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Erin L

Erin L

Starting now, we’re building a community of people who are as interested in tech, gadgets, smart home and smartphones as we are! We’d love you to join our community and sign up for our newsletter. Not only will we deliver the latest gadget reviews and cool stories to your inbox twice each month, we’re going to be doing some sweet giveaways too. The giveaways are exclusive to out newsletter subscribers. Plus, we’re also looking at curating special deals on tech too. So if you want to be in the know and in the winner’s circle sign up today. You can do that by simply posting a comment on this article below and we’ll make sure you’re on the list. Or go to our homepage here and scroll to the bottom where we have out signup form.

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Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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