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nest, thermostat, new, 4th, review, how to, whats differenceGoogle designed the Nest Thermostats to be DIY-friendly but if you’re wondering how to install Nest Thermostat 4, there’s a few considerations and things to know. With a few common household tools, you can install and set up the Nest without any professional help within 30 minutes. Here’s how to do it easily.

How to set up  & install Nest Thermostat 4

1. Check for C-wire

Most systems will require a common or “C” wire – ensure you have one before beginning installation.  Often times once you take your old thermostat off the wall you may see the individual wires labelled with small stickers. If not, it might be worth calling in a professional to help you identify what you have. If nothing else, before you disconnect any wires, check which ports they are currently installed into and use masking tape to label them as they are now.

2. Check system compatibility

Check the compatibility of your system before you begin using Google’s compatibility checker online. Not all home heating and cooling systems are compatible.

3. Prepare your tools

You’ll need Phillips screwdriver (Head #1) and a flat head screwdriver. A power drill, pliers and wire strippers, and a flashlight might also come in handy.

4. Install your thermostat on the wall

The Google Home app makes the installation process quite easy even for people who have never done this installation before. They include video vignettes, photos, and helpful descriptions to make it easy.

In short you will:

  1. Switch off power to your system
  2. Remove your thermostat’s cover and take a picture
  3. Remove jumper wires and save them
  4. Label Wires
  5. Disconnect the wires and remove the base
  6. Attach the Nest base
  7. Re-connect the wires
  8. Attach the Nest display
  9. Switch power back on

5. Set up your thermostat

Once installed, your Nest Thermostat and the Google Home app will guide you through the digital setup process. You’ll need to tell your thermostat basic information about your home and your heating or cooling system to help keep you comfortable and conserve energy.

6. Connect to Wi-Fi

Your thermostat can be connected to Wi-Fi during the setup process. This enables you to control your thermostat from your phone using the Google Home App.

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How to program Nest Thermostat 4?

As with anything made by Google, the software is pretty easy to navigate so you’ll have no issues programming the Nest Thermostat 4. Where some issues may come up is in the touch controls that isn’t very intuitive and can take a bit of getting used to. Of course, you can also use your Google Home App on your phone if you that’s more convenient for you.

Instead of a touch screen, the Nest Thermostat has a touch bar on the side of the device used to navigate through the thermostat’s menu. To use it, you simply tap the touch bar to bring up the menu. From there, you swipe up or down along the side of the thermostat to select an option, and then tap the touch bar again to confirm your selection.

From there, you can begin programming your home’s HVAC systems. Here are a couple of programmable features and modes available for the thermostat:

Temperature Schedules: You can begin by setting up temperature routines for “Comfort”, “Eco”, and “Sleep” modes. Each of these can be customized to your preference.

Setting Adjustments: Many of the settings can be adjusted directly from the Nest App on your smartphone, allowing for convenient adjustments whenever necessary.

Energy History: You can check your heating, cooling, and fan usage for the last 10 days in the Energy History, helping you to keep track of your energy consumption.

How to save energy with the Nest Thermostat?

One of the main reasons anyone ever purchases a smart thermostat is to save money on heating and cooling. And the Nest doesn’t disappoint.

With a wide range of sensors that constantly collect your home’s temperature and humidity, the Nest can help you keep your home comfortable without wasting energy. Equipped with this data, it adjusts your home’s HVAC system based on your programmed preferences.

Provides Efficient Schedules

The Nest can be used to create a schedule that works around your family’s needs. If, for example, no one’s home because you’re off at work and the kids are at school, you can automate the thermostat to go into Eco Mode to avoid wasting energy on an empty house. You can simply set your Nest to turn the HVAC on again when you are scheduled to arrive.

If your home is equipped with a solar power system, you can also schedule the Nest to optimize your home’s energy use during the day. This will save you money on your electric bill and help reduce carbon emissions.

Helps you Avoid Overheating or Overcooling

Contrary to traditional wisdom, cranking up the heat or AC does not heat or cool your home faster. The Nest Thermostat is designed to deliver heat or cold air at the same rate regardless of how high or low you set the temperature. This prevents excessive energy use.

Prevents Unnecessary Wear and Tear on Your HVAC system

Primarily, this is through the smart thermostat’s ability to monitor your HVAC system and identify problems or malfunctions. The Nest Thermostat can send alerts to homeowners about potential heating and cooling issues. By flagging these concerns early, it allows homeowners to address potential HVAC problems before they escalate into more significant, possibly damaging issues.

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