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RoboUP Rhino 1 is a rugged robot lawn mowing machine


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Erin L

Erin L

RoboUp Mower CESFor a long time robot lawn mower selection has been limited. But RoboUP is aiming to change that. This startup has created an all wheel drive robot lawn mower, the RoboUP Rhino 1,  that runs completely silently and is able to tackle much steeper hills than others.

Meet RoboUP Rhino 1 smart lawn robot

Mr. Xu with RoboUP says, “Consumers say they want to have a robot lawn mower –  they don’t want to take time on the weekend to mow themselves.”

RoboUp Mower CES“We are a service robot company started in 2016 but our history goes all the way back to 1996 when we started to do intelligent control systems,” according to Nathan Lam, Brand Manager at RoboUP.

The RoboUP Rhino1 Is a really rugged bot. With chubby, grippy tires and front steering, it’s easily able to navigate tougher terrain…

8 blades, plenty of traction

“Our first-generation mower only had one cutting disk but now we have two,” says Lam. “With 8 blades in total now we have wider coverage of the lawn.”

RoboUp Mower CESBut the Rhino1 offers more than just traction, it’s got a host of clever technology, summed up in the acronym CPASS, which Lam explains: “C means core tech, P is precise, A all around and S is superb adaptability and strong processing using. With this technology we are able to create robots that target all our users pain points. We listen to our customers’ feedback. A lot of users have complex gardens and have a lot of different types of slopes, so that’s why we made Rhino.’

Wire-free boundaries for easy installation

RoboUP Rhino1 will recharge itself automatically, and unlike some competitors, it doesn’t need a long, complication installation.

“Uusually for traditional mowers you have to set up wire and set the border; our products don’t need that; we are boundary wire free… click a button and the mower will map itself.

Silent operation

RoboUp Mower CESThe mower can cut the grass all night for you since it runs silently and it’s got lights, meaning you never need to lose time in your yard. But if it is out at the same time, it has built in cameras that can see and avoid objects that may be in its path. Built in rain sensors and anti-theft features will also help keep the bot and your lawn safe.

What else sets RoboUP apart? “I think the design and the fact we have a strong environmental impact makes us different that our competitors,” adds Lam.

Watch my video about the RoboUP robot lawn mower

Learn more about RoboUP’s robotic lawn mowers on the company’s website

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Erin L

Erin L

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