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Google Home gets new functions in Canada


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Erin L

Erin L

Google Home, the smart digital assistant/speaker that recently launched in Canada has gotten some new and added functionality this week.

Google Home can now recognize different voices so it can customize your user experience. One of the ways it can do that is by utilizing the second new feature: the ability to make phone calls.

How to set up voice recognition on Google Home

google home speaker assistant what why how toSince Google Home can now tell me from my husband, it’s smart enough to understand that when I say, “call mom,” I mean my mom and not my mother in law. Here’s how to get this feature working.

Make sure that you have the latest Google Home app. Then, look for a card or a note to pop up that reads, ”multi-user is available” when you open the app. If you don’t see a card, click on the icon in the top right to see all of your connected devices. Once you see your Google Home in the list, select “Link your account.” From there, you’ll teach your Assistant to understand it’s you, not your partner, family member or roommate—and vice versa, based on who’s speaking. You’ll do this by repeating “OK Google” and “Hey Google” a few times.

For certain features, like personalized music and commute, you’ll also need to set up your preferences within the app.

When I tried this set up this week, it worked instantly and exactly. It’s important to note you’ll need a list of contacts in Google Contacts, but I’m told by my contacts at Google that support for iPhone users and Apple Contacts is coming soon.

How to make a phone call with Google Home

To call your mom using Google Home, just say, “OK Google, call mom.” The Home device will use Wi-Fi to make the call so the caller will see “number unavailable” or “blocked caller”. (Make sure you have your contacts added to Google Contacts.)google home speaker assistant what why how to

You can also ask Google to dial up the nearest grocery store, florist, coffee shop or pizza place to your location.

Google Home will warn you that you don’t have access to 911 services via the device.

These are just two of the newest functions that are set to make Google Home more invaluable than ever to users in Canada.

Questions about how Google Home works? Ask away in comments and we’re happy to help!

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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