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Herschel Trade Luggage Power Carry-On: review


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Erin L

Erin L

Herschel trade power carry on review travel tech

Traveling comes with its fair share of stresses and hassles and two things you don’t need to deal with on the road include a sub-par carry-on bag and a dying phone. Thankfully, modern technology has made it possible to conveniently solve both of these problems with one device — the Herschel Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag.

What is the Trade Luggage Power Carry-On Bag?

The Trade Luggage Power Carry-On is a functional and fashionable suitcase with a sleek and modern design, that also contains an internal battery that can be used as an external USB-A port for charging on the go, or removed to use by itself.

The bag features a molded polycarbonate hard shell exterior and is carry-on sized for most U.S. and international airlines. The black and white fabric liner keeps your interior belongings separated, thanks to zippered mesh storage compartments.

The USB-A charging port connects to a compact and removable 5,000 mAh battery with its own charging cable.

Herschel trade power carry on review travel tech

The Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag allows you to travel with an attractive and functional suitcase that also doubles as on-the-go charging, so you never have to worry about your phone dying while at the airport or on the plane again.

How to Set Up Your Trade Luggage Power Carry-On Bag

There is no set up required for the Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag. Just plug in your phone using a USB charging cable and you’re ready to go.

Special Features: Removable Battery and Cable

You may find that some carry-on bags outfitted with on-the-go charging do not come with a charging cable (meaning, if you don’t have an extra lying around, you’re out of luck unless you drop more money on buying one). The Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag comes with its own cable, so there’s no extra tech needed.  You will just plug the cable into the charging port under the telescoping handle and you can easily power up while on the move.

No trouble with TSA

Herschel trade power carry on review travel techAdditionally, the battery is removable, so that if you need to remove the battery for safety reasons (like your bag is being checked rather than remaining with you in the overhead carry-on space), you can quickly do so. You can also remove the battery for just general charging without lugging the suitcase around too.

How’s the  interior compartment styling?

The Herschel Trade Luggage Power Carry-On has thoughtful compartments inside the bag. On one side is a strap, which also houses the battery pocket (makes so much sense this isn’t hidden under the lining or underneath all your clothes!). This allows you to easily pack bulkier items and still hold them in place.

On the other side is a nice mesh zip compartment which is a great place for small loose items, or your underpants.

Overall size

This bag is significantly smaller than another recent bag I tested, the Bigger Carry On from Away Travel. However, where the Bigger Carry-On is a very tight fit in the overheads of an aircraft, the Herschel Trade Power leaves you lots of room for jockeying into smaller spaces.  While I wouldn’t choose this bag for longer trips when I need to bring more clothes (and still want a carry on), I like it for shorter trips in smaller vehicles and small aircraft.

It also makes a great weekender bag. I used to use a duffel for one or two night overnights, but now I’ve been taking the Trade Power because of its handy compartments, slim size and the wheels! SO handy.

Special Features: TSA Zipper Lock

Herschel trade power carry on review travel tech

For some travelers, the ironic lack of security that exists in airport security lines (all of your stuff is out there, exposed to all your fellow travelers!) is a big worry. If you can lessen that worry with a TSA-approved combination zipper lock, you can save yourself some headaches.

Special Features: Spinner Wheels

Have you ever come off an elevator or off the airport escalator, only for your suitcase wheels to snag and then the suitcase to turn completely on its side? Not only is it embarrassing, but it also takes a few minutes to right. The Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag’s four multi-directional spinner wheels make this experience a thing of the past, easily allowing you to move in any direction, no snags, and you can push your suitcase beside you versus always dragging it behind you.

UPDATE, June 15, 2019: My cute new puppy decided to chew on one of the spinner wheels, and pretty much mangled it. bad dog! I wrote to Herschel to ask about buying a replacement. They told me they don’t offer replacement wheels (whaaa?!) but that if the damage was bad enough I had to replace the case, they did offer me a promo code for a 30% discount. That’s nice, but no replacement wheels? Disappointing. Especially in an era where we’re trying to keep plastic consumption down…

Special Features: Multiple Colors

For every kind of traveler, the Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag comes with three different color options to choose from, so the hard outer shell of this suitcase is just to your liking. Choose from black on black, orange on white or black on gray.

How’s the Battery Life in Trade Luggage Power Carry-On

The 5,000 mAh battery pack featured in the suitcase can charge your phone completely in one hour, three to four times. Of course, whether or not you’re using your phone during charging and how you’re using your phone while charging will impact this, as will the battery pack’s temperature.

Overall review of Trade Luggage Power Carry-On

Overall, I love the orange-white colour, since it stands out in a crowd, I like the versatility of having a super compact carry on option that also doubles as a great weekend bag. Plus, as a tech and travel blogger, I absolutely love the convenience of the battery pack.

Buy the Trade Luggage Power Carry-On bag for $279.99 CAD from Herschel’s website.

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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