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Hands-on with Qi chargers from Mipow


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Erin L

Erin L

One day we may look back at the smartphone charging cord the way we remember the corded TV remote control; with a mix of nostalgia and disbelief.

Wireless Qi charging is becoming more commonplace now, and phones like the Google Pixel 3XL and the new Apple iPhone X and XS max all utilize it. Some phones like the Pixel 3 have approved base chargers like the Pixel Stand, while Apple has been relying on third party manufacturers like Belkin to fill the void.mipow charger qi review

Colourful charging options

Mipow, manufacturers of all kinds of useful smart home and charging gadgets are making what might be the chicest and smartest Qi chargers on the market. The Mipow Power XCube and the Power Cube 10000+.

Mipow Power XCube

The Mipow Power XCube has already earned a permanent and prominent spot on my desk. The flat, thin charger plugs into USB and let me drop my phone flat onto the chic rose gold and violet leather pad. The connectivity is great, and I love how stylish it is. it seems to charge my phone relatively quickly too.

Power Cube 10000+

The Power Cube 10000+ is a genius, handy gadget with a huge 10000mAh battery. It’s a power bank, yes, but it uses its flat side to enable that wireless Qi charging, so you never need to carry a cord around. The pop of colour in my bag is nice and the charger feels durable but lightweight.

Besides wireless charging, Power Cube 10000+ comes with two USB charging ports for charging your mobile phones with cables. The bank should provide enough juice to charge an Phone X battery three and a half times , that is 48 hours for you to do more.mipow charger qi review
 This device is easy to toss in your bag or stash in the car.
If there’s a downside, it’s that you need a flat, stable surface to use the Qi; I tried it in my car and with it sitting on the seat beside me, the phone just slid around. Something to keep in mind.
Overall these two new chargers have earned a place on my top tech list. if you’re looking for attractive, and useful Qi chargers, these from Mipow are solid choices.

The Mipow Power XCube sells for about $37USD, and the Power Cube 10000+ sells for about $60USD from Mipow’s website.

Erin L

Erin L

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