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Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

Home décor and design should be very personal. In your home, your design choices should reflect who you are, what you feel and what you do in each space.

When it comes to seating, it needs to be conducive to whatever activity you’re doing in that space. Can you imagine having a recliner in your dining room or a circle of wooden chairs in your living room?

Trying out Valencia Home theatre seating

Beyond functionality, choosing the right seating in the perfect colour for your home creates the ambience you want. So if you’re an avid movie-watcher, you want a seat that’s comfortable, functional and that provides you with good looks and easy-to-use features. Valencia’s Zurich Theater Seating aims to do just that. And we’d also like to thank Valencia Home Theatre for sponsoring this post.

Preparing for Arrival

The Zurich theater seats are quite large, so of course the boxes they come in are as well. Make sure to clear the necessary space in your home to make way for them. You might want to replace your current seating altogether or combine the Zurich seating with some of your current pieces.

Because some of the features on these chairs do require a power input, keep in mind they’ll need to be close to an outlet. Ideally, you can measure out the space beforehand so you can truly envision what the final setup will look like.

Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

Setting Up Valencia’s Zurich Home Theatre Seating

The Zurich Home Theater Seating is easy and quick to set up. You’ll find the manual in the arm’s storage compartment in case you want more detailed setup information. Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn the box upside down.
  2. Unbox the chairs by opening the bottom flaps
  3. Slowly turn the box to the opposite side, rolling it like a die
  4. With the open box bottom on the ground, you’ll pull the cardboard off the chair
  5. Inside, you’ll find the chair base and the back. It’s easiest to take them separately to where you’ll have the chair, then assemble it there.
  6. The back attaches easily by sliding into two clips on the base, making an audible ‘click’ when latched.
  7. Connect the power adapter (you will find it in the arm storage) with the wires at back bottom of the chairs; these will control the lights and basic motorized movements.
  8. With all your wires in place, you can plug the chair in to the wall and you’re ready to relax!

Valencia Zurich Model Features

Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

What makes this model different from other Valencia chairs is the luxe quilting on the headrest and footrest. The control panel is also a bit different and easy to operate. I’d also say the chair overall is a bit narrower than some other models.

Choice of Colors

The Zurich theater chair comes in ten colors, so you’re bound to find the one that works best with your design style. There’s Crimson wine, Quicksilver, Elegant White, Sandy Beige, Roast Chestnut, Tangerine Dream, Venetian Rosso, Midnight Black, Dark Chocolate and Stormy Night.

What is Valencia Zurich home theatre seating made of?

Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

The body of the Zurich chair is made of solid wood and steel to make for a study and long-lasting structure. It is upholstered with top grain Nappa leather that is soft and comfortable. This is the same leather that is used in the seating of luxurious cars, so you know it is soft, supple and long-lasting.

Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

How can I arrange Valencia theatre seating?

You can build your Valencia Home Theatre Seating configurations as you’d like! They include:

  • Single chairs
  • Row of two, three, four, or five chairs divided by an armrest
  • Loveseat configuration of two or more chairs

valencia home theatre seating review canada leather recliner TV

Adjustable headrest and footrest

This truly makes for a VIP theater experience. The electronically adjustable headrests and footrests for each individual chair allow you to adjust the back and footrest to the perfect angle for the perfect viewing or relaxing experience.

Plus, Don’t worry about noisy electronic sounds as you adjust the chair – the internal mechanism operates silently so as not to disrupt your viewing experience.

Storage compartments for everything
Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, review

The arms lift up to store everything from magazines and books, to snacks, chargers, and the remote controls.

LED lights and USB ports

Additional electronic features include USB ports to charge your phone, headphones, or tablet, and LED lights at the base of the theater chairs to give your viewing space a more modern look.

These LED lights are great for creating ambient light in your how theatre so you can safely get up and take a bathroom break, or just enjoy the dim glow. The light is a bluish tone, making it subtle and easy on the eyes in the dark.

Optional Features

You have the choice of integrating a wine holder and a carbon fiber tray table as an arm attachment.

Overall thoughts on Valencia Zurich theatre seating

Valencia Zurich, home theatre, seating, recliner, best, reviewOverall these chairs are easy to set up and use, they operate smoothly and silently so you don’t disturb your viewing party. Plus they seem very solid and durable, and they come in so many colours, pattens and configurations. I’ve tried a couple of these chairs in my home theatre and I’ve always enjoyed the experience. I can definitely say that Valencia is passionate about quality and the overall user experience in their seating.

The Valencia Home Theatre Zurich Chair is available from Valencia’s website. You can also check out our posts about their other chairs and theatre screens here.

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  1. Mike on November 6, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    Hi Erin,does the footrest match the height of the seat when fully reclined?

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