Can 6 mins a day really lead to better skin? Using Foreo LUNA3, BEAR + UFO2


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As a tech vlogger, and admitted beauty gadget junkie, I’m already familiar with Foreo (Four-eh-oh). I’ve had the good fortune to be able to review several of their gadgets and beauty devices over the years. This time though I’ve been convinced to try out a variety of Foreo gadgets as a team.

My skincare concerns are probably like most of yours, puffy face from too much work, and late nights, and past sun damage.

6 mins a day to better skin? Using Foreo LUNA3, BEAR + UFO2

Foreo has suggested I take on a 3-step, 6 minute beauty routine and see what the results are like, and I’d like to thank Foreo for sponsoring this post, since it helps me keep the blog and YouTube channel running.

In this post I’ll show you my new routine, take a look at each of the gadgets I’ll be using and what they’re designed to do, and talk about how using them feels—and if I see results.

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3 gadgets, 6 minutes

My new skincare routine consists of three Foreo devices:

  • The new LUNA 3 facial cleansing brush
    The BEAR Microcurrent facial toner
    And UFO 2 Mask treatment device

We’ll look at what each one does in just a sec, but first, I’ll talk about my routine and how to use them together.

3 steps: Foreo skincare

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review,

Foreo recommends you use these devices in this order:
Start by cleansing with the LUNA3, then follow up with a microcurrent treatment from Foreo BEAR, finally a smart mask treatment using UFO2 will add nutrients and hydration and lock in all the benefits. From there you can do your regular skincare and makeup steps. The whole Foreo skincare regimen takes just 6 minutes!

Now, let’s dig deeper to see what each of these devices does and how to use it.

Foreo LUNA 3

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review, Foreo LUNA 3 is a smart, connected, pulsating soft silicone facial cleansing brush that allows you to gently remove dirt and residue that can trigger breakouts using Foreo T-Sonic pulsations. Using the Foreo app you can customize your cleaning and you can use your favourite cleanser with it. Check out my review of the LUNA3 vs LUNA Mini 3 here.

The soft silicone bristles are gentle on the skin, and it cleans and exfoliates without harshly scrubbing. The different angles of the brush easily into all the areas on the face, and the pulsation s that accompany the cleaning programs are gentle… just move the brush over your face in a circular motion until the timer stops it.

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review, I’ve been using a LUNA brush for a few years now and I love how it makes my skin feel; it easily cleans up makeup, removes sunscreen residue, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and more. My face feels cleaner, softer and the exfoliation gives me a nice glow.

Foreo BEAR

Let’s take a look at the Foreo BEAR. (Read up on BEAR vs BEAR Mini here for more details.) BEAR is a microcurrent facial toning device that uses tiny almost imperceptible electric shocks to tone, wake up and improve your skin —and the 65-plus muscles in the face and neck. It is one of the strongest powered at home devices and has a built-in anti-shock system.

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review, This device also uses Foreo’s T-Sonic pulsations, a mode meant to “increase circulation, eliminate toxins & ease facial tension, resulting in smoother, softer, glowier skin.”

In short, the promise is a 2 minute workout for your face. Here also you use the Foreo app to guide your workouts and BEAR must be used with a conductive serum, gel or cream like Foreo’s hydrating SERUM SERUM SERUM. To learn more about how to safely use BEAR you can check out my video.

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review, I did notice a slight lifting in my face… not like a facelift, but more that my skin looked lighter, brighter.. and somehow firmer—and kind of like I’d had a really good night’s rest.

UFO 2 smart masking

Next up, let’s look at the Foreo UFO 2 smart mask device. You can also dig deeper by looking at my video comparing UFO to UFO2 here.

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review,

UFO is a puck shaped device that uses coloured LED light, plus Thermo-Therapy (heat therapy), Cryo-Therapy (cold therapy), and T-Sonic Pulsations, along with special individually wrapped, single-use mask pads that clip onto the device. Paired with the Foreo app you can create the perfect mask routine to address many skin concerns or choose from Foreo’s preset options.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) light technology brings light therapy to the masking process. Different light wavelengths have different skin benefits. If you want to get into detail, check out my full review of the UFO 2 here on the channel.

These devices will also warm and cool, depending on the mask treatment you’re using. That’s known as Cryo-Therapy and Thermo Therapy and the temperature can both help the mask essences penetrate or cool and de-puff skin.

foreo, 6 minute, routine, bear, luna, UFO, review,

Scan your mask, clip it on and the app does the work delivering light, temperature and T-Sonic pulsations while your skin absorbs the mask.

The UFO2 glides over the skin and the warming or cooling is very noticeable. Afterwards my skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated and it’s a nice silky base to apply the rest of my skincare routine and then my makeup.

Did I see results with Foreo 6 minute routine?

Overall I’m loving my new regimen. I’ve been using my Foreo LUNA for about a year and I love it. It definitely helps deep clean my face and ever since I started I noticed cleaner skin and fewer breakouts.

Adding daily Foreo BEAR treatments does help my skin look perkier and I do notice a slight lift and firming after I use it—and it gets better with regular use.

And the daily UFO mask treatments are a luxurious addition to my routine and the whole process is a nice way to ease into my day.

I can definitely recommend the Foreo 3-step, 6 minute routine if your looking to improve your skin.

You can find the full range of Foreo beauty products at

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