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How to change a Dyson filter


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Erin L

Erin L

DYSON PURE , how to change filter, fan, purifier, heater, cost, expensiveTHUMBNAIL

I absolutely love my Dyson Hot + Cool Link purifier/fan/heater. But recently it’s been displaying an error message, showing an ‘E’ on the display screen. After a bit of Internet research I realized this is probably because the filter is clogged. Then when I thought about it, I realize the filter had never been replaced since I got it, about two years ago.

Dyson recommend you change the filters in these units at least once a year, so I realize I’m definitely overdue. So let’s take a look at how to change the filter, and what happens if you leave it for too long.

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How to change Dyson filter

First off, order a replacement filter. You’re easy enough to find from websites like Best Buy or Amazon, just make sure you have your model number handy. To get it installed release the housing from your Dyson by pushing the two buttons on top and sliding the cover up and off. You can see in the photos and the video my filter is pretty dirty and there’s all kinds of dust and dirt clogging it; it’s really no wonder the Dyson protested and stopped working altogether.

DYSON PURE , how to change filter, fan, purifier, heater, cost, expensive, THUMBNAIL

The filter itself is easy enough to remove. Find a bit of an edge along the top of the ring then pull it up and off the base. It might take some finessing or wiggling but it should slide off quite easily.

Side by side you can see I let this go way too long. The old filter is choked with dust and dirt while the new filter looks white and pristine.

To install a new filter just lift it over the top of the fan unit and slide it into place, pushing it firmly. Then replace the cover.

DYSON PURE , how to change filter, fan, purifier, heater, cost, expensive, THUMBNAIL

What does the error message ‘E” on my Dyson mean?

Flashing E

If you see a flashing ‘E’ when trying to use the purifier, it is unable to do what has been requested.

Solid E

If you see a solid ‘E’ when trying to use the purifier, it shows the machine has stopped functioning correctly.


If you see either a flashing ‘E’ or a solid ‘E’ on your purifier’s display, please complete the following steps.


  1. Unplug the purifier.
  2. Leave for 10 seconds.
  3. Ensure the plug is firmly connected to the socket and switched on at the wall then retry.

Temperature range

Ensure the room temperature is above 5°C.

Loop amplifier and filter housing

Look for blockages in the air inlet holes on the filter housing and in the small aperture inside the air loop amplifier. Use a soft brush to remove debris.

Check the filter

  1. Your filter may need replacing. Check filter life within the app, or for excessive build up of dust within the inlet.
  2. For more information about replacing the filter, please see ‘Replacing the filter unit’.

If you’re having problems with your Dyson fan, purifier, or heater it could be due to a clogged filter.

How much do Dyson filters cost?

I’m not going to lie; the filters are quite expensive, this particular version I needed came in at about $100 (I’ve seen then for $110 and $139 too), but they are definitely a necessary accessory if you want to keep your pricey Dyson unit running smoothly.

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