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Got a company phone? Why you might soon need a SECOND phone


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Erin L

Erin L

Why you need 2 smartphones, tiktok banHow many smartphones do you have, and no this is not a trick question… For a lot of people, one of the perks of being issued a company phone has often been ditching your own personal cell phone plan. No bills! Continued connectivity on someone else’s dime! But get ready for things to change—big time. As government and corporations continue to ban apps like TikTok from their platforms, some employees are going to want to find ways to stay connected to those banned apps. Get ready for the rise of the dual cell phone trend as employees opt to get  a second phone their employer can’t control.

I’ve had two phones almost as long as I’ve been employed as a working professional. Being employed in media and communications over 20 years it’s been understood and my employers have always made it clear that I need to be reachable. Working as a journalist for two decades, I was often tasked with finding all manner of personal information. Perhaps that’s why I understood early on that using a corporate cell phone meant anyone could have access to everything from emails and texts, to whatever else I might’ve been doing on my phone. This isn’t about conspiracy theories either. When someone else owns your most personal device, of course, they have the ability to access its data. for that reason, I’ve always had a second smart phone.

I also took the dual phone concept one step further. On the business phone, I would be logged in to only my business/employer related social media and email accounts. My personal interactions were reserved for the personal phone. This has the added benefit of it being all but impossible for me to accidentally post a personal tweet on the company account.

Hear me out on this… There’s a substantial amount of freedom in being able to physically swap phones to conduct different types of conversations and interactions. If I have professional work to do, by picking up the work phone, all of my work related apps, and accounts are already logged in. That puts me in and keeps me in a work state of mind. When I have a few minutes of personal time, the work phone gets shut down and I can pick up my personal phone and check in on family and friends or my social media. It creates strong boundaries between work and home.

Why you need 2 smartphones, tiktok banYes, carrying around two smart phones can be a bit of a burden, but I’d argue its an easy one to bear. Also, for those who don’t need to be tied to work 24 seven, it’s easy enough to leave the work phone at home when heading out for the evening.

It’s your employer’s right to decide what you can, and can’t do on a corporate smart phone. It makes good sense to ban questionable apps and programs from the same devices that may access sensitive corporate data. One employer was so rigid with the parameters of my work phone that I could not even cut and paste on the phone. They had blocked the ability to cut some thing from a text message and paste it into an email, or vice versa. Everything had to be typed manually. It was a huge pain, and meant that more often than not I needed to go seek out my laptop to send even the quickest messages and information (even a phone number).

There’s another advantage to dual business and personal phones: It’s almost impossible to accidentally send a text griping about your boss to your boss if they don’t have space on your personal phone. Similarly, keep the personal reflections and laments off the company phone.

Why you need 2 smartphones, tiktok banIt also helps if you make the company phone very different from the personal phone. If you don’t have the option of choosing a completely different model or size of phone, get a different colour case for each phone. Make the corporate case dull and boring while your personal case can be more fun.  Make sure the on-screen wallpaper is similarly different. What you want to create is very stark differences between your work and personal phones so you can never mix them up. It helps put you in the mindset for proper communication on each device.

What’s your cell phone status? Do you have both a work or a personal smart phone, or do you work on your personal phone or do personal stuff on your business phone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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