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When the weather gets warm, my thoughts invariably turn to BBQ. Who doesn’t love the smell of burgers on the grill, or ribs cooking slowly through the day? I recently reviewed a smart gadget that aims to make that experience simple for even the greenest of cook, the Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer.

Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer review

Cookperfect claims that the Intelligent Thermometer can more accurately read the temperature of your meat by way of having a number of heat sensors along the probe, rather than just the tip. The app then assesses the various readings and gives you a single number that should reflect the true temp of the meat. It also claims that it can give you an exact time that your food will be ready, by sensing the ambient temperature in your grill, as well as the temp of the food. Let’s see how it performed.

Setting up Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer

On unboxing, the Cookperfect  IT is small silver disc, about 2.5 inches high, with 2 plug inputs for the sensor probes (you can use either 1 or two). There is a small led light in the center that lets you know when the unit is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It also comes with batteries, and my only minor complaint here is that it requires a screwdriver to change the batteries, rather than a slide compartment. This might be due to the possibility of the Cookperfect reaching high temps via proximity to your grill.

The unit is magnetic, so you can place it close to your grill and have it sit in one position without worry. The sensors themselves are steel, with a braided metallic cord, and each of mine were color coded so you can tell which one you’ve plugged in to which plug.

There’s also an app to download. I was able to download the app, connect the sensor, and get a reading without any difficulties.

Using Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer app

The app itself seems to have all the functionality you’d need for cooking, including the ability to simply monitor the temp of your meat. Once you’ve connected your probe(s), you have the ability to choose the type of meat you’re cooking, as well how well done you’d like it. The ap will monitor both the ambient temp in your grill as well as the interior meat temp. It then gives you a estimated time of completion, which will change if the cooking temp does. You can also set alerts for any temp point, allowing you make changes to the grill setup or add/baste/foil things at will.

Is Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer accurate?

I used my sous vide, as well as a thermometer that I trust to check the calibration of the Cookperfect probes, they were aligned with the other two, so I had confidence that I’d be getting an accurate read. I then put three steaks on the grill, and set alerts for 135, 145, and 155F. With just two probes, I knew I’d have to move the 135 probe over to the 155 steak when the first was complete.

I placed the Cookperfect “puck” on the side of the hood for my stainless steel grill, and waited. Once the first steak hit 135, the alarm warned me, and I pulled the first probe.

A couple of things here: The puck (as well as the probe) gets very, very hot, as you’d expect. You’ll need a glove or towel to remove a probe that’s hot. Also, due to the position of the inputs on the puck (opposite each other), the puck can become a bit unwieldy, and move around when you’re adjusting probes. I suspect side by side would have been a better call. In every case, I’d likely have both probes heading in the same direction (through a hole in the hood/oven, etc), rather than in different ones. I also found using an “always in” probe meant that upon removal, juices were pouring out of the steak, not an optimal outcome. After inserting the first probe in the 155 steak, I waited and completed cooking the two remaining steaks. A short rest later, I cut the steaks open and had a look. There wasn’t a lot of difference between the 3 of them, and I feel like I should have been able to see more variation between them, with that wide of a temp range. All three were delicious.

Testing pork roast on the grill: Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer

The next test was to try out a pork roast on the grill, something that would take longer than a few minutes on the grill. I prepped my roast by brining it and adding a mustard based rub. I seared the outside on direct heat, then added the probe, selected my “done” temp, and put the roast on the indirect side of the grill. It was very helpful to know where the roast was cooking-wise, and see any changes in the ambient temp in the grill, and be able to react. When I changed out the smoker box, I saw a drop in the ambient temp of the grill, and was able to move the roast closer to the heat to compensate until the temp had built back up.

Having an ETA (even if it’s a potentially moving target) make life simple for prepping some side dishes, as I had a reasonable idea when the roast would be done. When I reached “done” temp, I pulled the roast off, and was able to get things inside and on the table in short order. The roast was perfectly cooked, something I’ve had trouble with in the past with longer cooking items on the grill.

Overall review of Cookperfect Intelligent Thermometer

While my steaks didn’t quite seem to end up at the temps I wanted, the roast was a dream come true. A second attempt with steak turned out the desired results, so it’s possible that a thicker steak does better with the Cookperfect. The Cookperfect seems like a good addition to your patio tech set-up. The ability to know what’s happening with a long cook is a game-changer.

The Cookperfect has the potential to take you from a rookie griller to a pitmaster with confidence. It sells for about $99US from Cookperfect’s website.

-Author/Reviewer: Dave Ware





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