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 Anyone dealing with acne knows what a curse it is to manage. But a new product from skin care company FOREO aims to “light the way to perfectly clear skin”. The FOREO Espada is a Blue light acne treatment which the company says works fast and effectively to clear blemishes with the double power of blue light and T sonic poll stations to destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. Promising “exceptional results”, FOREO Espada also advertises a reduction in swelling and inflammation and “to leave the skin looking clear purified healthy and smooth”. Does it work that well? I enlisted guest blogger Courtney Ketchen, a moderate acne sufferer, to test the device over two weeks and report back. – Erin

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatmentThe FOREO Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment is a laser LED light designed to treat acne. It is a compact, hand-held wireless device said to work by firing light energy into pores to attack acne-causing bacteria. The technology is based on the same method dermatologists use for professional treatment, but on a much smaller and more affordable scale.

Getting stated with Foreo Espada blue light acne treatment

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatmentThe FOREO is packaged well and comes in a variety of colours with a small set of instructions and a USB charging cable. There is no setup required and it’s very simple to use; you click the side button once to turn it on. There are red laser crosshairs that allow the user to perfectly line up the device with the acne being treated. Once it senses contact with skin, it automatically starts working. The blue light is accompanied by varying pulses in 30 second intervals. Once it finishes a round, you move to another area and it lights up again. The same area can be treated up to four times in a row for moderate acne – two 30 second treatments in a row are recommended for mild acne.

The FOREO will turn itself off after three minutes of inactivity.

Does Foreo Espada work? Results are subjective

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatment

Erin demonstrating how the FOREO Espada is used.

The FOREO is pain free and easy to use. The pulsations can actually feel quite relaxing, which is an added bonus. It works exactly as advertised, though the results are subjective. Anyone with acne knows it can be very difficult to measure the efficacy of treatments because acne is an ongoing condition that constantly fluctuates with hormone changes, diet, stress, and sleep. Many acne spots naturally clear up in a couple of days so it can be hard to measure the impact FOREO has on the area.

This product is also very time-consuming to use, as the blue light needs to be held in the same spot for 30 seconds at least once and the light pad is only about the size of a dime.  Imagine how many dimes it might take to cover your forehead for example, and you’ll see how long it could take to use.

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatmentThis would be okay for those with very mild acne, only having one or two areas to treat. If you suffer from mild to moderate or even severe acne across larger areas of your face, this product probably isn’t for you. In order to treat 20 areas, which is a conservative estimate, you are committing to 10 to 40 minutes of active use a day. It can become very tedious moving the laser around your face every 30 seconds and holding it still for that long. The product would likely be much improved by having a larger treatment area. The FOREO Espada is definitely for  someone looking for minor spot treatments and occasional use.

User experience and results – FOREO Espada

I used this product regularly for two weeks without any noticeable change. I am a 32-year-old woman and have suffered from mild to moderate acne for the past 5 years. I have worked with dermatologists, naturopaths, and most recently a microbiologist in hopes of clearing up my skin. I have tried different rounds of antibiotics and topicals, with the exception of Accutane. I eat a plant-based diet and have a good skin care routine but can’t seem to get ahead of the problem. I wish FOREO was the fix I have been looking for but for me, it’s not enough. My results were disappointing but not surprising.

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatmentForeo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatmentOverall review of FOREO Espada

I would recommend the FOREO Espada for someone with mostly clear skin looking to target small, mild acne. At around $200CAD, I feel like it’s worth the investment to see if it works for you. There are plenty of positive reviews online that make the product seem very tempting, however it’s hard to value that feedback without knowing the types of acne and severity those users actually suffered from.

In terms of whether the product lives up to the claims on the package, I’d have to say I disagree.  I did not end up with “perfectly clear skin” or even with “purified healthy and smooth” skin. Nor did I feel like the results overall were “exceptional”. I feel like the light has promise and could work for some people, but in the two week trial it did not improve my skin enough to make results noticeable. Would I get improved results with longer term use? Maybe, but I don’t know how long that would have to be, and FOREO doesn’t say.

The product is available at Sephora and Amazon, which makes it accessible and easy to try if you’re inclined.
FOREO ESPADA At-Home Blue Light Acne Treatment Device (Magenta)

Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatment

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