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COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewAir Fryers can be a major timesaver, cooking food quickly, or allowing you to cook extra food for big families or guests, like appetizers and sides, while you do the rest on the stove or oven. COSORI has just launched a new, next generation air fryer that can take the typical air fryer experience and make it 46% faster, quieter and with a wider range of temperatures, meaning you get food that’s crispy—not charred. In this review I’ll take a look at the COSORI 6-quart TurboBlaze air fryer to see what it can do, how quick it cooks, what the different cooking modes are, and I’ll put it to the test with a variety of different foods here in my home kitchen.

COSORI Air Fryer


This air fryer strikes a great balance between what we need and what we want.


  • Small footprint
  • Clever angled control panel
  • Cooks FAST
  • Does a variety of cooking styles
  • Very quiet
  • More precise control
  • Cooks lots in under 15 minutes!


  • I’m struggling to find any major flaws!

I’d like to thank COSORI for sponsoring this post. As an ongoing sponsor of the blog and YouTube channel they are supporting our new content every day, so for that I’m grateful. Even though they’re paying for my time, they haven’t told me what I have to say or what I can’t say, and I got to cook what I wanted so you can consider these thoughts my own.

 WATCH: My hands-on review of COSORI TurBoBlaze

COSORI 6-quart TurboBlaze air fryer: what it can do

Let’s take a closer look at the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer, and the 4 key problems with air fryers Cosori is solving with this machine.

Problem: Size

Air fryers can be big and bulky and take up too much counter space.


The solution? COSORI says its 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer is made to maximize the interior space while keeping the footprint small; that means it won’t take up needless storage either.

With a smart angled digital LED control panel on the top that’s easy to read without bending over, the unit seems well designed, and does indeed have a huge cooking basket.

Problem: Performance

COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewAir fryers can be loud (I know the last air fryer I had droned incessantly). And they can cook unevenly; scorching the top while the center is underdone.


I can confirm the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer is quieter than the last air fryer I tested. Plus, with a DC motor, it heats quicker, cooks faster, and allows for more precise temperature and fan control.

That added control allows for 9 pre-set cooking functions, including air frying, but it also roasts, bakes, broils, defrosts, cooks from frozen, dehydrates, reheats and warms  to accomplish almost any cooking need.

Problem: Limited capacity

Air fryers can be too small to make food for the whole family.


COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewThe solution here is that the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer can cook more; use it to bake up crispy sides, but it can also roast veggies, broil fish, cook frozen foods, reheat, defrost or cook food right from frozen. It’s even big enough to handle a roast chicken!

Problem: Hard to clean

Grease and oil and spattered food can accumulate, making cleaning a major chore, or causing your air fryer to smoke. Plus all those nooks and crannies can be hard to get clean.


When it comes to the cleaning, the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer is made to be easier to clean with a non-stick coating that means most messes simply wipe clean, but the basket and crisper plate are both dishwasher safe too!

Cooking tests

COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewThe first test I wanted to take it through was to see if it is faster… While the air fryer is 46% faster than one of COSORI’s older models*, I wanted to see if it would be faster at general tasks than my oven.

I got  tater tots ready for both the oven and the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer. Amazingly I can say I was able to preheat the turbo blaze, cook tater tots, and have them served up hot and ready in less than 10 minutes; my oven didn’t even finish the preheating process before I was already having breakfast!

Next I decided to make breakfast for the next day by using the included cookbook to make a fresh, made from scratch homemade granola. The recipe was very simple and mostly used things I already had on hand. After a quick mix the entire mixture went into the cooking basket (no wire rack) and I set the timer for the recommended seven minutes. Since I like my granola nice and crispy and extra toasty, I opted to add more time. In the end I was rewarded with amazing fresh crispy granola.

I decided to use the COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer todo you make side dishes as well. It made lightning fast work of roasted carrots, cooking them to perfection in about 10 minutes. Plus they had the perfect shade of golden brown, and more wonderfully tender inside. When it comes to potatoes, adding follow the recipe block to boil and season some fresh potatoes from my garden. After only about 15 minutes in the air fryer they were tender on the inside and delightfully brown and crispy on the outside. Again here, I will say I added extra time to the COSORI recommended recipe duration; and I think I can say that’s okay if you want to make your own adjustments too.

COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewWe made homemade wings for wing night, and toasted the results with a cold one.

I also made breaded chicken breasts with an almond crust, which came out beautifully juicy.

The air fryer has a wider temperature range of 90˚ F to 450˚ F and COSORI says they did that to offer more cooking possibilities and allow better results for a variety of foods.

I cooked a mini homemade lasagna from frozen…. Which actually reminds me that you can even use smaller 8 inch baking pans and tins in this air fryer. That also opens up a whole world of desserts too.

COSORI ari fryer Even used my oven to dehydrate citrus slices for floating on top of fun cocktails, just like pro bartenders use!

I also baked homemade spinach and cheese filled Spanakopita, meatballs, and appetizers.

Lastly I decided to try the roast chicken test. Getting a roast chicken cooked properly in a regular oven can sometimes be a challenge… but… in the COSORI Turbo Blaze it was really easy. Place your chicken breast side down for about 30 minutes, then flip it over carefully for another 30 minutes. The oven is very effective, and it gave us a super crispy skin; our results might be a little too crispy for some folks, so if you want it a little less dark, just place a little bit of foil over top for the last 20 minutes or so.

COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer reviewThe chicken was beautifully cooked and as a bonus the pan was full of delicious rich drippings which we made into a gravy.

Safety features

There’s an auto shutoff to make sure that when the basket is removed during cooking, the air fryer will turn off and stop heating. Plus overheat protection automatically shuts it off when needed.

What is cleanup like?

After each meal or dish, I was very surprised to find how quickly and easily both the cooking drawer, and the crisper plate came clean. I also put the basket and crisper plate into the dishwasher and amazingly it did a great job too—with less effort from me.

A  week of hot meals and dishes later I also wiped out the air fryer with a dishcloth. It came clean quite well, with only a small scrubbie needed on more stubborn areas.

Overall thoughts: COSORI 6-Quart TurboBlaze Air Fryer

Overall this air fryer strikes a good balance between what we need and what we want; Let me tell you what I liked: it’s got a smaller footprint so it takes up less space on the counter and in the cupboard. It heats up fast, runs so much quieter, and has more precise control than your average air fryer too.  Plus it can cook many different things in 15 minutes or less.

COSORI TurboBlaze Air Fryer review

Making homemade granola.

With the ability to cook all kinds of foods, it can be a quick easy way to dinner, or an extra option when cooking for a crowd.

Another pro is the price. Selling for an affordable price of $119.99US, it’s available now on Amazon, Walmart, and at

The only downsides I can think of might be that finding a place to use and store an air fryer could still be a concern for some, or that others may be looking for even more versatility. If that’s the case you can check my upcoming review of a new COSORI product, coming soon.

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