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eero, pro 6, mesh, wifi, reviewYou probably have a lot more going on in your home right now. Is your Wi-Fi not equipped to handle it? A new Wi-Fi system could give you better connections and faster usage. I recently had the chance to try the new eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi system.

What is eero Pro Wi-Fi ?

Eero Pro 6 is a mesh Wi-Fi system under Amazon’s ownership. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are designed to connect to your incoming internet service where your existing modem or router is and make your internet faster, better and more reliable, and eliminate dead spots in the house, even with lots of devices connected. Eero Pro also has a built in Zigbee smart home hub which can mean with some smart home gadgets you don’t need to buy an extra hub or bridge.

Also, interestingly, eero says your network will improve over time as it learns and adapts to your home.

With more people working from home, learning online, video conferencing with friends and family, and streaming and gaming in 4K, eero 6 systems say they can deliver the speed and reliability you need to keep up.

Setting up Eero Mesh Wi-Fi

Getting this device set up is pretty easy. Download the Eero app to get started. If you have a straight-up router, eero can simply replace it; it’s basically plug and play. If you have a modem-router combo unit, you might have a few extra steps. Eero recommends you put it into what’s called ‘bridge mode’, which essentially passes the Wi-Fi duties onto eero. Enabling this can often be done using your existing modem-router’s app or web portal, but you may have to call your internet service provider for help.
I won’t get into this in this video but full instructions and more details are here:

If you have a modem/router combo, follow these instructions.

One annoyance for me is that it demands a phone number during set up and there’s no opt out. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine because I hate giving my number out. After that it does allow you to choose whether to receive verifications via phone or email, so. The fake number I put in wasn’t an issue.

eero, pro 6, mesh, wifi, reviewEero uses what Amazon calls its ‘frustration-free setup’ If you own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or some Fire TV devices the eero should attempt to connect to your home wifi using your stored credentials. Once the setup process is complete, the new device can then use wifi passwords saved to Amazon to connect the device to your regular wifi network.

I had my eero network up and running in under 10 minutes, and I was surprised how easy and trouble free it was.

How fast is eero Pro 6?

I ran the app’s speed test and it told me I was getting 330 mbps on downloads and 16 mbps on uploads. I ran the speed test my Internet Service provider give me and it says I was getting just 81 mbps and 15 mbps. This wasn’t surprising; I ran similar tests on another mesh wifi system and the devices app also told me I was getting super fast speeds, while the ISP’s numbers were far lower. I’m not saying anyone is fudging these but I guess there’s incentive for the mesh system to look fast and for the ISP to downplay other devices. It’s impossible for me to know who’s accurate, but I will say I found my Wi-Fi was fast and reliable with no dropouts or outages when I was using it.

eero, pro 6, mesh, wifi, reviewManaging your Wi-Fi with Eero

Use the eero app to manage your network, you can do things like pause the internet, share your network with friends and family, and more—whether you’re at home connected to your eero network or outside the home. The app actually makes it really easy to adjust your settings
One of the cooler features is the sharing or guess access. With a couple clicks of a button on your phone you can send guest Wi-Fi login info, without needing to share the actual password. It was very handy; great for babysitters, trades or the kids’ friends.

Creating Profileseero, pro 6, mesh, wifi, review

You can also create profiles in the Eero app which lets you set Scheduled Pauses (for things like bedtime or supper) for certain chosen devices, apply content filters and track usage.

Works with Alexa

If you enable the eero skill in your Alexa app and use a compatible Alexa device on your network like the Echo, you can use it to pause Wi-Fi for some family members, just by asking. This feature is handy for forcing the kids off their phones at dinnertime or bedtime.

Wifi security

Eero also offers a paid subscription service (from $4-13/mo) to add security to your networks. eero Secure can block malicious sites, or block sites that contain violent, illegal, or adult content, monitor network activity and block ads and pop ups and manage all your passwords. I did not test this part of the service.

Overall review eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi

Overall I’m pretty happy with the Eero Wi-Fi system; it’s fast, it was easy to set up, it’s easy to make adjustments to and it gives better coverage to my home. So far, I don’t have any downsides I notices or any complaints. Here’s the price breakdown:

1-pack ($299): Includes a single eero Pro 6 router and covers up to 190 square meters/2000 sq ft
2-pack ($539): Includes two eero Pro 6 routers that connect wired or wirelessly to cover up to 320 square meters / 3400 sq ft
3-pack ($799): Includes three eero Pro 6 routers that connect wired or wirelessly to cover up to 560 square meters / 6000 sq ft

You can get Eero Wi-Fi from Amazon.

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