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4 travel tech gadgets you need


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Erin L

Erin L

This time on Global TV we looked at gadgets that are great for March Break travel needs. I also shared a special item for the RV’ers in the bunch.

Spot X, review, how to, satellite, message, SOS, emergency, check in

Spot X satellite messaging system

SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging when you’re off the grid or out of reach of regular reliable cellular coverage. Connect SPOT X to your smart phone via Bluetooth wireless technology through the SPOT X app to access your contacts and communicate easily with family, friends, or directly with Search & Rescue services in a life-threatening situation.

If preferred or when necessary, SPOT X can be used as a standalone communication device. SPOT X has its own dedicated Canada mobile number, so others can message you directly at any time.

The SPOT X satellite device lets you send messages but not make phone calls (the company’s Sat-Fi device does allow for that, but not this version). SPOT-X can be used as a tracking device too. The phone is compact, albeit with a big antenna, basic backlit qwerty keyboard a small monochrome display, and a pretty rugged and lightweight design.

Read the full review of Spot X here.

Benjilock fingerprint travel lock

It’s always handy to have an extra lock when travelling. When you end up in a sketchy airport, or just want to make sure sneaky thieves can’t access your bag or suitcase surreptitiously, a travel sized lock can be helpful. But if you’ve ever brought the lock and forgotten the key, you know that a good lock is only as good as your memory!

Benjilock’s new Fingerprint travel locks use your own fingerprints to open the lock, making it secure and convenient.

The device was easy to set up, and doesn’t even require and app to get running. Just touch your fingerprint to the lock and you’re the only person who can open it. Get one here.

Renogy Phoenix 300 portable power centre

I’m loving Renogy devices these days. We got Renogy solar panels for both our van builds, and we’ve added a couple of Renogy power stations and power banks to our arsenal for powering all our gadgets and YouTube gear when we’re on the road.

My newest is the Renogy Phoenix 300. This breadbox sized power bank lets you recharge USB and AC plug devices. It can be recharged via AC power, car charger or get a Renogy solar suitcase to charge it when you’re camping and RVing.

Check out the review of the Renogy Phoenix 100, Renogy Lycan Powerbox, and Renogy Solar panels (and find a discount code/promo code too) here.

Pocketalk, translator, translate, device, reviewPocketalk travel translator & Interpreter

Pocektalk is a small handheld device that acts as a visual and audio translator and interpreter. Speak into the device and it will interpret for you.

Hold the built-in camera up to a sign and it will translate it right on the small touchscreen ( 480×640 pixel). The device has support for over 70 languages.

To use the audio interpretation feature, push and hold the button on the front, then release it when you’re done speaking. The device will show you the literal translation and say it out loud.

You can use Pocketalk to translate signs too, using the internal camera. Select the camera by tapping the menu box in the top left, then choose camera. Point it at what you want to translate, snap a photo then choose accept. The translation will overlay on the photo, telling you exactly what you need to know.

Read the full review of Pocketalk here.

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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