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Google pixel 7, pixel 7 pro, how to choose, which one, differenceThe new Google Pixel phones have finally arrived, and with it comes some pretty interesting improvements to the camera as well as the look and feel. Google has made it easier than ever to take shots that rival professional photographers. Let’s have a look at some of the new features.

What Is Magic Eraser, And How Does It Work?

Magic Eraser is a cool new feature on the Google Pixel that erases objects and people from your photos. Google’s software and AI combine to make guesses about what should be in the photo after you remove the object. You can remove things like posts, power lines, and vehicles from your pics and even remove unwanted people from the background.

Google pixel 6 pro, review, magic eraser

Google pixel 6 pro, review, magic eraser

Before Magic Eraser…

To use Magic Eraser, select your image from Google Photos and tap the edit button. Next, you choose Tools from the bar and then Magic Eraser. Google will make suggestions for things you might want to remove. If you like the suggestion, tap it, and the item will be removed. If you want to remove something Google hasn’t suggested, simply draw a circle around it.

What Is Face Unblur, And How Does It Work?

Face Unblur (and also Face Blur) is a new feature on the Pixel phone that allows you to take photos with clear faces and not worry about whether they’re moving or not. You don’t need to do anything with photos you’re taking; the Pixel phone will sense when your subject is moving too quickly for clarity, and take a second shot with the wide-angle lens as well as the main camera, then stitch them together to ensure the faces are unblurred.

You can also select photos taken without the Unblur feature and, using the dit menu, have Google Photos unblur faces.

What Is Material You, And How Does It Work?

Google pixel 6 pro, review

Material You can change the colours and design of the phone screen and icons.

Unlike the first two items in our list, Material You is a change to the look and feel of the Pixel Phone. Material You is a custom User Interface. (Get it? Material UI). It’s a redesigned way to use your phone that takes your personality and habits into account. You can change the colours, shapes, and sizes of elements on your phone to make it more personal. Google’s aim is to make Material You available across the entire line of Android products, and even third-party apps can now be customized and made to be more “You”. Read more about it in our review of the Pixel 6a.

What Is Motion Mode, And How Does It Work?

Motion Mode is a feature that improves your ability to take photos on the Pixel phone. Action Pan allows you to keep one object in focus and have everything around it blur to create a photo that looks like it’s actually moving. Long Exposure allows you to take a longer exposure photo without the need for a tripod.

To use Action Pan, open the Camera app, scroll to Motion, and choose either Action Pan or Long Exposure. Then point the camera, and tap the Capture button when you’re happy with what you see.

If you have questions about some of the new Google Pixel phone features, let us know! You can also check out our reviews of the Google Pixel 6a budget smartphone, or the newest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Plus Google also just launched the Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro, meaning there’s an entire universe of Pixel products to choose from. And speaking of choosing, if you want to learn more about how to choose between the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, read our comparison.

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