How a Neato robot vacuum helps keep the house clean while the kids are home all summer


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We all know summers with the kids can get really busy. Between summer school, camp, sports, and other activities, the house can be hectic, and messes are unavoidable. The kids come home, and the house magically turns into the aftermath of a tornado within minutes. Let’s be real: Summer is short, and cleaning typically isn’t anyone’s first pick when given options of what to do on vacay. Luckily though, robot vacuums, like the Neato lineup can save you some of the cleaning work and help you optimize your time while the kids are home all summer. We’d like to share some of the reasons why a robot vacuum can be a summer lifesaver, but first I’d like to say thanks to Neato Robotics for sponsoring this post. Their support helps me keep the blog running, and for that I’m grateful.

How Neato vacuums help with summer cleaning

Regardless how large your home is, many robot vacuums come with the ability to sweep and vacuum very large square footages. Chances are the entire floor in your apartment or home can be cleaned without having to stop it for a charge.

The vacuums in the Neato lineup have an impressive range and can cover a large space in a short period of time, and will seamlessly travel from room to room, picking up particles as they go around the home. The Neato D8, for example, has up to 100 minutes of runtime, but if your bot needs more juice to finish a long cleaning run, it’ll head back to base, charge itself and then finish the job all on his own.

Neato, d7, botvac connected, robort, vacuum, review, how toSmart mapping on Neato robot vacuums means less fuss

Neato’s Robot vacuums including the D7 and new D8 have special mapping technologies that help them first learn, then ‘see’ where they are in your home so they know exactly where they need to go.

Laser technology is used to help the Neato robots navigate throughout a home and ensure each inch is cleaned in a strategic, efficient way. Using this smart mapping they can also be sent out to clean only specific rooms, if needed.

They also have the ability to learn their way around the space and formulate a routine for next time. Neato robot vacuums also use so-called “virtual walls” that can be set so that they avoid certain areas or rooms—such as if you want to avoid sloshing the pet’s water dish, or it getting caught on the bedside charging cables.

How to clean every surface this summer

Robot vacuums are also an amazing investment for parents because they can clean all kinds of surfaces. Whether your floors are carpet, wood, laminate or tile, robot vacuums can cover them all and also transition from one to another.

Cleaning that’s virtually maintenance free

Neato robot vacuums require very little maintenance, as most are bagless and have simple to empty dustbins. All you need to do is check in to see that the roller brushes and wheels are free and clear of string, fibres and debris from time to time. Your robot doesn’t ask much!

Forgot to dispatch your bot? Do it from anywhere!

Neato robot vacuums even have the ability to connect with a smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so you can operate and program the vacuum from almost anywhere. Call up the Neato app, and hit Clean. You’ll come home to a tidy house, even if you forget to turn it on when you leave.

Neato, d7, botvac connected, robort, vacuum, review, how to

Don’t let all this dirt accumulate around your house! Let the robot handle it.

Spot cleaning options for surprise spills

Robot vacuums do an excellent job of picking up crumbs, dirt, spilled cereal or granola, and other everyday debris that accumulates on the floor. But what about that wayward glitter or macaroni under the kitchen table from the summer craft project?

Spot cleaning technology has improved drastically since the invention of robot vacuums in the 1990s and today’s vacuums can be dispatched to a small area for an instant sweep up, able to get both tiny specks of debris as well as larger pieces, too.

Schedule cleaning when it works for you

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered or disturbed while you’re at home. If the kids are reading, or napping, it might not be a great time for your robot to vacuum the floor. However if you have a regularly scheduled outing, like day camp, play dates, or shopping, it’s easy to schedule the Neato vacuum to handle the cleaning while you are out. The scheduling interface inside the Neato app is super easy to use and configure. You can set up a one-time cleaning for later that same day, or add a handful of weekly cleans. The choice is up to you!

Deep clean or quick tidy-up

Neato robot vacuums have different options that might include a deep clean or a quick sweep depending on how much time (or dirt!) you have for it to deal with. If you only have a short period of time between you and the kids getting home, you may want a quick sweep, or if you’ll be gone at baseball games all day you may want to let it run a full, deep cleaning course.

Neato, d7, botvac connected, robort, vacuum, review, how toNeato robot vacuums save time this summer

The bottom line here? You don’t need to spend hours each month on cleaning your floors. Using a robot vacuum can help keep your home tidy between deeper cleans. It can keep pet hair at bay, and tackle the daily accumulation of grass, dust and random bits from cluttering up the house while the kids are in and out the door all summer long.

Keeping your home clean and fresh is critical to your family’s well-being, and a Neato robot vacuum will save time and simply make your life easier. Once you have determined what features you think are most important in a robot vacuum, you can undoubtedly find a Neato botvac that suits your needs.

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