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Dreo pilot max, fan, reviewDepending on where you live there’s almost never a bad time to own a quality fan. While those in warmer climes appreciate the cooling breeze, those of us who live in colder cities can still benefit from fans even when the weather turns. A good fan can keep air circulating, which is helpful when you’re running the furnace, plus a fan can keep the air from getting stagnant and stale, particularly in basements. I recently received a sample of a new budget-friendly fan; the Dreo Pilot Max air fan. In this review I’ll take a look at how the fan works, what kind of smart features it has, how effective it is, as well as how noisy it is. And then I’ll talk about whether I think this could be a good fan for your smart home needs.

Dreo Pilot Max


There’s lots to love about this fan. The small footprint doesn’t take up a lot of space in a room, but the tall fan unit itself does cover a wide area.


  • Small footprint
  • Very quiet operation
  • Wide/tall airflow
  • 12 speeds
  • Effective across the room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light weight


  • All plastic construction
  • No way to clean blades?
  • Slightly wobbly


What you get

The Dreo Pilot air Max fan is a taller fan design which has a small footprint, making it ideal for small, narrow spaces.

Set up & assembly

It requires very simple assembly without any tools needed, and attaching the base is quick and easy. With 12 speeds, this fan should be able to adapt to a variety of in-home needs, form a light breeze to more powerful blast. A small remote control is included in the package and a small display screen on the top arc of the fan will display the current speed. The fan can also oscillate from 30 to 120 degrees

Noise level

Dreo pilot max, fan, reviewA key problem many of us have with fans is that they can be extremely noisy and annoying. One of the first things I found about this fan is that it’s extremely quiet. At a mid-level airflow range of about five or six it’s almost undetectable. Dropping that level down to three or four provides almost complete silence. Even at level 10 or 12 it’s obviously a lot more noticeable, but it certainly does not come close to making what anyone would term a racket.

Dreo declares this fan runs at 25dB which it terms “ultra-quiet performance”.

Sleep Mode & Timer

While some people enjoy falling asleep to white noise, fan sounds included, others can find this bothersome. Dreo has solved the issue by adding a sleep mode which interestingly decreases the fans speed every 30 minutes or so until it gets down to level one. This should allow you to feel quite cool while you were trying to doze off, while at the same time cutting the airflow and the volume so it doesn’t in advertently wake you up in the middle of the night
The fan also has a timer function which will let you choose how many hours before it will shut off automatically anywhere from 1 to 12 hours.

Auto Mode

You can also set this fan in what’s called auto mode, where the fan speed will adapt to the ambient temperature in the room. The warmer it is, the higher the power it will operate at.


When it comes to the airflow, the Dreo Tower Max air Fan provides a good tall bar of air. Unlike some simple fans with a single spinning directional blade, this fan seems to be able to cool and much taller area, and when that tall fan face is combined with the strong air flow, it’s able to sweep quite effectively across the room.
Remote control

Dreo pilot max, fan, reviewHaving a remote control for a fan is a huge advantage. It allows you to make adjustments from across the room, or if you’re using it in the bedroom you don’t need to get up. The remote control that acompanies this fan has power and span fan speed controls on the device and you can also switch between modes, turn the oscillation on or off and also set a timer.

Overall review: Dreo Tower fan

Overall, there’s lots to love about this fan. The small footprint doesn’t take up a lot of space in a room, but the tall fan unit itself does cover a wide area. The Max air fan’s 12 adjustable speeds mean its easy to find a setting that will work for you. Plus with extra features like a timer, sleep function and its extremely quiet operation, it should check most of the boxes of those looking for a new fan.

Dreo pilot max, fan, reviewSo what are the downsides? The Max air fan is constructed almost entirely of plastic, so I’ll be interested to see it’s durability overtime. Also since the fans blades are completely behind the grill, I’m not certain how easy it might be to clean over the long-term. The height of the unit and its base construction also does make it a bit wobbly, though I don’t think it would tip over. It would also be nice if the remote had a magnet or storage clip to keep it handy.

Those factors aside, I think this tower fan is actually a pretty good and effective device it sells for about $129USD/$215CAD and you can get it from Amazon.

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