Upright Go S review: do smart posture trainers really work?


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Upright Go S, reviewIf you get to the end of your workday and find you’re physically exhausted, you’re not alone. It’s amazing to think that sitting, moving around very little, and not lifting anything or exerting yourself can leave you tired, but chances are that your posture has a big role to play. That’s where Upright Go S comes to the rescue.

 What is Upright Go S?

Upright GO S is a posture trainer. It’s a small plastic capsule about the size of your thumb that either hangs from a lanyard or sticks to your back. Its internal gyroscopes and sensors know when you’re slouching or leaning, and it will gently vibrate to remind you to sit up straight. There’s also an app to track your progress.

What’s the difference between Upright Go S and Upright Go 2?

The Upright Go S has half the battery life of the Upright Go 2 (2.5 days compared to 5 days.) The Go 2 also comes with Advanced Movement Detection, and it can hold nine different feedback plans, whereas the Go S holds only 3. The Go 2 holds 30 days of data; the Go holds only 7. The Go 2 comes with a hard case and more adhesives, while the Go S has fewer and no hard case.

What’s in the box?

The Go S comes with the unit itself, a travel case, the charging cable, a small adhesive removal tool (think a guitar pick), and five reusable adhesive tabs. The case is useful for placing in a single location and storing, and the case’s texture allows you to set the Go S on and still reuse the adhesive a few more times.

Upright Go S, review Alerts and options

When you first start using the Upright Go S, you’ll need to calibrate it to tell when you’re hunched and when you’re straight. The device has levels of “strictness” Level One will be less reactive than Level 6 so that you can slowly ease into better posture. You can also set the timing for notifications between 5 seconds and one minute so that you’re not overwhelmed by the vibrations when you begin. It’s also helpful for those times when you have to bend or slouch for a few seconds to grab something, you won’t get notified. A 15-second notification seems optimal, long enough that you’re not being notified for minor changes, but short enough that you’re correcting a slouch. You can also adjust the strength of the vibration from gentle to medium to strong.

 What it’s like using Upright Go S

We all want to think our posture is fine, but using the Upright GO S can be eye-opening. On my first day, I scored 50% for straight vs. slouching. I found my core was engaging more than usual, and I felt like I’d been through a mild ab workout. After a few hours, I gave in and put the Go S away for the day. Upright Go S, reviewKnowing what I was in for the next day, I was more conscious of how I was sitting in my chair and kept myself straight with less effort, which bettered my score. Attaching the pod was easy (mine was a bit crooked for the first few days, though this didn’t affect the usage), and the adhesive held the Go S in place. Removing it was painless and easy. I often forgot I was wearing it until I slouched.

Viewing stats

The Upright app has a stats tab where you can see your day-to-day progress and health range averages that you can compare your results to. After my first day, my stats showed 50% upright and 50% slouching. Upright recommends that you wear the device for a minimum of 60 minutes per day and gives you a virtual high-five when you get there.

Battery life and charging

The Upright Go S has a charge of about 2.5 days (20 hours), though I found that the first charge lasted for five days (though I had set it aside for a few days). It seems to have a sleep mode of some kind. You can check the battery level in the app and charge it with the included USB-C cable for around three hours for a full charge.

Adhesive use

Ongoing costs can be a concern with fitness devices, so I had some reservations about the adhesives, worried I’d need to keep buying more. The adhesives are definitely re-usable; upright claims you can get around ten uses out of each adhesive, depending on things like skin type, sweating, and how often you remove and re-adhere. New adhesives can be purchased through the app for about a dollar each, but if you’re looking for a method that has no ongoing costs, you can pick up a magnetic silicone lanyard from the app for $19.95. The Go-S clips into the lanyard and rests on your back.

Overall review: Upright Go S

Upright Go S, reviewI was pretty impressed with the Upright Go-S. I had thought that it might be a gimmick, but after trying it out over a week, I noticed a difference in my posture and was more aware of how I was sitting and standing. It’s discreet; no one will know you have it on. While the Go-S is Upright’s budget posture device, I never felt I was missing out on any features. There are several traditional posture correction options on the market, including vests, belts, braces, and halters, but the Upright Go seems to be the only game in town in terms of smart devices that are easy to hide. The Go-s does exactly what it says it will, keeping you sitting and standing straight, does it without any drawbacks or inconveniences, and has no significant flaws. I’d definitely recommend the Upright Go-S.

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