Review: Miele CM6/6360 Super Automatic Espresso machine: it’s a dud


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Miele cm6, 6360, review, descaling

I was all set to bring you a full review of the Miele CM6 model #6360 today. I was going to take a look at what this premium espresso machine could do, how it works and what the coffee is like. But the machine had other ideas. This machine, which is supposed to brew coffee, espresso, and milk-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes, is one of the most expensive I’ve ever bought to review. Costing about $2,200 US (you can view the listing below), let’s just say the expectations are high that something so pricey will deliver on the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had.

Review: Miele CM6 model #6360

This machine was just delivered yesterday and when I went to get it set up today I got what you could call a fatal error.

I was following the instructions on the machine, which asks you to get connected to the Miele at home app. The app is supposed to give you remote control over your device from your smart phone. The app asks you to make a few selections and then press a few of the buttons on the espresso machine. Unfortunately, following the instructions precisely results in the selection of a descaling process.

Miele cm6, 6360, review, descalingFollowing setup instructions results in automatic descaling

Now this wouldn’t be a problem, but since the machine is brand new it doesn’t really need descaling. Even so, I was not able to exit this process. I thought, no problem I’ll just run this through and when I come out on the other side I will just finish the set up.

Except there was no finishing the descaling… After the first run through which takes about 10 or 12 minutes, the message on the display read, repeat the scaling process. A little annoyed, I repeated descaling. After the fourth time it asked me to do this, I realized we have a problem.

No exiting Miele descaling process: infinite loop

Searching online I found many Amazon reviewers saying this exact situation had happened to them. That while trying to set it up or when they actually ran the descaling process, it would put itself into an infinite loop.

Miele cm6, 6360, review, descaling

Again, I figured no problem. I’m a technology blogger and can figure this out. Except I couldn’t. There seem to be no way to reset the espresso machine, and pulling the plug or trying to kill power did absolutely nothing to abort this sequence. The machine would not exit descaling, and I was unable to make a single coffee drink.

Miele customer service: nice, but nothing they can do

One last time I thought, I can resolve this with a quick call to Miele customer service. Except that was a major no-go also. Although I got my call answered quickly, and received help from a very nice woman, the answer was that Miele customer service has absolutely no way to help you exit this infinite Loop.

The customer service agent gave me two options: bring the machine myself to the nearest authorized service repair person or return it to where I bought it.

So here I am, over $2,000 US invested into this machine, less than 24 hours of ownership, and the machine is a complete lemon.

My mind is actually blown at how poorly this machine is programmed, and how little Miller can actually do to help any customer resolve this. Spending a months rent on a espresso maker should at least warrant you in-home service… But I’d settle for a machine that actually works as advertised.

So this machine is going back… and a big high five to Amazon who is taking it back with no questions asked.

Miele cm6, 6360, review, descalingThis is where I have a question for you guys… Should I order another version of the machine and see if I have a better or different experience? Wait for a new model? Or should Miele be burned in my books?

If you have questions about this machine or have had similar experiences I’d love to hear about it in comments below. I’d also like to hear about it if you’ve had an amazing experience… And I’d love to know if you have been successfully able to de-scale the machine if everything has been going well for you so far. Perhaps this is just one lemon… But based on the large volume of online reviewer‘s complaining of the same fatal error. It seems like this product is a dud.

Selling for over $2,200USD (and the price has risen since I bought and returned this), I can absolutely not recommend this product for anyone right now, and even if my next experience might be better, I’m still pretty hesitant on the Miele brand right now.


  1. T R on June 27, 2023 at 2:54 pm

    Quick question did you follow directions for descale precisely like putting exact amount of water it said to fill it with? In most cases with Miele coffee machines if amount of water is off machine thinks there is a problem it does not use usual water measurement technique it depends on water running out at exact moment it is supposed to with the exact amount it asks for

    • Erin L on July 11, 2023 at 5:22 pm

      Trouble was I was not trying to descale it, I was trying to make my first coffee. It opted to descale on its own.

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