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philips, one, toothbrush, electric, best, reviewWhen it comes to toothbrushes, you can get models from ultra basic dentist handouts, to toothbrushes that can watch you brush with AI. The new Philips One line falls somewhere in between. While they’re not smart, they are electric and with two models to choose from, they offer a bit of an upgrade from traditional manual brushing.

Philips One Toothbrush- Battery and Rechargeable


Overall, these are actually pretty great toothbrushes. They are super low tech, which is kinda nice sometimes after a long day; sometimes you just want to brush your teeth without setting up tech support, and these deliver. The brush heads are soft, the brush handles themselves are slim and easy to hold, and the travel case has been quite handy.

Philips One toothbrushes: review

Philips One comes in two different models; an AAA-battery operated version and a rechargeable option. I recently received both to test out and compare, hands-on.

philips, one, toothbrush, review, battery, rechargeablePhilips One: What They Do (and Don’t Do)

Philips One toothbrushes aren’t necessarily the most advanced toothbrushes in the game, as they don’t have as many options and features as the “higher-end” ones. These are, however, great toothbrushes that won’t break the bank (more on that later).

With a very slim and compact design these are small and easily portable, and both come with a slim travel case that wraps around the brush to protect the head. The AAA-battery operated toothbrush comes with a pre-installed AAA battery, and the rechargeable battery toothbrush comes with a USB-A to USB-C charger. Both models come with a quick start guide and a user manual. No set up or pairing is required.

Philips One toothbrushes use electronics to create “microvibrations” which Philips says will “gently clean and polish” your teeth.

While some electric or sonic toothbrushes have all kinds of bells and whistles, the Philips One toothbrushes give you just the most basic function of an electric toothbrush; there’s no pressure sensor or various “modes” or “settings” like some other electric toothbrush brands and models.

Instead, they have one central on/off button and you will manually have to manage your brushing pressure. The cleaning power is also not as intense as other toothbrush options, but these are excellent choices for regular teeth maintenance.

Philips One has timer function built in

philips, one, toothbrush, review, battery, rechargeableGone are the days when we would have to sing a full song in our heads or do a countdown as we manually brushed our teeth; instead, many electric toothbrushes do it for us, including the Philips One toothbrushes. Both models of the toothbrush have a built-in 2-minute “SmarTimer” and an automatic shut off. The brush will double-vibrate when it’s time to move to a different quadrant of your mouth and shut off when the dentist recommended 2 minutes is up. This no-nonsense feature means you don’t need to manage brushing with your phone or an app or logging in and it’s refreshingly easy and low tech.

Battery Life : Philips One- battery and rechargeable

The key differentiator on these toothbrushes is power, and you can choose the option that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.  The AAA-battery operated model boasts a 90-day battery life, and the rechargeable model holds a charge for 30 days (60 uses, assuming users brush their teeth twice a day). Unfortunately, there is no battery indicator to let users know when it’s almost time for a charge, so if you’re travelling with your rechargeable brush, for example, you want to make sure you bring the cable.

Differences in the Philips One Models

While both models are designed to give you a clean teeth and a shiny smile and have the same brush heads and cleaning mechanisms, there are some differences, which include colors and battery features.

The Philips One AAA-battery operated toothbrush comes in Mango (yellow), Mint Blue, Midnight Blue, and Miami (pinkish-orange). Of course, you’ll need to remove the battery cover and change the AAA batteries in this version periodically.

The Philips One rechargeable model comes in Shadow (black), Snow (white), Shimmer (peach), and Sage (dark green). As outlined above, the toothbrush will need to be charged about once a month.

philips, one, toothbrush, review, battery, rechargeableUsing Philips One toothbrushes

The first thing to get used to is the case. I was struggling to get my brush out of it until I finally noticed the little decal on the lid that shows you need to pop the brush handle from the bottom and it will lift right out easily.

Next up, the brush head; the ones that came with my brushes are soft, if a bit on the smaller side, and quite comfortable to brush with. They fit in my mouth comfortably and easily.

The vibrations on electric toothbrushes can be intense, and certainly on models where they are adjustable it’s easier to find a comfortable setting that’s not skull-rattling. I was pleasantly surprised to find the vibration level on this toothbrush was just right; not too jarring, not too weak. It felt like it was doing a fine job. Both brushes have the same vibration level.

Price & subscription option: Philips One

Last, but definitely not least, one of the most important factors to look at when choosing a Philips One toothbrush is the price. The AAA-battery operated model is priced at about $35 and the rechargeable model costs $54.

Either way, you also have the option to get a subscription for toothbrush heads, meaning every three months, Philips will send you a new head for $4.99 along with AAA batteries, if applicable to your toothbrush model. That’s kind of a nice feature and makes the toothbrushing experience even less to think about.

philips, one, toothbrush, review, battery, rechargeableOverall review: Philips One

Overall, these are actually pretty great toothbrushes. They are super low tech, which is kinda nice sometimes after a long day; sometimes you just want to brush your teeth without setting up tech support, and these deliver. The brush heads are soft, the brush handles themselves are slim and easy to hold, and the travel case has been quite handy.

I can definitely recommend these toothbrushes.

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