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luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansingSome of us don’t give much thought to washing our faces. A washcloth and some cleanser and you’re good, right? What if there was a better way? The Foreo LUNA Mini 3 and Foreo LUNA 3 are both smart, connected, soft silicone facial cleansing brushes that allow you to gently remove dirt, and residue that can trigger breakouts. What are the differences between Luna 3 and Luna mini 3? There’s more than just size! In this post we’ll take a look at what the LUNA brushes can do, and how to choose between these two, and a big thank you top Foreo for sponsoring this post. Their support helps me keep the blog and YouTube channel running.

 LUNA 3 and the LUNA mini 3 review: What’s it like using them?

Both of these devices are quite similar in how they operate. The soft silicone is gentle on the skin, and the bristles feel like they’re cleansing without harshly scrubbing. They get easily into all the areas on the face, and the vibrations that accompany the cleaning programs are gentle… more on this in a sec.
How to use LUNA3 or LUNA mini 3:

  • Connect your LUNA to the FOREO app via Bluetooth
  • Dampen your face, apply your favorite cleanser to your LUNA 3 and hit the start button twice.
  • Move the LUNA’s bristles in a circular motions across your face until the built-in timer shuts it off.
  • Rinse LUNA, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansingCleansing & Tech Differences: LUNA 3 & LUNA mini 3

The LUNA 3 and the LUNA mini 3 are both designed to help you fully cleanse the skin on your face, neck and décolletage, without being harsh. Both offer gentle skin exfoliation that helps to clean up makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and just about anything else you may get on your face.
Both LUNA 3 and the LUNA mini 3 use Foreo’s T-Sonic pulsations. Which is essentially a vibration that helps cleanse your skin more deeply and thoroughly than with a washcloth alone. Think of those vibrations as gently shaking the dirt from your pores, if you like.
While both brushes are 100% waterproof and shower safe, the LUNA 3 offers a few more app-controlled settings than the mini 3.

luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansing

Customizable cleansing in the Foreo app

The LUNA 3 has four different massage options: “Eyes on the Prize” (for firming the eye-area), “Nothing but Neck” (for toning the neck and décolleté), “Contour Crazy” (sculpts the jawline and cheeks), and “Mouth Magic” (tightens jawline and reduces frown lines). All of the settings for both devices have video tutorials that show you how to properly use the device. The connected app can also be used for locating a lost device, and can help you track your cleansing habits.
LUNA mini 3 has a built-in 30 second cleanse setting, and when paired with the Foreo app, you have the ability to select between 12 intensity settings. The LUNA 3 by comparison has a one minute cleansing cycle, and 16 different intensity settings.

luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansing

LUNA 3, and LUNA mini 3


The LUNA 3 is noticeably larger than the LUNA mini 3. The LUNA 3 is a bit bigger than your palm, while LUNA mini 3 is a bit smaller.
The LUNA mini 3 has a circular shape, so while its smaller size makes it easier to maneuver, it does take a few more passes to cover the whole face.
The LUNA 3’s larger size fits more naturally into the hand and requires less effort to control and grip than the mini 3. The LUNA 3 also has a more tapered tip at the top of the device, which could prove useful for cleansing narrower areas, like the nose or near the temples.

Bristle Configuration: LUNA 3 versus LUNA mini 3

Both the LUNA 3 and the LUNA mini 3 have the same velvety soft silicone bristles.
According to Foreo’s website, these bristles, or touchpoints, are 25% softer than previous LUNA models, and on the LUNA 3, 30% longer than its predecessor.
These silicone brush heads are supposed to be more gentle on the skin than traditional bristle cleansing devices, so if you’ve found traditional brushes like that too harsh for your skin, a LUNA could be the answer.
luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansing
The LUNA 3 has bristles that are designed to manage particular skin types, so you choose the colour and bristle configuration based on your skin; there’s Normal, Combination, and Sensitive options. The back of the LUNA 3 has a ribbed, or wave, texture that is used for the massaging features.
Conversely, LUNA mini 3 has bristles on both sides of the device, with the front having smaller bristles, like those on the Normal LUNA 3, and larger bristles on the back, like those on the Combination LUNA 3.

Battery Life: LUNA 3 versus LUNA mini 3

There’s a bit of a difference in battery life here, and this may be a factor, particularly if you plan to travel with your LUNA.
The LUNA 3 offers 650 uses per charge, while the LUNA mini 3 offers 400. While the mini 3 has a smaller battery, it will still have plenty of charge to be taken on trips without having to worry about packing the charging cord.
Speaking of travel, the mini 3 is the perfect size for being tossed into a gym bag or makeup bag. The LUNA 3 would also be a fine travel companion, but it takes up more space and is large enough to perhaps be cumbersome in carry-on-only packing situations.

luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansingColors

We all know that the color of a device, especially one we only use in our bathroom, really shouldn’t matter – but sometimes it’s nice to have a fun, colorful tool to brighten up your beauty routine. The mini 3 comes in five different colors: Pearl Pink (baby pink), Fuchsia, Mint, Sunflower Yellow, and Midnight (black).
These fun colors are perfect for coordinating with other devices or decor you already own. The LUNA 3 is only available in three colors, and those correspond to the specific skin type for which they are designed to be used: Normal Skin (light pink), Combination Skin (blue), Sensitive Skin (lavender); so here, it’s not about the colour, but what’s best for your skin.
luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansing

How to care for LUNA

Always dry any Foreo device after use or cleaning. If your LUNA device needs to be cleaned, use soap and water or a silicone-safe sanitizer, as alcohols and acetone can damage the silicone. While silicone is more hygienic than traditional bristle devices, this material cannot be used with all cleansers. If you are using a LUNA device, Foreo recommends against using clay- or silicone-based cleansers, any type of exfoliators or anything with a grainy texture.

How to choose between LUNA 3 & LUNA mini 3

Selecting the perfect LUNA device for you is about weighing features. If you have sensitive or aging skin, the LUNA 3 may be a better option as it offers more features designed to be appropriate for these skin types.
If you travel often, have normal or combination skin, and prefer a smaller device, the LUNA mini 3 is perfect for you.
Cost could also be a determining factor. The LUNA mini 3 is a bit less expensive than the LUNA – take a peek at Foreo’s website for current pricing.
Both have a 2-year warranty.

luna 3, mini, review, how to, choose, which one, smart, cleansing

Final thoughts on LUNA 3 and LUNA mini 3

Hopefully knowing a bit more about these two devices will help you make the perfect choice for your skin’s needs. All of the Foreo LUNA devices are convenient and portable, they cleanse well, clean up easily and have long lasting batteries. With their waterproof technology, it’s easy to leave one in the shower for quick use, or use it with your smartphone in the bathroom for more specialized cleaning.

Get the LUNA 3  or LUNA mini 3 from Foreo here. Or Get the LUNA 3  or LUNA mini 3 from Amazon.


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