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Summers call for the need to stay cool – and what’s better than creating your own personalized, temperature-controlled environment? The Dyson Pure Cool Me says it does that and more. From air cooling to air purification, the Dyson Pure Cool Me takes the idea of a fan, makes it personal, and as many Dyson products do, take it to the next level when it comes to design and innovation.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Review

Here, we review the key features of Dyson’s first personal air purifier fan.

Setting up Dyson Pure Cool Me

The set up for this fan is really simple. Plug it in and it’s basically ready to go. Unlike some of the other fans in Dyson’s lineup, like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, or the Dyson Pure Cool HEPA fan & Purifier I reviewed, this personal fan doesn’t connect to the Dyson app, so there’s no smartphone control, but it does come with a small handheld remote and a digital screen which does share additional data. The remote, like other Dyson fans, clicks to the fan with magnets, so you should always be able to find it. Surprisingly, there’s no buttons to be found on the device, so to control it you must use the remote.

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

This fan looks hugely different not just from traditional fans, but also from Dyson’s previous generation of fans. While typical fans have blades, the aforementioned fans don’t, and instead use Dyson’s airflow loop to project air out of the fan efficiently, with no blades to catch dirt and dust. The Pure Cool Me fan again uses new technology; a small dome and hood structure at the top of the fan uses what Dyson calls Core Flow™ Air Projection Technology.

Dyson Core Flow Air Projection Technology

Dyson aerodynamics engineers developed a unique way to project a stream of air to precisely where you want it to go. This is thanks to the jets of air shooting at a convex surface that provide a targeted air stream. You can adjust the domed surface to move the air. Slide the dome panel up or down to direct the air more upwards, or straighter.

Purifies Air with Activated Carbon and Glass HEPA Layer

Some studies have shown that the air in your home could be five times more polluted that the air outside. Cleaning products, carpets, air conditioners, tobacco smoke, and garbage all release microscopic particles and gasses that we breathe in every day. Many of these particles can be harmful. The Dyson Pure Cool Me removes 99.97% of gasses and particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

How? Dyson’s Pure Cool Me has top-of-the-line technology featuring a sealed filter with activated carbon and glass HEPA layer. Combined, these two features keep  most gasses and particle pollutants inside the filters.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me removes the following from the air:

  • Pollens and allergens
  • Bacteria and mould spores
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Ultrafine particles

Where do all the pollutants that the Dyson Pure Cool Me fan filters out go? Straight into the filter. The fan will remind you when the filter needs changing to make sure you are getting the purest air possible. How long does the filter last? After about 12 months, based on 12-hour-a-day usage, and yes you do need to replace, rather than clean the filters.

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

Inside of Dyson Pure Cool Me, where filter is housed.

I will add here that Dyson’s replacement filters can be pricey; about $100CAD last time I changed the filters in my Hot + Cool Link, but if you’re shelling out the money for this fan, it’s likely the maintenance costs will break you.

So how effectively do Dyson fans and purifiers clean the air? It’s hard to measure obviously, but last summer we had severe wildfires in Alberta, and the air was toxic and choking for weeks on end. Inside my house, with all the windows closed, the Dyson fan obviously knew something was up, since the air levels were redlining. It was clearly doing it’s best to clean the air, since we were definitely able to breath much easier with the purifier running.

Noise level: Dyson Pure Cool Me

The Dyson Pure Cool Me fan is quite quiet. While the air flow will make noise if it’s turned up, the motor is virtually silent. That means it’s easy to sleep with the fan running.

Check out my video review to hear it for yourself.

Cooling Range & airflow feel

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

There are 10 speed settings on the Dyson Pure Cool Me. Even set to 10, the fan runs fairly quietly.

Sitting right next to the fan, it’s easy to feel the breeze, but how far will it reach and how high do you need to turn it up? At 3 or 4 it’s a nice low cooling breeze to sleep beside. Around 8, it’s easy to feel across the room, and at 10, you can definitely feel the cooling effects on the other side of the bedroom. It’s actually kind of a neat sensation; it’s not a breeze like you get from a typical fan, it’s almost more of a swirling 360 degree cooling effect. It doesn’t feel like it’s blowing at you, more that the air is cooling your all around.

Overall this fan doesn’t spit air at you like a traditional fan does; you don’t really get that direct air hitting you in the face, though you can if you change the setting on the Pure Cool Me. With the fan set to the other option, it gives more of a wall of air effect that’s a little more gentle, but still feels cool.

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

Remote Control

As with many of Dyson’s fans, heaters and purifiers, there’s a small remote control included so you can adjust the fan from a distance. The controls are simple: on/off, fan speed, oscillation and a button to check the info on the filter.
The Dyson remotes also have magnets that allow the remote to be stuck to the fan if you want to always know where it is when you’re not using it. The magnets in this one, however, seemed to be a bit off, and they’re on the side of the unit, not the top like in the other fans, and it was a challenge to get it to stick properly.

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, how

70° Oscillation

If you are stationary for a period of time, a focused, direct air stream is just what you need, but what if you need to cool off the room? You can set the Dyson Pure Cool Me to oscillate up to 70° from side to side. This will deliver cool, purified air to a wider space.


You can set the fan to stay on for as little as 30 minutes and as long as 8 hours with the tiny sleek remote.

Design & sizing

Who wants a fan that sticks out like a sore thumb in your office or home, the layout of which you have designed so carefully? While it is primarily designed to provide targeted air for personal climate control, the convex design simultaneously gives this fan a unique, sleek appearance. This fan will blend in with any classy environment.

I will say, however, that for a personal fan, it’s big. It’s got a big base and it’s tall too. While this fan is definitely smaller than the full size Dyson fans, it’s still going to take up a decent amount of space on a desk or bedside table.

Built-In LCD Screen

dyson, pure cool, me, fan, purifier, review, howThe Built-In LCD screen is easy-to-read but discreet, and will tell you the airflow speed, current operating mode, and filter life of your fan.

Overall review of Dyson Pure Cool Me

When it comes to the pros: the Dyson Pure Cool Me is compact and less expensive than a full size Dyson fan, making it perhaps more affordable for those looking to sample Dyson’s technology for the first time. It definitely cools effectively and the new domed design is cool and futuristic looking; it definitely doesn’t look like a fan.

When it comes to the cons, it would be nice if this was connected to the app; I’m a bit surprised that it doesn’t. It’s also still quite large in my opinion for a personal compact fan, and the base takes up a lot of table real estate. It’s also got no buttons for on-board control.

Overall the Dyson Pure Cool Me delivers on its promises of keeping you cool, while capturing pollutants from the air. I can recommend the Dyson Dyson Pure Cool Me fan. It sells for about $449CAD

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