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How to choose a stand for Echo Show 15: Sanus Tilt stand or Sanus Tilt & Swivel


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Erin L

Erin L

how to choose, sanus stand, for echo show 15

If you’ve chosen the new Echo Show 15, there’s an important thing to know and that’s that you really should plan to wall mount it; it’s designed for that. But if that’s not in the cards for you, you have a few options. You can do what I did during my review period and just lean it against a wall. But that’s note really safe or ideal. There are a couple of options for stands that you an buy at extra cost, yes, that will safely and securely hold your Echo Show 15. There’s the Sanus Tilt Stand and the Sanus Tilt & Swivel base, both are made for Amazon and specifically for the Echo Show 15. Let’s take a look…

How to choose a stand for Echo Show 15: Sanus Tilt stand or Sanus Tilt & Swivel

Because the Show 15 is made to be used either vertically or horizontally, you should be looking at a stand that can accommodate any changes you want to make in orientation…

Unlike pretty much every other Echo Show device, you can actually choose how you want to place the Echo Show 15. Hang it on a wall with the included bracket that comes when you buy the device. or use one of the two stand options by Sanus, made for Amazon; either the tilt stand where you’ll have it leaning into a secure bracket, or a tilt and swivel option, and both of these stands let you orient it either vertically or horizontally.

how to choose, sanus stand, for echo show 15Sanus Tilt Stand

Let’s look at each of these… the basic tilt stand has a heavy metal base with a rubberized coating. Set up is easy, it unfolds, and you screw the base bracket into the back of your Echo Show 15. Pre-set screw holes are there and everything lines up perfectly.

With this stand you can adjust the lean or tilt from 90 degrees vertical to more of a lean.
IO will say the footprint on this stand is wide and it takes up a lot of space. Even so it’s heavy and feels safe and sturdy.
You can place the Show either vertically or horizontally, though you do need to remove and re-seat the screws if you change things.

With the tilt stand there’s also a rear cover that conceals a cable winder so you can stash the extra cord away, which is very handy and keeps things tidy. This is a particularly good option if the rear will be visible.

Sanus Tilt & Swivel stand

Next up is the Sanus tilt and swivel version. This stand has a much smaller footprint and lifts the Echo Show 15 up and off the surface.

how to choose, sanus stand, for echo show 15It requires a bit more assembly to get the pieces together but I had it ready in minutes. The stand is one part, and you’ll screw a bracket into the back of your Show 15, then click the panel into place. This actually works best if you lay the Show down and slip the stand into the bracket.

No cable management on this one but there is a space for the cable to thread through the base and out the back. Do yourself a favour and connect this before you attach the bracket… oops.

With this stand you can change the orientation easily any time with no need to re-screw anything.

Which one do I recommend?

I got to try them both in my home. In the end, I think the Tilt and Swivel base is my favourite; it gives you more versatility for changing placement on a whim, plus it has a smaller footprint.

Either way, these stands give you a secure place to prop, lean or mount your new Echo Show 15 if drilling into the wall isn’t an option.

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Erin L

Erin L

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