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The bathroom scale just got a makeover. Fitbit, makers of a wide range of popular and easy to use Fitness trackers also has a smart Wi-Fi connected scale. The Aria 2 is the new incarnation of the device that’s available now in Canada.

What is Fitbit Aria 2, what can it do?

Fitbit Aria 2 is a sleek glass scale that can measure weight, body fat percentage and tell you your BMI. The scale wirelessly syncs the info and sends it automatically to the Fitbit app on your phone or tablet, letting you track trends and keep stats over time.

The Aria 2 will also sync with your Fitbit tracker to give you access to all your health stats in one app.

Set Up Fitbit Aria 2

Getting the scale set up is effortless. You’ll pull out the protective tab covering the included batteries then download and/or log in to the Fitbit app. You’ll also need to connect to Wi-Fi. (Full instructions below or here)

The first time you get on, the scale will record your data and then ask you to verify it’s you by approving the measurements. Each user gets a personalized icon that appears on the Aria 2 screen during use. After the first time, the scale knows who’s who, based on the data you entered into the Fitbit app when you set up your account.

To get started, install the app and pair your scale with your mobile device. Here’s how:

1. Install the Fitbit app on your phone or tablet.
2.  Sign up for or sign into your Fitbit account
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect, or pair, your Aria 2 to
your mobile device. Pairing makes sure the scale and mobile device can
communicate with one another (transfer data back and forth).
4. Connect your scale to your Wi-Fi network:
Follow the onscreen instructions to select your preferred Wi-Fi network from
the list of available options. Enter your Wi-Fi network password and Aria 2 will attempt to connect
automatically. You can enter your Wi-Fi network information manually by choosing the
Other option when selecting a network.
5. When you’re done connecting to the Wi-Fi network, choose a personalized icon
that will appear on your Aria 2’s screen after each use

Using the Aria 2 smart scale

There’s not a whole lot to say about using the scale; you step on, and it does all the work. It tells you when it’s time to step off, and then in seconds, the data is stored on your phone.

It keeps track of everything so you don’t have to. For the convenience, I love it. You can view the data individually, or check out graphs over time.

Who can use Fitbit Aria 2?

The Aria 2 scale can be used by multiple family members; it will recognize up to 8 users, while keeping everyone’s data private.

One user will be designated the primary user according to Fitbit; essentially that will be the first person to get the scale set up. (Keep this in mind so that if you’re going to have the whole family added, it’s probably best if a parent is the primary operator.) The main user will not be able to see the weight data of others unless they chose to share it.

To add users, the primary person will need to send them an e-mail invitation. Then that user will need to set up or log into the Fitbit account. Once you’ve accepted the invitation you should be able to open the Fitbit app and see the Aria 2 scale in your list of devices.

As noted earlier, each of the users will be assigned a different icon by the Fitbit app. You can change the icon if you like by going into your account settings, and selecting the Aria 2 scale, then select ‘People Using this Scale’. You won’t be able to change the icon if you don’t have at least some data for each of the people. In essence you need to have used it at least once before it will let you customize the settings.

Visitor data

What happens when someone visiting your house wants to weigh themselves without having an account? No problem. The Fitbit Aria 2 will display their weight and information for them, then tag it as a guest weigh in. That information will pop up in your app if you’re the primary user.

Battery use and life – Fitbit Aria 2

fitbit aria 2 review smart wifi scaleThe Aria 2 scale uses 3 AA batteries for power, and the first batch is included and installed. I used the scale daily for about two months, and the battery life indicator in the app still show it as full. That’s pretty impressive. I also appreciate the fact that these batteries are available anywhere, so they’re easy to replace when the time comes.

Overall review of Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale

The Fitbit Aria 2 has been a great addition to my home. It works very well, and having the data stored for me in the Fitbit app is convenient, and gives me a detailed health picture that I can refer back to.

I love the design; Aria 2 is sleek, modern and doesn’t look like a typical bathroom scale, which I appreciate. It only turns on when you step on it, so you’re not needlessly using batteries.

The easily replaceable (and long lasting) batteries are also a plus for me.

If there’s a con to the Aria 2, it’s that a smart scale like this isn’t inexpensive. At $169CAD ($129USD) it’s an investment. But if you need help tracking your health data, and you’ve got multiple family members that could use it, it might be worth the price.

In short, if you need to upgrade you bathroom scale, FitBit Aria 2 is a good choice if you have the budget.

Aria 2 is available in either black or white from Fitbit’s website or from stores like Best Buy and London Drugs, as well as Amazon.
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale (White – Bilingual)


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