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LG, V60, smartphone, camera, review, video, dual screen, two screenIt’s not every day you get to try something truly cool before the rest of the world gets to see it. So I was pretty pumped when I had the opportunity to go hands-on with LG’s new smartphone—and it’s no ordinary phone. The LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen, (which I’m just going to refer to as the V60 from now on, because that’s a mouthful) is LGs new flagship phone. The LG V60 has two full screens, and opens like a book, making it a serious device for multitasking.

Review: LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen

In this review, I’ll get into what it does, some of the key features, and what it’s good for. I’m not going to get too deep into the specs because you folks can all google that or get it from LG’s website. What I’ll focus on here is how well things work and if they’re practical, useful and fun.

The second screen is imbedded in a special case, and you slip your V60 into the right side of that case, where it slides into a small plug. The main screen powers the other side.

The hinge on the case doesn’t just open and close. You can flip it all the way back, or use it to create a stand in various configurations. A tiny bezel and edge keeps the screens from rubbing together and protects them.

Fingerprint reader in-screen

You can set up fingerprint ID through settings, using the in-screen fingerprint reader to securely sign in.

LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen design

The V60 on its own is slim and tall, and weighs about the same as any other larger phone. The second screen case is also quite thin; the right side is basically protective plastic and the left is the super thin second screen. The screens quality are out of this world. LG calls them 6.8″ “OLED Cinematic FullVision™ Display.” To you and me that translates to ultra sharp and crystal clear; this dual display runs edge to edge with virtually no bezel and only the tiniest notch on the main screen. The screens are stunningly vibrant and easy to read. The colours are realistic and bold and the test pops off the page when you’re reading emails.

LG, V60, smartphone, camera, review, video, dual screen, two screen

LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen has a flexible hinge design

When using the second screen you can use the 360 degree hinge as a stand too, so you can watch videos hands-free.

Battery life & charging options

One feature I love about this phone is the options you have for charging: you can lay it on a Qi charging pad, or use the mag-safe magnetic adapter to click your cable into place.

Battery life is 5,000mAh with AI optimization. Translation? Depending on your use, it’s supposed to last the day and beyond. The AI Power Management auto-adjusts apps and display settings to prolong battery life.

One of the big things LG is touting about this phone is the video capabilities. This is one of the first phones to have 8K video recording, and that’s while we’re still waiting for 4K on some other phones.

LG V60: Shooting 8K video

Shooting 8K video is easy. In video mode, tap the third icon from the left to change from Full HD (default) to 4K or 8K.

8K is four times sharper than 4K, which in turn is four times sharper than HD. It’s hard to notice on such a small screen so don’t expect to see a huge difference in your hand. Instead, shoot the same thing in HD, then 4K, then 8K on the phone and play it back on a large TV or computer monitor. That’s where you’ll see the rubber meet the road.

In Video mode, the fourth icon from the left is Steadicam mode. Steadicam is essentially the brand name of stabilization gear filmmakers use. Here it’s simple video stabilization, adding anti shudder properties. It will keep bumpy video from looking so… jittery.

LG, V60, smartphone, camera, review, video, dual screen, two screenVoice Bokeh  & ASMR recording on LG V60

Another feature of the video mode is the ability to zero in on certain audio. LG calls this voice bokeh. Essentially this feature lets you choose which audio to focus on, so you could feature your voice while at a concert, for example, or zoom into someone speaking on a distant stage, like a prof in a huge and fidgety class.

The video mode also lets you amplify quieter sounds, and that setting is called ASMR Recording

Photo quality: LG V60

The 64mp rear camera is sharp and takes phenomenal photos. If you have the phone open like a book, it will automatically pop each image onto the other screen, so you can keep shooting and view photos at full size, without needing to stop and open your photo gallery to check the picture quality. I love this feature!

The photo quality is truly great and there’s a lot of different settings and options. Watch for a separate video on these features coming up.

Use second screen as a keyboard for more comfortable typing

One feature I liked a lot is the ability to open email and messages on the second screen, then to drop the keyboard onto the main screen to type. It gives you lots of real estate to work with and makes for a more comfortable typing experience.  In messages, just look on the keyboard for the icon with two rectangles and an arrow.

LG, V60, smartphone, camera, review, video, dual screen, two screenOverall review LG V60 Dual Screen smartphone

Overall this is a pretty sweet phone. I love the two screens. For me as someone who works on their phone a lot, it’s the ultimate for multitasking. The screens are gorgeous, it seems fast and responsive and there’s a lot of really great features.

Downsides? For a lot of folks it’s going to feel too big, heavy, and thick. And it is a stretch for me to use it one handed since the screen is so tall.

The phone sells bundled with the second screen for about $1100 CAD as the base price, but as you know many carriers will drop it for you with a contract.

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