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Fitbit’s new Ionic smart watch holds hundreds of songs and it’s a great on-the-go fitness accessory. The best way to listen to music on the watch is with a pair of wireless headphones, which Fitbit also now carries. Fitbit Flyer is a pair of compact, attractive wireless headphones where the two earbuds are connected by a slim wire.

fitbit flyer headphones reviewRead our review of Fitbit Ionic smart watch here.

Setting up Fitbit Flyer

fitbit flyer headphones sport fitness reviewSetting up the Fitbit Flyer headphones is easy. You connect them to your smartphone with a touch of the small nib on the right earbud. Voice prompts walk you through the rest; essentially heading to your phone’s Settings>Bluetooth> select Fitbit Flyer.

The earphones are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and PC, and you can connect to more than one device at a time.

Use the 5-pack to achieve the perfect fit

One of my big gripes about a lot of (cheap) headphones is that they come with just two or three different ear tips. Flyer blows the competition out of the water with its 5-pack of varying sizes of tips or ear gels, as well as an array of ‘wings’ and ‘fins’ which help hold the earbuds securely.

I can say I was able to get a very good fit with my test pair. The gels and fins I chose make a perfect seal that blocked out almost all external noise. They were comfortable, and easy to wear for long periods.

fitbit flyer headphones sport fitness reviewFlyer is great for the workout

Fitbit Flyer is sweatproof, meaning they can withstand tough workouts, and handle a gentle cleaning when they need it.

Fitbit Flyer battery life

The Flyer has a 6 hour battery life. During my testing, they lasted a long time. When powered off, they hold a charge for days and days. This makes the Flyer perfect for long runs, commuting, or travel.

There’s also a quick charge feature where 15 minutes of plugging them in will earn yuo an extra hour of battery life.

You can keep an eye on the battery level using the white light on the in-line remore.
When the battery level is Low or Very Low, the LED changes to red and a voice
prompt notifies you that the battery is low.

Other colours can provide additional info:

White light: Charged, battery level is full to medium.
Red light: Low battery
Flashing red light Very low battery

Additional headphone controlsfitbit flyer headphones sport fitness review

The in-line remote gives you easy access to adjusting the volume and accepting calls. Holding the centre ‘Select’ button, you can also access Siri or the Google Assistant.

Power boost – How to

You can give your music a ‘power boost’ to enhance the sound quality of your music.
To turn this setting on or off, briefly press the Up and Down buttons at the same time.
You’ll hear an audio ‘schwiiiiinggggg’ notification telling you power boost is on and an audio cue saying it’s off. Flyer keeps the power boost setting until you change it again. It’s worth noting that Power Boost saps the battery more than regualarr mode so keep that in mind during use.
For more information about power boost, see

Fitbit Flyer sound quality

Fitbit seems to have taken sound quality to heart. The company says Fitbit Flyer is “precision engineered for crisp audio, powerful bass and dynamic range”.

I think they sound good. These are obviously not premium headphones for the audiophile, but they’ll give you quality audio for your gym time or while on the go. The sound quality is just fine, if a wee bit flat, but the bass is actually pretty strong.fitbit flyer headphones sport fitness review

The Power Boost function deepens the sound. You can access this feature by pushing the volume up and down buttons on the in-line remote at the same time. I’d say it gives it a slightly richer sound. In the end I preferred my listening with this feature on.

Overall review Fitbit Flyer headphones

The Fitbit Flyer headphones are a beautiful design and the multi-pack of ear and wing tips means pretty much everyone can get a great fit. I love the fact there’s an included carrying case so they’re not getting tangled in my bag.

These are on the expensive side for headphones, but they are cheaper or on par with similar wired-wireless offerings from companies like Jabra.

Fitbit Flyer is easy to set up and use and the multiple-connection feature means I can take calls on my phone while watching a movie on my tablet.

You can find Flyer for about $129-$169 at places like Best Buy, Fitbit’s website and Amazon:
Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones, Lunar Gray

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