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When the weather improves each spring here in Canada, we head out into nature as soon as the snow melts. After a season of being cooped up indoors, camping becomes hugely popular once again. While unplugging from our devices is nice, in some cases being without power isn’t the goal. That’s why BLUETTI, a leading energy storage company has announced it’s unveiling a brand new portable power station: the Bluetti AC180, on June 20th.

Enhance safety and security during your camping trips with this comprehensive BLUETTI power station review.

As the successor to previous portable stations like the EB150 and EB240, the  BLUETTI AC180 boasts several improvements that take it to the next level, making it one of the best portable power station for camping that’s ideal for emergency backup, sudden blackouts, travel use, and more. It’s here we’d like to thank BLUETTI for their ongoing sponsorship of our website, since it helps us keep the lights on—literally and figuratively!

BLUETTI AC180 is equipped with a constant output power of 1800W and a capacity of 1152Wh, which covers the power demands of essential devices both at home and in any campground; even if you’re well off-grid. Even so, a Power Lifting Mode with a 2700W output, means it can also manage high-powered devices including kettles, hair styling tools, and even microwaves, because some of us prefer glamping to camping!
Portable power stations like those in the BLUETTI lineup are an ideal camping companion, since they can keep a variety of devices charged, including smartphones, cameras, batteries, gaming consoles and portable speakers.

For those with higher energy needs, the BLUETTI AC can be connected to either a B230 or B300 external battery, which acts as an extra power bank to provide even more power. The AC180+B230/B300 bundle also includes a free P090D to DC7909 connection cable (valued at $89).

“We are committed to meeting the increasing market demand through continuous innovation. Our research and development team envisioned a power station that combines portability, capability, and cost-effectiveness, and now we have made it a reality. The AC180 has everything users could possibly need—without breaking the bank,” explains James Ray, marketing director of BLUETTI.

Pack lighter

The BLUETTI AC180 has been designed with portability in mind, measuring only 340mm x 247mm x 317mm (H x W x H) and weighing just 17kg. It takes up minimal space in your camper, van or RV. It’s the best portable power station  for camping if you’re  heading to Crown land, BLM land, or other off-the-books camping locations.

BLUETTI says the AC180 supports up to 1440W Turbo Charging, allowing it to reach 0-80% of a full battery in just about 45 minutes. Just make sure it’s fully charged before loading up for your getaway, and you’ll have a substantial amount of power at your fingertips.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: perfect for work from home too

Bluetti, portable power, ac180BLUETTI AC180 is also made for those who work from home, and who need data security. With its Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS system, there’s no need to worry about data loss or hardware damage in the event of a power outage. Keep your laptop or router plugged in to the AC180 if you know there’s going to be an outage (or if one suddenly takes place) and you’ll never be offline. The AC180 can automatically detect blackouts the moment they occur and seamlessly switch over in just 20 milliseconds, so you won’t even notice the transition. That makes this an ideal solution too for mobile executives and creative types for whom losing hours of work thanks to a blackout is just not an option.

Consistent Power with Peace of Mind

BLUETTI takes its technology development seriously, and is constantly innovating its products. The company has a long history of making high quality products and maintains excellent customer reviews online. The BLUETTI AC180 is just the latest example of this: With safety and longevity in mind, BLUETTI has utilized safe and durable LiFePO4 battery cells in the AC180 and offers a remarkable 5 year warranty, setting it apart from many competitors in the market.

See status at a glance

Bluetti, portable power, ac180Keeping ease of use in mind, BLUETTI AC180 features an updated 1.7-inch LCD display with larger font size, giving users an easy to read and understand snapshot of the AC180’s power consumption and helping interpret troubleshooting status if needed.

Keep tabs with the BLUETTI app

We’re big fans of technology here so we’re glad to see BLUETTI has created a clever app to help you keep tabs on your portable power station. You can easily set up working modes, check system conditions, and perform any needed updates with just a few clicks.

Learn more or shop the AC180 here on BLUETTI’s website.

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