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AirTags can be super helpful if you forget stuff, or if your luggage or your dog goes missing. But they’re only good when they have a full battery. It may not be immediately obvious but AirTags use replaceable coin batteries and if you’re wondering, Do you replace AirTag batteries yourself? the answer is yes! No recharging here, just an easy swap if your AirTag’s battery is running low. Here’s what you need to know to change the battery in your Apple AirTag .

How to change the battery in Apple AirTag

Apple likes to keep things sleek and minimalist. With no notches, screws, or other clues about how to get into your AirTag it might not be obvious how you access the battery.

  1. Remove any covers, keytag holder or cases from your AirTag
  2. Put the white plastic side down on your palm.
  3. Press on the silver disc lightly and twist it counterclockwise.
  4. The case will open up and you’ll see the battery. Make sure to take note of which side of the battery faces up.
  5. Replace the dead battery with a fresh one.
  6. With a new battery in, just align the top and the bottom of the AirTag case and twist it back together. That’s it!

What kind of battery goes in Apple AirTag?

CR2032 airtag battery apple

The battery is a CR2032. You can get these very inexpensively from your local drugstore or from Amazon; it’s a good idea to order a multi pack and keep a few on hand so you always have fresh batteries available in case you need a quick replacement. These batteries are also often used in things like hearing aids, air quality sensors, and small electronics.

How long will AirTag battery last?

The biggest question most of us have about AirTags is, how long do AirTag batteries last?

Apple Airtags, worth it, review

You can expect your AirTags battery to last anywhere from about 12 to 18 months with average use. If you’re tracking things a lot and constantly querying the location, you may end up with less time. How do I know if my AirTag battery is low? Unfortunately Apple hasn’t yet worked out a way to display the battery level in your find my app. For now all you will get is a “low battery” warning in the Find My app if your battery is dangerously low. That’s definitely not ideal so I hope Apple will improve its ability to monitor battery life in future iterations or software updates.

If you still got questions about AirTags, you can check out my video where I answer the most common questions. Or If you’re not an Apple fan you can check out Tile trackers too.



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