Shark HyperAIR vs. Dyson Supersonic: which to choose?


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shark vs dyson hair dryer, hyperair, supersonic, bestShark and Dyson are familiar adversaries in the household appliances space. When it comes to portable upright vacuum cleaners, Dyson and Shark are often mentioned in the conversation. More recently, Shark entered the fray of beauty care devices adding another front to the Shark and Dyson rival. The Shark HyperAIR is Shark’s hair dryer and it is gunning for the Dyson Supersonic customers. Is the HyperAIR‘s more attractive price point worth considering? The answer depends on what areas the Dyson Supersonic scores better wins and if those wins are worth the extra cost. Let’s dive in!

Of course, we’ve reviewed each of these hair dryers in detail so be sure to check out the review of the Dyson Supersonic here or the full review of Shark HyperAir here.

Shark HyperAIR vs. Dyson Supersonic: which to choose?

Technology and Performance

If you asked both Shark and Dyson to give you elevator pitches of their hair dryers, both will highlight the speedy hair drying performance without risking heat damage to your hair. Both companies apply their own distinct technologies to support those claims.

Shark Hyperair, hair dryer, reviewShark HyperAIR: Shark’s hair dryer utilizes the HyperAIR IQ system which is like an umbrella term that covers the electronics within the hair dryer as well as its attachments. I’ll be comparing the attachments included in each hair dryer package in a separate section. The motor offers up to 1,600 watts of power with about 111,000 RPM/m and offers three speed settings, a cool shot button, and three temperature settings with the hottest setting peaking at around 109°F / 42°C. The “IQ” part of the HyperAIR technology refers to the way the hair dryer combines the right amount of heated air and ionized air to deliver the fast drying and no damage results.

Dyson Supersonic: Dyson puts the spotlight on the 13-impeller blade Dyson V9 motor capable of generating 3.5kPa of pressure while having a smaller motor size than other competing hair dryers. The Supersonic also uses a special microprocessor for controlling the heat effectively preventing hair damage. Like the HyperAIR, the Supersonic also has a 1,600-watt specification with a similar RPM. The Supersonic’s maximum heat output is 105°C/221°F and it has three levels of temperature to choose from along with a cold shot option. Where Dyson excels is its air multiplication technology which is powerful, and the blowout I got with the Supersonic left my hair feeling like glass.

Winner: Both these dryers are good, but Dyson delivers better results when it comes to hair softness and feel.


Both the HyperAIR and Supersonic hair dryers are real lookers and should be given the high prices they command. But even if you are not an influencer or a vlogger and the design doesn’t matter so much to you, remember that the design can affect your experience in using the hair dryer too.

Shark HyperAIR: The champagne-colored model (known as Stone) is the most recognizable variant of the HyperAIR. Depending on where you live, you might be able to grab the black and rose gold, matcha, or rose designs instead. It does exude that premium metallic look but the body is actually made of high-quality plastic. The barrel is a bit wide and houses the motor contributing to the 1.1-pound overall weight.

DysonSupersonic,hair dryer,best,worth it,dyson,super sonic,erin,blogger,vlogger,tech,technology,canada,usa,america,ionic,dryer,compare,price,motor,whyDyson Supersonic: The design of the Supersonic is nothing short of iconic. I’ll never forget my unboxing experience with the special Dyson gift set I received when I first reviewed it. The device is made of durable ABS thermoplastic and it comes in a variety of finishes including the popular iron / fuchsia combo as well as blue / copper, nickel / copper, plain fuchsia, and white / silver. Because the motor is so small, Dyson decided to put the motor in the handle which explains why the barrel is so short. This may lead to some ergonomic issues as the unit may feel more bottom heavy although I personally had no trouble using it.

Winner: Dyson has a small edge here. It’s a beautiful design, efficient, and they come out with new limited edition colours each season.


Shark HyperAIR: The package includes a 2-in-1 concentrator attachment which lets you switch between pre-styling and precision styling modes on the fly. Shark sells the IQ styling brush and diffuser separately but depending on where you live, you might be able to get a bundle that includes one or both accessories. Only the premium styling tools bundle includes the IQ AirWave attachment which adds hair curling capabilities to the hair dryer.

Dyson Supersonic: The attachments you get with the Supersonic include a styling concentrator, a diffuser, a gentle air attachment for cooling airflow, a wide-tooth comb for shaping curly and texture hair, a flyaway attachment for hiding flyaways. Dyson has a broader selection of optional accessories including barrel brushes, display stands and presentation cases. All these accessories sold separately have different color variants to match the Supersonic color you picked.

Winner: This one is kind of a tie; you can check exact accessories included and compare prices, but we’ll say these two brands are evenly matched on the extras.


Shark HyperAIR: In Canada, the Shark HyperAIR with 2-in-1 concentrator costs $229.99 CAD. In the US, you can get the bundle including the diffuser and styling brush for $229 USD or the premium styling tools bundle for $249 USD.

Dyson Supersonic:  The Dyson Supersonic bundle with the five attachments sets you back $549.99 CAD. The US version also includes the presentation case and costs $429.99 USD.

Winner: The Shark HyperAIR clearly wins in the value department as long as you don’t mind the cost-cutting measures taken on the design and the craftmanship of the device and accessories.

Shark HyperAIR vs. Dyson Supersonic: winner

Overall these two products are pretty closely matched. While Dyson is the original, it’s also the best so if you’ve got the cash, you should absolutely go for it. If you’re still saving up for the Dyson Supersonic, you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out if you opt for the Shark HyperAir, since it’s quite a capable dryer with lots of options and accessories, and it’s a fraction of the price.

Overall winner: Dyson Supersonic

You can get either hair dryer from many beauty retailers or from Amazon.

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