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JOby wavo pro, reviewTechnology is making it easier to improve the quality of videos on our smartphones and cameras, and at the same time we’re a lot more forgiving about not having perfect audio quality… that’s why when you do go the extra mile to ensure your audio is top notch, it can really help your video to stand out. The new Joby Wavo Pro is a shotgun-style microphone that aims to capture audio from the area directly in front of it, while eliminating unwanted sound. In this video review I’ll take a look at what you should expect from Joby Wavo Pro, how it works and what it’s main use cases are, what the quality is like and if I can recommend it for you. It goes without saying this whole video is being shot using the Joby Wavo Pro…

Joby Wavo Pro


Overall this is a surprisingly easy to use microphone that makes it super simple to drastically improve your audio quality from a DSLR camera. With the addition of the Joby app I can get remote control over audio levels from varying distances, perfect for solo shoots or group interviews.


  • Great sound
  • Easy to use
  • App is handy
  • Great for indoors or out
  • Easy way to get multi-person audio


  • Tops out at about 15 feet of distance
  • Not fully compatible with Final Cut Pro?

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What is Joby Wavo Pro?

Joby Wavo Pro is lightweight, yet feels durable, and isn’t too large or unwieldy. It sits on a noise isolating rubber mount that keeps the focus on your sound, not vibrations.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the specs of this mic; and I’m also not going to get too deep into the audiophile technology lingo either like impedance… if you guys want that it’s on the Joby website and you’ve probably already seen that.. I’m going to talk about what the average user can expect.

JOby wavo pro, reviewThis type of microphone is great for YouTubers and content creators, particularly for someone who’s solo shooting, or if you’re trying to do an interview, but you don’t have multiple microphones. It’a also great for capturing a speech or presentation…or any activity happening at a distance like a band on a stage, or active activities like skateboarding where there’s not really an option to wire someone up or clip on a wireless lavalier.

It can also be plugged into a laptop with the USB-C and be an upgraded computer mic for Zoom calls or podcasting too.

What’s in the box?

In the box you get the mic, a fuzzy windsock for use in windy outdoor environments, a connector cable to use with your camera, and a USB-C charging and power cable.

Setting up Joby Wavo Pro was pretty straight forward…Mount your Joby Wavo Pro onto your camera using the included cold shoe mount and connect the cable.
To power up, press and hold the large power button. The light will turn on and turn green. The two lights around the power button also work as sound level metres, confimrming you’re getting audio from the mic.

You can adjust your levels with the buttons on the side of the base to allow more sound in if you want.

Joby Wavo app

If you want to make level adjustments easily you can download the Joby Wavo app. The app provides an on screen sound meter

With this microphone it’s possible to plug in a second microphone for two channels of audio. There’s a small hole on the bottom of the mic labelled EXT. You can connect another wired microphone like the Joby Wavo Lav Pro here if you like. You can split audio tracks if you want or record in mono too.

Using Joby Wavo Pro

I used the Joby Wavo Lav for a few different tasks, but mainly it was as my primary camera mic. I tried shooting a few review videos with it and I found it produces really great audio; far above what the cameras’ own internal mic can do. If you want to see and hear it in action, check out my review video here.

Joby doesn’t say how far you can get from this mic so I tested it out… further than about 15 feet it stops being as effective when picking up voices.

Noise & vibration reduction: great for shooting on the move

The Wavo Pro has Active Noise Reduction. The Active Noise Reduction helps you get clean audio even when on the move by suppressing vibration and handling noises that would
eventually get into your recordings. You enable this through the Wavo Pro app.

This microphone also has an option for recording what’s called a safe track. This using this automatically records whatever is coming into the mic at about 10 dB lower than what you said it at. This can be helpful in certain situations where things might get loud… Or where the audio may change from situation to situation and otherwise be over modulated… Or too loud. Use the app to enable this or press the button on the back of the mic.

I’m definitely happy with the audio quality of these microphones, and the microphone couldn’t be easier to use. The part I love the most? With a wireless shotgun mic, I can move freely around the camera, both while I’m recoding or while I’m making adjustments to my shot.

With a previous shotgun mic I purchased, I found the audio came with a hiss… with the Joby Wavo Pro, the sound is clear, crisp and clean with no hum, hiss or rasp.

Can I use Joby Wavo Pro with a laptop?

JOby wavo pro, reviewI did try to use this microphone with my MacBook Pro laptop. Well it works just fine for general applications, I found when I was using it with Final Cut Pro, the program didn’t allow me to make any kind of adjustments to the audio levels; it was just kind of whatever came in from the mic. And even using the gain button on the Wavo pro didn’t seem to adjust levels a whole lot.

I did find a way to adjust the levels on my MacBook device settings, and those carried into Final Cut, so This is what it sounds like when I use the Wavo pro as a VoiceOver mic for my videos though Final Cut … Just be aware of you’re a Mac user there may be some tweaking to your set up needed.

Can I use Joby Wavo Pro with a smartphone? Yes.. with some hacks…

Some folks may be wondering if you can use Joby Wavo Pro with a smartphone?

In fact you can! You might need a few extra accessories, like an adapter that will connect your smartphone to an Aux cable, then connect the aux cable to the EXT connection on the mic.

Battery life & Charging

Joby says this mic will give you 8 hours of use off a short 30 minute charge. The power button will also show battery life; if it starts blinking, you’re down to only about 10% battery left.

You can also operate it plugged into to power; whether off the USB-C cable power source, or while connected to a laptop for example. I can also draw power from your camera too.

If you’re not using it a lot, It will hold power in a kind of standby mode for about 26 days.

JOby wavo pro, reviewOverall review: Joby Wavo Pro

Overall this is a surprisingly easy to use microphone that makes it super simple to drastically improve your audio quality from a DSLR camera. With the addition of the Joby app I can get remote control over audio levels from varying distances, perfect for solo shoots or group interviews.

Downsides? I struggled a bit when using it with my laptop and my editing program.… It also tops out at about 15-20 feet of distance.

But overall this is a pretty solid microphone that delivers on great audio quality as well useful versatility. I can definitely recommend it to you for upping your audio-video game.

Joby Wavo Pro sells for about $399CAD/$299USD and you can get it from Joby’s website or amazon.

Don’t forget to check out my other Joby reviews here including the Gorillapod 3K Pro and Joby Beamo LED light.

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