your phone, but you can also set up the HP Instant Ink program which will deliver ink to your door when your device runs low. When it comes to photos, you get a few more editing functions too.

HP Office Jet 250 Printer, wireless, battery powered, review

Battery powered use

If you are using this printer on battery power, it’s good to note you can set up an auto-shut off timer to preserve battery life. It does indeed power it down after a few minutes of disuse if you choose this option in setup.

Print Features & speed

HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile is capable of standard one-sided printing, but not two-sided printing, and it will print photos and envelopes, plus you can link the printer to print wirelessly or from the cloud using AirPrint (Apple AirPrint™; HP ePrint; Wireless (WiFi); USB; Wi-Fi direct printing).

HP says it will print up to 9 Pages per minute (PPM) in black and 6 ppm (color)

Single documents spit our super fast in about 6-8 seconds, with almost zero delay to send instructions from laptop to printer.

HP Office Jet 250 Printer, wireless, battery powered, reviewIn my testing it took only about 4 minutes to print 4×6 photos, which is faster than most other printers I’ve tried recently.

You can print letter or legal-sized paper and photos from 4×6 to 8×10, but you won’t be able to print larger paper formats like 11×17.

When I tested the print quality, I can confirm the documents are clear and legible, with no blurring, or smudging.

Photo printing

This printer can also print high quality photos on dedicated photo paper.
You need to manually load the paper in the back, and you can load just a few sheets at once and it will only take what it needs. Photo printing probably understandably take a while longer than a standard page

Scan and copy

When it came to copying and scanning, the HP 250 worked well; documents feed in easily for copies, or you can scan them to your phone or computer with the HP app. Conversely, you can take a photo of a document on the phone and then print it on the printer too.


The HP 250 has a small pop up touchscreen display for on-device control and where you can make easy intuitive adjustments to settings.

HP Office Jet 250 Printer, wireless, battery powered, review

Overall review: HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile battery powered printer

Overall there’s a lot to like about this printer. On the upside, the printer is clear, prints good quality, and there’s lots of options for paper sizes, plus photo printing. It was also easy to set up and the app seems to work well. It’s super small and folds up to fit in a backpack, briefcase or car.

I’m having a hard time finding the downsides; I guess maybe that it doesn’t print two sized, and the battery isn’t huge. The other downside may be that this printer is not inexpensive. The HP OfficeJet 250 sells for about $559CAD/ $459USD and you can get it from Amazon.

But overall this printer works very well and I can recommend it to you if you need a battery powered or small printer option.

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