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There are dozens of choices when it comes to robot vacuums. So how do you know if a vacuum is going to be any good? The Dreame L10 robot vacuum is a relatively new floor cleaning bot. Let’s take a look at what you get.

Dreame L10 robot vacuum

The Dreame L10 has a feature that allows you to adjust the amount of water being used, which is a nice touch, and with this model, likely important.

This model doesn’t have a dirty water tank, and the clean water tank holds just 270ml, so you might find yourself refilling that tank more often than a model with a larger capacity. The lack of a dirty water tank means the unit simply picks up the excess water with its trailing mop and is bound to get dirtier than other mops.

The mop itself is more like a sponge that is designed to follow after the vacuum and pick up anything that is left behind. It won’t scrub or get at deep-seated direct or stains; there’s no way for the mop to turn or move apart from the normal motion of the vacuum.

Dreame L10 robot vacuum dream

Vacuum Features

The Dreametech L10 has a pretty powerful suction to get the job done. It’s equipped with a single side brush to move the dirt under the unit and the main brush, which pulls the dirt into the unit. Because there is only a single side brush, the robot can only approach certain tight areas from a single direction.

The dustbin holds 570ml of dust and dirt, runs almost the entire length of the robot, and is equipped with a HEPA filter. The filter is made to be replaceable.

3D/Lidar capabilities and App

The DL10 has a built-in Lidar that helps guide it past obstacles and allows it to build a 3D map of your space. There’s no Dreametech app for the L10 but rather uses the Xiaomi Home app. When you connect the robot to your Wifi and the app, it will begin to build a map. Once built, you can divide your home up into different zones and rooms that you can assign the robot to clean at different intervals. You can also direct the robot to a specific area for extra cleaning. The app also allows you to set the water level, adjust the suction level, and instruct it whether you want it to vacuum, mop, or do both.

Battery life & charging

Dreame L10 robot vacuum dreamThe L10’s battery is 5,200 mAh, and it can run for about 2.5 hours at standard suction. When used at maximum power, the time drops to about 80 minutes. During those times, the vacuum should be able to cover 200-250 square meters. It normally takes about 6 hours to fully recharge the battery. When the charge drops under 15%, the robot will make its way back to the base station.

Docking Station

Dreame L10 robot vacuum dreamfforDreame L10 robot vacuum dreamdaWhile many high-end robot vacuums and mops have elaborate docking stations these days, the Dreametech L10 does not. The base station will only recharge the battery for the robot.

That means all cleaning and maintenance has to be done by hand. The Main vacuum brush bar is removable, and the mop is as well.

We are aiming to get hands-on and do a full review with Dreame L10. In the meantime you can price it out on Amazon.

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