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Bissell little green review

Rainie, TGC’s #1 pet.

We love our pets, but there’s no denying they can require some upkeep and cleaning. Carpet cleaners can really come in handy when it comes to keeping your carpets in top condition for the long term, and when you have pets it’s even handier. As I mentioned in my review of the Tineco Carpet One, you want to clean any carpet messes as soon as possible before the stain sets in and becomes really difficult to fully extract. While upright carpet cleaners like the Tineco Carpet One can do the job, paying top dollar might not be the best move if you don’t have a lot of carpet. These vacuums can also be quite bulky too and not very practical to use for cleaning upholstery or carpet-covered stairs.

Bissell Little Green Pet Pro Review


Getting your carpets professionally cleaned can be expensive and a hassle since you’ve got to move everything. So when you consider the asking price for this carpet cleaner, it seems like a pretty reasonable trade off. In my testing I found this carpet cleaner to be extremely easy to use and quite effective on both newer and older stains.


  • Very effective
  • Cleans carpet, upholstery, mattresses, cars
  • Portable
  • Long cord and hose
  • Worked well on older stains
  • Sample cleaning solution included
  • Attachments are effective
  • Additional attachments available
  • Big water tanks


  • VERY loud
  • Corded/requires power

Fortunately, there is a subcategory of portable carpet cleaners that are cheaper and easier to take out and use whenever that rare carpet mess occurs. The Bissell Little Green Pet Pro Portable Carpet cleaner is one such contender.

What’s the difference between Spot Clean Pro and Little Green Pro / Pet Pro?

If you’re comparison shopping and wondering about the differences between Bissell Spot Clean Pro and Little Green Pro / Pet Pro, at their core they are essentially the same machine. In some cases these Bissell machines will say use either Little Green and Spot Clean on them depending on where you’re sopping, so the branding is a bit confusing since they’re essentially the same device.

Bissell little green reviewWhat differs is the attachments that come with each. In this case, the Pet Pro gives you the pet stain tool, while the Spot Clean Pro swaps that for a wider 6-inch carpet and stair tool. Since you can buy additional tools from Amazon, if the tools that it comes with don’t work for you, you can pick up others for just a few bucks, so don’t stress to much about your choice here.

What’s in the box?

The Bissell Little Green Pet Pro is a compact package. Inside the box you get the dome-shaped cleaner, known as the  Deep Cleaner Base, which weighs about 12 pounds, and comes with a 5-foot hose coiled around a special reel.

Also in the box is the following parts and accessories:

  • 3-inch tough stain tool
  • 4-inch Pet Stain tool/Plush Carpet tool
  • Spraying Crevice tool
  • 8-ounce trial bottle of Pet PRO OXY Spot & Stain cleaning formula

Bissell little green reviewGetting ready to use the Bissel Little Green Pet Pro is pretty simple. Plug it in and unclip the hose.

Pull the release lever on the clean water tank and fill it with hot water, then add cleaner, and replace it on the base.

There is a clear “Full” indicator on that tank. The clean water tank can store up to 48 ounces of water.

Cleaning With the Bissell Little Green

One you fill up the tank with your hot tap water solution mix, it’s time to choose an attachment.

In truth, both of the key attachments are extremely similar: they have a brush base and a sprayer that distributes cleaning solution onto your carpet or upholstery.

Pet Stain Tool/Plush Carpet Tool (L), and Tough Stain Tool (R).

The tough stain tool has a simple brush underneath while the pet stain/plush carpet tool adds hard plastic spikes, which can kind of comb into deeper carpet fibres to help the solution penetrate.

Powering on the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro involves just a simple press of a switch with no settings to worry about. While it is running, you just aim your stain tool about an inch away from the stain and press the trigger to spray the solution on the dirty area. From there, you just press down on the stain with the brush so the 3-amp suction power does the work, cleaning in slow strokes. You can also hold the deep stain tool right against the carpet to get more solution into it. It will probably be a bit of trial and error to see what works for your carpet or fabric.

If you are having a tough time dealing with a deep stain, I recommend you try spraying the solution and letting it sit for about 5 minutes before you start brushing and vacuuming it up. Bissell also sells an extra formula called OXY Boost where you can optionally add 1-ounce of the solution to the water mixture to enhance cleaning performance, of you could apply a pre-treatment solution too.

Bissell little green review

Before the Bissell Little Green.

I used the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro on carpet, a chair and a sofa. I will start off by saying it is extremely loud when it operates. But I guess to get enough suction power, it needs to be.


Bissell little green review


I chose a piece of beat up old carpet, just to see what it could do. To my surprise, it was able to get deep and long-set stand out and it created a couple pretty noticeable clean spots on the rug.

Next I tried spilling coffee on it. The Bissell Little Green Pet Pro was great at pulling up all the spilled liquid and cleaning the carpet do it didn’t set.

Bissell little green review

Cleaning up coffee.

Next I moved on to cleaning a sofa… Moving the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro around is super easy, since its size and weight makes it very portable. Cleaning the sofa makes it really wet, so plan to do this well before you want to sit down again since it will need time to dry.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the power and versatility, and the cleaning power of the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro. Though I didn’t try it during my testing period, it would also be ideal on mattresses, and in cars.

Storage and Maintenance: don’t skip this step

One of the major strengths of the Bissell carpet cleaner lies in its ease of storing it away because the hose neatly wraps around the base of the unit and the bracket holds the wand in place. While the power cord isn’t retractable, there is a dedicated bracket where you can wrap the cord around resulting to a truly compact package. Just make sure you rinse the brush and tanks thoroughly before storing to avoid residue build up. If you go for the Plus model, you can also use the included HydroRinse tool to quickly clean the hose. Otherwise the recommendation before you store your machine is to suction clean water from a bowl or bucket to clean out the inside of the tools and the hose. The attachments can be rinsed and cleaned in the sink.

Overall review: Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell little green review

Proof is in the very dirty water.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned can be expensive and a hassle since you’ve got to move everything. So when you consider the $175USD/ 240CAD asking price it seems like a pretty reasonable trade off.

After purchase price the biggest expense is buying  cleaning formula bottles but it is not too expensive with a 60-ounce bottle setting you back around $20 CAD.

In my testing I found this carpet cleaner to be extremely easy to use and quite effective on both newer and older stains.

So what are the downsides? The lack of a battery puts a major asterisk on the vacuum’s portability but it is easy to carry around and the 20-foot power cord should provide ample cleaning coverage. You do want to do maintenance and make sure the machine is rinsed and put away clean so it doesn’t smell but that’s a small price to pay.

The machine is also extremely noisy to use. Even with those caveats, I found the Bissell Little green Pet Pro to be a great addition to my two-pet household. If the Pet Pro is not available in your area, the Spot Clean Pro is a great swap.

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