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Beats Studio 3 vs Airpods Max comparison

Having an iPhone or iPad makes accessory picking like a pair of headphones much simpler; just filter your selection to Apple products and pick the best headphones for your needs and budget. Sure, you can go outside of Apple products if a certain feature scratches an itch but the W1 chip found in Apple products eliminate all those pairing hassles and the spatial audio really bring out the magic when listening to Apple Music or Dolby Atmos content. However, you might still run into a fork in the road if you are looking for a pair of over-ear, noise-canceling headphones. That fork will likely include the vintage Beats Studio 3 and the luxurious AirPods Max. These are two products that have aged quite significantly, and you can buy both for a bit below their MSRP. Determining Beat Studio 3 vs Airpod Max is best for your use case requires a deeper examination in some key areas.

Build Quality

Comparing Airpod max vs Beat Studi 3 – The AirPods Max wins by a mile here as it uses all sorts of premium materials. The headband has a stainless-steel frame with a breathable knit mesh while the ear cups use aluminum and have a memory foam plush padding. The Beats Studio 3 makes more use of plastic although its headband has a flexible metal frame. I wouldn’t categorize the Beats Studio 3 as cheap feeling as it feels quite sturdy but once you feel the premium craftsmanship of the AirPods Max, it’s easy to look down on the Beats Studio 3. However, I don’t recommend treating the AirPods Max like a rugged pair of cans because that knitted mesh fabric is a bit fragile and could rip if you aren’t careful. Apple sells earcups separately as well, but they cost $69 USD a pair. Both the Studio 3 and AirPods Max headphones lack any IPX rating so avoid using them during strenuous activities.


Both pairs of headphones feel very comfortable with the Apple AirPods Max getting a slight leg up because of the headband. Some may feel more comfortable wearing the Beats Studio 3 for a longer period of time as it weighs lighter at 260g compared to the AirPods Max’s 385g weight, but in Erin’s review of the Studio 3, she found the clamping force to be painful and constricting. The AirPods Max by comparison still have a good clamp, but they are much more comfortable to wear over the long-haul.


Apple airpods max, review, how to, worth it

Talking about airpod max vs Beat Studio 3 sound quality ,  The AirPods Max cleans up the Beats Studio 3 in all aspects with outstanding mids, thumpy bass, and average treble. The Beats Studio 3 has decent mids although the bass can be a bit of a hit or miss depending on the track. The AirPods Max will definitly hold up to true audiophile headphones, and the listening experience is far more pleasant compared to the Beats Studio 3.


Controlling music playback with the AirPods Max is a joy thanks to the digital crown. You can find it above the right earcup and you can rotate or click the button just like you would on an Apple Watch. This adjusts the volume, pauses or resumes the track, or summons Siri. The Beats Studio 3 has its own “b” button where you need to tap the upper or lower area of the button to adjust volume or tap the center to play or pause. You can also do things like double or triple press the button to cycle tracks or long press to activate the voice assistant.

Let’s discuss Beat Studi 3 wireless vs airpod max cables.

The AirPods Max has a Lightning port for charging and Apple does include a USB-C to Lightning cable out of the box.

The Beats Studio 3, on the other hand, uses the ancient microUSB port, and the power button is all but useless due to its tiny size and poor placement. However, the AirPods Max doesn’t offer an AUX port forcing you to buy a $35 USD cable if you want to connect it to a device with a 3.5mm jack or a plane. This is where the Beats Studio 3 can be a more appealing choice and you even get a TRRS cable.


In this battle of airpod max vs beat studio 3 , Many reviewers found the AirPods Max case to be a joke and I’m firmly in that camp. As Erin said in her review, the case feels cheap and flimsy but it at least serves as a housing for putting the headphones into sleep mode. The carrying case you get with the Beats Studio 3 is a more typical hardshell case that gives ample protection to the headphones–even if it is a nightmare to pack due to its size and bulbous shape.


One of the major aspect to look in while discussing Beat Studio 3 vs airpod max is price tag. The AirPods Max’s superior audio and build quality combined with its fancy Apple tech is what contributes to the steep $549 USD / $779 CAD price. Because the product is almost 3 years old, you could likely find it for $100 less across all colors but that still makes it nearly double the price of the nearly 6-year-old Beats Studio 3. The Studio 3 launched at $350 USD / $440 CAD, and it currently sells in the $170 to $250 range.

Our Verdict

Beats Studio 3 vs Airpods Max comparison

Comparing two high-end products (Apple AirPod Max vs. beat studio 3) from different generations but still currently sold by the same company led to some interesting results. The Beats Studio 3 does share some DNA with the AirPods Max, and you could save a great deal if you are looking for a pair of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones that ticks those proprietary Apple boxes. The AirPods Max still remains the top-tier Apple-branded audio product that delivers the quality you get for its high cost and the sale price makes it far more accessible. But with both products being several years old, it’s easy to wonder if Apple is developing any successor which may push the prices of these products down even further.

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